April 23rd, 2021

Blessings be, dearest Mother. I also am honored to join together this day in service to the Light, in service to Goddess, and in great joy to be bringing this message of Love and of hope. As you have been feeling, Mother, there is excitement in the air.

Many energies are being brought into Mother Earth to assist her and the Creator’s children at this time of Awakening. So many are awakening to the truth that as children of God, they have the power to create the change that they desire. They have the power, through standing in the power of their own Light as a son or daughter of Goddess, to co-create a New World, a world which expresses the Love, the beauty, the Light, the Peace and the hope that is within so many hearts at this time upon Mother Earth.

For while it has been and continues to be a time of challenge, many are awakening to their divine gifts as co-creators with All That Is. Many are finding within their own hearts the courage to dream a new dream of life upon Mother Earth, a New Earth quite different from an Earth in chaos, confusion and illusion. Many are awakening to the truth that this is a time of opportunity like no other upon your planet.

So many angels and Star Brothers and Sisters are joining in the celebration of this time of Awakening and in this time of change to create a New World, one where truth, hope, joy, unity, compassion and Love are the foundation of life upon a New Earth, your planet which is ascending into a new level of consciousness which leaves behind the fear, the violence and the illusion that the children of God are victims and are powerless to make a difference.

Many are finding within their hearts a hope which has not been present before – new hope and the courage to release fear and step upon a new path, one in which they take charge in the knowledge that this is the time they have been waiting for. Brothers and sisters of the Earth, this is a time of hope. It is the time to dream into reality the New World for which you have chosen to enter into at this time to co-create.

The Flame of Love is awakening and growing within so many hearts, and so many are being guided to join together to create change, to create an existence, a reality, a New World where all is guided by the knowledge and the truth and the reality of the Oneness of all of life. Joining together as One Heart in unity and collaboration, this is the time of the Great Awakening.

You ARE Love. You have the power. You have everything you need to create a New Earth based upon honor, respect, Love, compassion, and Oneness – where the perspective of the eagle will guide the creation of a New World where each and every person’s gifts are appreciated and supported and honored. A world in which there is no hatred and violence, only peace and compassion. A world where free will choices are made based on the Love, joy and truth within hearts rather than fear, greed, and control.

The old is falling away. The foundations of the Old World based on illusion and victimhood are crumbling. Hatred, violence and chaos are losing their power as more and more stand in the power of their Light, claiming the gifts of their divine heritage as children of God.

Know that the time has arrived to take a stand against what you know in your hearts is not in alignment with Love. Mother Earth, as she ascends into the new consciousness of a New World, taking all those who so choose Love with her, will shake off those energies that do not belong in the new reality, the New World that you yourselves are creating as you band together in the name of Love, together as a part of the One Heart of Mother-Father God.

The time is here, the time is now to stand in your own Light, the light of your Love as a child of Goddess. Feel the support, feel the Love of legions and legions of angels dedicated in service to the Creator and to the Love which is within each and every heart as they choose Love, as they refuse to stand by and allow themselves to be treated as victims, to be treated as less than a child of God blessed with the divine right of free will choice and co-creation.

I, Teran, and my band of angels encourage you to open your hearts to the Love, the blessings, and the Grace which are being offered at this time of the Great Awakening. Open to the Love and the hope which is flowing into the Earth to assist in this transition of new birth for your beloved planet as well as for each of you who so chooses to acknowledge and stand in the power of your Light and take responsibility for becoming the change you wish to see. You have the power and the Love to be that change, to spread your wings of Love and fly like the eagle upon the wings of Love of the Creator.

Begin each and every day in gratitude for your life and for this moment in which you have the power to choose Love. Meet and move together with those of like mind as an army of Love, joined by legions and legions of angels such as me and my band of angels, whose joy it is to serve at this magnificent time of stepping into the Light and the Love, the New Earth of your own co-creation.

Feel the excitement, feel the hope. Feel the Oneness and unity of purpose of letting go of the old paradigm based on fear and illusion, and aligning with what is in your hearts – the hope, the joy, the beauty and the power of Love. Love is the answer, the only answer to every question, every challenge, every problem. Ask to be guided by the Love within your own heart as a part of the One Heart of All That Is. Look at every experience, every event, as an opportunity to choose Love and stand in the power of your Light as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Do what brings you joy. Do what brings you laughter and hope. Trust that this is the time that you have been waiting for, with the knowledge that you have chosen to be here at this wondrous time upon Mother Earth, this time of the birth of a new reality, a New World based on Love and Oneness, the New Earth which you yourselves are dreaming and creating through your choices based on Love.

As you begin each day in gratitude for all your many gifts and blessings, go into your heart of hearts and hold yourself in the arms of the Creator. Hold yourself in complete and utter Love for your choice to be here and to be a part of the change, the transition into a new consciousness of Love. Release all vestiges of judgment and open your heart fully to the angel of Love that you are as a child of Goddess. As you embrace yourself fully in the Love with which you have been created, you embrace a new way of being, a new reality, a New World of your own creation as a manifestation of claiming the Love that you are.

I, Teran, and my band of angels are here with you to help lead you, with so many other spirits and angels of Love and Light, out of the darkness into the Light. Trust that all is in divine alignment and that you are safe and protected by those of us whose honor and choice it is to serve you and Mother Earth during this time of new birth, this time of transition from releasing the old and walking into the Love and the Light of the New Earth and into the Peace, the eternal Peace of the Creator’s heart.

Have no fear, but join hands with your brothers and sisters of the Light who are choosing Love and choosing to co-create the New World for which you all yearn, that you are creating together with the help of Mother-Father God and all of Her helpers. Your Star Brothers and Sisters of Love are gathering and joining together with us all as we walk together into the Light and the Love of a new reality, the New World.

Open your hearts, minds and spirits as Grace, Love, Joy, and Peace are raining upon you. All you have to do is accept these gifts and blessings in gratitude and in celebration. They are yours as children of Goddess. We are here with you now and forevermore as you choose Love and choose to step together with us into the Light and into the Love which reside in your own heart of hearts as a part of the Creator.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.
And so be it.