June 23rd, 2021

Blessings, dear Daughter of the Light, my mother in the Earth. I, Teran, and my band of angels are once again honored to speak through you to bring hope, encouragement and Love into Mother Earth as this transition and awakening, the Great Awakening, proceed.

Most of those who are co-creating the New Earth together with you and all who are claiming their divinity and gifts of co-creation are now on a clear path, a clear trajectory to co-creating and facilitating the creation of the New Earth, one in which Love rules and guides the hearts of all those who have claimed and are claiming their God-given gifts of co-creation and freedom of choice.

The path is clear for most of those who are moving forward with great conviction as children of God, claiming the truth of who they are not only as children of God, but as co-creators joining together with those of like mind who are serving as examples of those who are guided by Love, stepping upon their paths of Light, in alignment with the Love and the Light that they are. The separation between Light and dark, Love and fear is widening.

The choice for Love continues to be available to all those who have not yet claimed their divinity and the power of their Light, divine heritage and co-creation. As more and more connect with their hearts and the Love of the Creator within, the opportunity to join in co-creating the New Earth continues. No one who makes the choice for Love is turned away from the heart of God. In fact, none are ever turned away from the heart of God, as all are part of the heart of the Creator, including those who have forgotten their divine heritage and who choose darkness and illusion rather than the Flame of Love which continues to shine within their own hearts, however dimly.

All of life upon Mother Earth has reached a point of choice, an opportunity that has heretofore not been experienced in the Earth plane. Now is the time that has been foretold. Now is the time for each to follow their own heart, to choose according to their heart within. Never upon Mother Earth has there been a greater opportunity, more assistance offered for those to claim their divine heritage of Love, Light, Compassion, Peace and Love which is each person’s birthright as a child of God.

Legions and legions of angels are awaiting the call of those who are ready and asking for help, tired of the fear, the violence, the illusion which are so prevalent upon the planet. The Flame of Love is burning ever so brightly, even for those who have lost their way in the darkness of fear and illusion. There are many upon the Earth as well as in the heavens and in all realms who are dedicated to answering the call of those who have been lost to their own divinity and are ready to come into the Light, the Truth, the Hope and the Love of who they truly are as children of God.

It is a time like no other, a process in which even the most lost, the most fearful are given a helpful hand if they awaken to that glimmer of long forgotten Light within their heart of hearts and they awaken enough to reach out in desperation, awakening to the spark of Love and Hope that has been forgotten for so very long.

The Great Awakening is a grand time and opportunity for healing lifetimes and lifetimes of forgotten divinity, forgotten connection with the Flame of Love within which is the Creator. There is hope for all who are able to connect, even briefly, to the truth of the Love and Light that we each carry within our hearts as children of Goddess.

There is much celebration here as more and more awaken to hope and awaken to the gifts and blessings of recognizing the Love of the Creator within their own hearts. It is a time of great hope for all those who remember and choose to align with Love, Peace, Compassion and Joy. As that choice is made, illusion and fear fall away and blessings abound. For one who has been lost in the darkness to take a step into the Light is a blessing to all, as we are all One Love as part of the heart of the Creator.

Do your best to live in the moment, in each present moment, with the knowledge that the choice for Love is always present and is the choice that will bring you everything that you have dreamed of and hoped for. You always have free will choice as a child of God. Go within your own heart, for the answers lie always within your heart. By choosing Love, you are creating your own joy and the opportunity to live the life you have always dreamed of. What you are dreaming of and longing for is truly within your reach through going within your heart and claiming the Love that you are.

Don’t be afraid to claim your power as a son or daughter of God. Each choice for Love is a step upon the path of Light which leads directly into the heart of Goddess. You truly are, and already are, all that you want to be. It’s a matter of connecting with the Love within your heart and claiming that Love, making the free will choices in alignment with your own heart of hearts, which are in alignment with the heart of the Creator.

You are a co-creator with God, with the responsibility and gift of creating your own reality. Claim your power, claim your joy, claim your Love as a creation of the Love of Mother-Father God. Claim your joy as you connect with the truth and the Love within your own heart. All the answers lie within your own heart.

If the answers aren’t clear, go out into nature, which is an expression of the Love and Oneness of the Creator. Claim the blessings of nature to attune to the truth and the Light within your heart, to clear away all interference of mass mind thought and consciousness and reconnect to the Love within your heart as a part of your divinity.

Breathe into the Love and the mana and power of all of life, the Oneness and connection of all of life as a part of the heart of the Creator. This is a tool which is always available to you, a gift that is always offered. Breathe in the Love and the Oneness of all of life with the intention of clearing your heart and mind and aligning with the Truth, Love and Light within. Know that you are blessed by nature, by this Oneness which is always available to you if you choose to align with the Love of the Creator which exists in All That Is.

Help and guidance are always available through the asking. Ask for balance, ease and Grace. Those and so much more are available through aligning with nature and attuning to your own heart of hearts. Nature is the gift that keeps on giving if you will but ask and know yourself to be part of the Oneness and Love of the Creator.
We hope that these words, this truth that I, Teran, and my band of angels are offering touch your hearts and open them to Hope – hope of a new and better world which you yourselves are creating as you go within your own hearts and choose Love, joining together with those of like mind who are claiming the Love that they are and are claiming the power of free will choice and their own divinity as a part of the heart of Mother-Father God.
We are with you on this journey into the Light and Love of your own heart as a part of Goddess and your co-creation of the New Earth through choosing Love and joining together with those of like mind.

Each choice that you make for Love lights up other hearts and shines a light upon the path to the Great Awakening, where all who so choose to awaken to the truth of their divinity and the power of Love. Go forth now in Peace, and with hope in your heart for all that you are and can be as children of God, creating a new reality, a New Earth based on the power of Love.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.
And so be it.