June 4th, 2021

Blessings, our beloved Sulara. These times upon Mother Earth are like no other. In the midst of the chaos, the confusion, the violence, many are feeling hope, feeling the energies of a New World, a reality where Peace reigns, where Love, Light, Hope, Compassion and kindness are the norm, rather than the greed, fear and illusion that have reigned upon the Earth for so long.

The darkness is losing ground upon your planet as many are turning inward to connect with the true reality of Love, Joy and Peace which have always been within the hearts of all the children of Mother-Father God. In their explorations of co-creation, the children of God have forgotten their true divine heritage as sons and daughters of Goddess, as co-creators. Many feel disconnected from the Love that they are, and are not aware of their connection with the Source of all Love, the Creator.

This time now is the opportunity for the children of God to remember who they truly are. Many are realizing that illusion has been leading so many out of the truth within their own hearts. Many are realizing that the answers all lie within their own hearts if they trust their own hearts, rather than looking for answers without. Mass mind consciousness has led many astray, away from the truth within their own hearts as a part of the heart of the Creator.

The truth, the Love and the Light will prevail. Those who are awakening during this time of the Great Awakening are realizing that it is within their own power to be the change they wish to see in the world. Many are awakening to the Love that lies within their own hearts and realizing their power as co-creators.

Great changes lie ahead. All of the fear, violence and illusion that is so prevalent upon Mother Earth is about to lose the battle between Light and darkness, between fear and Love. All those who choose to take the path of least resistance rather than going within their own hearts and choosing Love will continue to experience a reality which is not in alignment with the Love, Joy and Peace of God/Goddess.

All paths are honored by the Creator. Free will choice is always honored as a divine right of the children of God. Yet those who are awakening to the Love that they are and to the power of their own gifts of co-creation and claiming the Love that they are, are joining hands and hearts to co-create the New World for which they long. The New Earth is being created in each moment, by every choice made in Love, in alignment with each individual’s Path of Light.

We, the dolphins, are here upon Mother Earth to help lead her children into the Light of the New World. We are here spreading our Love, Joy and playfulness to all those with open hearts, to all those who are ready to release illusion and stand in the power of their own Light and Love. We are part of the Creator’s army of Light, which will prevail as those who choose to remain in the darkness and illusion continue, as is their right, to deny their divine heritage of Love, Light, Joy and Hope.

So many have gotten lost upon the way, so many have forgotten the truth of the Love within all of life, the Oneness of all of life. All paths are honored, and all paths lead back into the heart of Goddess. This opportunity of awakening to the truth of the Love and Oneness of all of life as a part of God/Goddess is offered to all. Those who choose Love are awakening to who they truly are as co-creators with the Creator. They are taking responsibility for creating the reality they long for by going within their own hearts where the Love, the Light, the Joy and the Peace reside. The answer is aligning with and going within your heart of hearts and taking action based on Love, not fear.

We dolphins are here with you to assist you with connecting to the Love and the Light within your own hearts as children of God. We are here to help you remember who you truly are as a part of the heart of the Creator. We are here to remind you to love yourself and all others and all of life as a part of the One Heart. We are here to remind you that we are all One, meant to love each other and work together for the highest and best for all.

We are here to open your hearts to the Love that you are and to the gifts of your free will and co-creation through your choices for Love. We are here to awaken your hearts, minds and souls to the truth that in each moment, with each choice, you are creating your own reality. Choose Love, the Love that you already are as the divine creation of Mother-Father God, created of and for Love.

Your own heart holds all the answers to all of your questions. Trust in your heart. Go out into nature and feel your Oneness with all of life. Feel your connection. Connect with the Love within your own heart and with the Love in each and every heart. Love yourself and help each other to love one another by claiming the Love that you are as a child of Goddess.

Stand in the power of your Light and choose Love for yourself and for all of life. Treat everyone and everything as a part of yourself and as a part of the Love of the Creator with which you were created. Now is the time to choose Love and co-create a New World based on Love, kindness, compassion, Joy and Peace. That New World is already here, within your own heart. Go within and claim the Love that you already are and manifest the New Earth through each choice for Love.

We are here with you, and we are calling you to claim and create your own destiny. We are here with you to help lead you from the darkness into the Light. That Light and Love are not outside of yourself. They are already yours, within your own heart of gold. Gold is the color of transformation, of transmutation. Go within and claim that pot of gold, the reality which you yourselves are manifesting and co-creating by each and every choice made for Love.

May Peace, Hope, Light and Love be yours as you step into the New World which you are co-creating. We are with you, along with all the energies of Love and Light who are here with you, leading you into a New Earth, more blessed and beautiful than you could ever imagine. There is no limit, no bounds to the beauty that Love creates.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.
And so be it.