December 12th, 2020

Blessings dear Mother, Daughter of the Light. We are delighted to bring our message of Love and Hope into Mother Earth to benefit your brothers and sisters with open hearts. There is much excitement there on the Earth as well as here in the heavens.

For what is about to occur, as the Winter Solstice approaches and the cosmic alignment of Jupiter and Saturn as well as the time of the New Moon and the Total Solar Eclipse all contribute to the divine blessing that comes as a result of the Grace of God, is a grand influx of energies that will serve as the Great Awakening for many, and that will affect and bless not only humankind, but all of life upon the Earth.

This stunning event, which is the opportunity for those who are willing to claim their divine heritage and gifts, is a result of their request for a planet with a foundation of Love at its core. You, all of you humans who have asked for these profound changes are in fact co-creating a new reality, a New World, and are becoming the New Human.

While everyone will experience this time of the Winter Solstice Shift uniquely according to their desires and their efforts to open to and claim the Love that they are as children of God, as we said, all of life will be affected and will benefit from these energies that are being brought into your planet through the Grace of God and upon the wings of the Creator.

All those with willing and open hearts and in alignment with Unconditional Love as a part of the heart of the Creator will experience a dramatic shift in consciousness, a gift from the Creator Herself. The entry of these energies is assisted not only by the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, but by the Elders (those who have lived upon the Earth) and legions and legions of angels who have chosen to serve the Creator and all of life upon the Earth during this magnificent time of Awakening.

For some, the building and arrival of these energies will be dramatic, for some even temporarily incapacitating. As you and my father Genesis have been told, for some it may feel like the whole world has turned upside down. As you know, the purpose of this message was to prepare you to receive these powerful energies without fear, knowing that you are being watched over, protected and guided into the Light and Love. It will be an experience, for you and many others, powerful beyond your imagination, as the birth of a child can only be understood through the experience itself.

But trusting and knowing that this shift is a great blessing to raise and align the consciousness of the children of God and an opportunity to claim your true heritage as a part of the heart of the Creator will ease the way for your hearts, minds and spirits to welcome these powerful energies in the spirit of Love, Hope, and Gratitude.

This is what you, Mother Earth, and many upon your planet have been waiting for, have been preparing for, have been praying for, have been co-creating together with the Grace of Mother-Father God. It is a gift beyond anything that humanity has dreamed of consciously, a blessing beyond your wildest dreams.

The Ascended Masters have assisted in preparing all of life and Mother Earth for this time. They, having served as examples of those who have claimed their divine heritage as co-creators and the Love that they are, have helped pave the way and open hearts in preparation for the claiming of this Universal Consciousness which is offered to all. The Ascended Masters will be guiding and leading the way as this opportunity manifests. Open your hearts to them, as you are so guided. Open your hearts to the truth of who you are as children of God, created in and for Love.

It is time to join together and walk into the Light, claiming and accepting the truth of who you are as brothers and sisters of the Light, co-creators with Mother-Father God, with gifts that are yours to claim by opening your hearts to the Love that you are and to the Love of the Creator.
All free will choices are honored, thus some will not choose to awaken to who they truly are as children of Goddess at this time. Yet all are affected positively by these incoming energies and may at any time during their journeys turn to the Light and choose to leave the darkness of illusion, fear, and violence.

You, my brothers and sisters reading or hearing this, will be able to assist many through your Love, Compassion, and Light as you claim your divine heritage and the gifts that are offered at this time through the Grace of God. All the darkness and challenges upon the Earth have assisted you in preparing to claim this offering of Unconditional Love, have assisted you in gaining strength, courage, and the conviction to follow your Path of Light.

Thank you for remaining true to your path chosen before entering this lifetime in the Earth. Thank you for never giving up, but picking yourselves up as you stumbled and sometimes fell upon your Path of Light. You have served as examples to your brothers and sisters, and you will continue to serve the Light as this process, this Great Awakening unfolds for yourselves and others.

Be not afraid. For I, Teran, and my band of angels, along with your guides and guardian angels, are right here at your side to assist you as you shed that which no longer serves you and you choose to step into your true power as sons and daughters of All That Is.

Life will be very different for you as you claim these divine gifts as a part of the heart of the Creator. The Light of Truth will shine brightly. The Love that you are will outshine any fear, any doubt. Step into the magnificence of who you are. Step into the power of your divinity. Step into the Light as you claim the Love, the Light, the Joy, and the Peace that you are through your choice for Unconditional Love.

Many will awaken to the Oneness and interconnectedness of all of life. Gather together with your spirit families to help lead the way into the New Earth and a new reality based upon Unconditional Love, Light, Compassion, Kindness, Peace, and freedom from fear, freedom from illusion that has gripped your planet for so very long.

With the utmost Joy, I Teran, bring you this message of Hope. But you have made this Great Awakening possible through your choice for Unconditional Love, through your courage and fortitude. We bless you as the Creator blesses you. We honor you and thank you for stepping up as co-creators of the New Earth and the New Human, for remembering who you are in your heart of hearts. For taking our hands and stepping into the Light, for helping to lead the way into the New World.

There is still much work to be done, and healing to be experienced by many. But these gifts which you are about to receive through the Grace of Goddess will show you the way, will pave the way through your claiming who you truly are as children of Goddess.

Don’t be afraid. Remember that you have an anchor in the heart of God, as you are a part of the One Heart of the Creator. It truly is the Dawn of a New Age. And as the dawn brings the Light of the Sun, so shall you become that Light and that Love that you are, and so shall a new day and a new way of living, be born upon Mother Earth.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.
Breathe into the Peace that you are.

Breathe into the Hope of a New Dawn and a New World, which you are co-creating.

Breathe into the Love of the Creator with Joy and Gratitude that these times that have been foretold are here.

Step into the Love and the Light that you are, and the path will become clear as the New Day dawns.