April 4th, 2021 (Easter Sunday)

Blessings on this sacred day of Easter, our beloved Sulara. We are overjoyed to join with you again and grateful that you are offering to serve as our voice this day, this holy day to many who celebrate the Resurrection, the celebration of the day that Jesus brought the blessing of the truth of eternal life into Mother Earth.

We are the guardians of your beloved planet Mother Earth, and we serve the Creator and carry Unconditional Love & Light and Joy & playfulness into Mother Earth to bless all those who open their hearts and honor the Love and Oneness of all of life which our beloved Mother-Father God has created.

The gifts, blessings, and opportunities continue to be offered to all of humankind upon Mother Earth at this magnificent time of the Great Awakening. Many have awakened, or are in the process of awakening to the truth of the divine Love that they carry as a creation of Goddess, as a child of God.

There is a split occurring upon your planet as those who are choosing Love are blessed with the Grace of the Creator. Those who have chosen to continue their journey based on illusion and fear are either choosing to remain in the third dimension or leave the planet, as is their sacred free will choice.

Now is the time to stand in the power of your Light and choose Love in each and every free will choice. It is a time to immerse yourself in the Love that resides in your heart of hearts as a part of the heart of the Creator, as one who recognizes and acknowledges the Flame of Love within your heart. Your fortitude, strength, and courage as you choose to walk your Path of Light is and will be rewarded as your heart is opened to the Grace and the blessings of the Creator in the days ahead.

These are the times that try your souls. Those who choose to serve the Creator and the Love & Light are being borne into the New Earth by your own joy, courage, and the Grace of Mother-Father God as you claim this opportunity to acknowledge your divinity and your right of co-creation, as you choose to stand in your power, that strength of purpose with which you entered your planet as one of the co-creators of the New Earth.

Those who choose to remain in the old paradigm of fear and illusion are blessed by the Creator, just as you who choose to move beyond the reality that has been created by fear, violence, and illusion are blessed. For all roads lead back into the heart of the Creator. Those who choose to unite in the name and the power of Love and create a new reality, a New Earth, will be blessed beyond measure as they claim the Love that they are as children of God.

Know that as you go within your heart to know yourself, bless yourself, and choose in alignment with the Love and the Light within your own heart, the more rapidly will the ascension of your beloved Mother Earth and the creation of a New World, as you yourselves ascend, occur. While the times that lie ahead call for complete trust and faith as the ascension and the birth of the New World proceed, have no fear. You are being watched over and guided by your Spirit Family of Love, those guides and angels whose honor and purpose it is to lead you through this birth, from the darkness into the Light of the New World.

Know that there is nothing to fear. Stay strong as you are guided by the Light and the Creator Herself. Surrender into the Love of the Creator’s heart with faith, hope, and trust. Claim your own magnificence. For you are so much more than the human which you have believed yourself to be. You are a co-creator, and it is time to claim that and your own divinity and the Grace and gifts of the Creator which you are being offered.

Open your heart to the truth that you are eternal and the spirit of Love with which you were created. Open your heart to the truth that all of life is created in and with Love, and thus that all is One Love. Treat every man, woman and child and all of creation – the moon, the stars, the ocean, every creature and everything – as a part of self, as a part of the Oneness and the One Heart of the Creator.

Take each step in alignment with the Love which dwells within your heart. Focus on joy, on peace, on the Light rather than fear and hesitation. Just as the man Jesus embodied the Love with which he was created by All That Is, embody that same Love and Light and serve as a beacon for all those who are willing and ready to step forward into the Light and the Love that they are as children of Goddess.

Know that we are guardians of Mother Earth and servants of the Light. Know that we offer our Love and our gifts of joy and celebration to all of life upon Mother Earth as part of the Oneness. We are here to remind you to open your hearts to yourself and to all of life, to the Oneness of all of life. Open your hearts and welcome in the Grace and Love of the Creator, which you yourselves are. You know this truth. You know that you have chosen this time upon Mother Earth to claim all the gifts and Grace that you deserve and are yours to claim and with which to bless yourself. All who so choose may claim these gifts and Grace.

We love you. We are Love. Turn away from fear. Turn inward, into your own heart and claim the glory which is yours if you so choose. We, the dolphins, along with the whales and all those creatures that are part of the Oneness of all of life, shower you with blessings, faith, hope, courage, Love, peace, and compassion. Know yourselves to be all that you want to be through claiming the truth that you are Love, you are loved, you are the Light of the New World as you step forth and claim your divinity.

We are entrusted with the guardianship of your precious Mother Earth as she and you, and all who so choose, move through the Great Awakening and into the New World, a world in which Love rules and Love is the foundation of a new hope, a new way of being, of living in the Earth as spirits of Love, the Creator’s Love, inhabiting human bodies, with minds and hearts guided by the Love and the Light and the peace of the Creator.
We are here with you as servants of the Light and Mother-Father God, as guardians of all of life upon the planet. Open your hearts and take in our gifts of Love, Joy, Hope, Peace and playfulness and step forward with gratitude and in the Grace of God.

Be in the present moment, for it is the only moment. It is the moment of your making, of your choice. Choose Love. We hold you in our hearts, Dear Ones, as we all walk together into the Light of the New World.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.
And so be it.