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Blessings, dear Daughter of the Light. We are delighted to be back with you and so grateful that you have offered once again to serve as our voice. It is a voice of Love, of Light, of Truth, of Joy, of Peace and hopefulness during this time of chaos and challenge for so many.

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Yes, the challenges for so many upon the entire planet are ramping up as the time of choice is here now. It is a time when the only true peace is within, within your own heart as a part of the heart of the Creator. For mass mind thought and consciousness is manifesting so much chaos, violence and challenge that truly the only place to be free of those energies is within your own heart.

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There is an anchor in the heart of the Creator. This anchor is where you may find true peace, true joy, true calm within the eye of the seemingly endless storm which is manifesting upon Mother Earth. This storm is creating a division between those who are tossed and turned upon the planet and those who ground themselves into the only truly safe place, which is your own heart, which is a part of the heart of the Creator.

Are you feeling tossed about in the storm? Take your consciousness into the only truly safe place upon the planet today. That place of safety is always available to you. You cannot depend upon the safety of the world without, for it is a manifestation of the confusion, the fear, the illusion and the darkness which is so prevalent upon the Earth today, a reflection of the confusion in so many hearts and minds that have forgotten their true divine nature, have forgotten their connection to the Love of the Creator from which they came.

As a creation of Mother-Father God, you are a co-creator with the gift of free will choice that is your divine heritage as a child of Goddess. These events are created by you yourselves, to remind you of who you truly are. You are divine spirits in human bodies, here to remember who you truly are as divine sparks of Light, part of the Flame of Love from which you were created.

We, the dolphins, are here upon Mother Earth to assist you in remembering your divinity, in remembering that you are co-creators with the ability and the right to manifest the planet, the reality that you desire. How to do this? By going within your own hearts and claiming your divine rights and heritage as sons and daughters of Mother-Father God.

We, the dolphins, are here to encourage you and to exemplify Love, Light, Joy and playfulness. You don’t have to be near, on or in the ocean to connect with us. You may connect with us through your heart and your intent to connect with us and to be the Love, the Light and the Joy that you are.

By going within and connecting with your hearts of hearts, you connect with the Love of the Creator which is always present within your heart. So many have simply forgotten this simple truth. The Love, the Joy, the Peace, the calm, and the laughter are not even a step away. They are within your own being. Claim this truth. Claim your power as part of the One Heart.

When you find yourself despairing, afraid, lost in the darkness, the safety that you seek is within your own heart. The Creator is there, waiting for you to acknowledge the Love that you are, waiting for you to connect with the Love that you are, to remember who you truly are as a co-creator with the right of free will choice and responsible for creating your own joy. You have the ability to connect with the Love, Joy and Peace that you are searching for by claiming this truth and going within to connect with what you long for and already are.

Choose Love. Be Love. With every conscious choice, claim the power of the Love and the Light that is your divine heritage. You are the master of your mind and your emotions. Choose to see the blessings that are already yours. Choose gratitude. Go within your heart of hearts into the Peace of the Creator, the Love and the Light.

Take the time to connect with who you already are. Looking outside of self is not the answer to what you seek. We will meet you in your heart of hearts. For we are Love, and that Love that we embody upon Mother Earth is to be found within your own heart. We are a reflection of your own Love and the Creator’s Love. We are angels of the Light, dedicated in service to the Goddess. We are here in spirit and in the physical as well to assist you in claiming the Love that you are. We are here as a reflection of the Love that you already are.

You humans feel our Love when you are near us. You feel our joy and our playfulness. We are a reflection of what is within your own hearts as a part of the Creator, the One Heart. We are reminding you now that we don’t have something that you lack. You have but to claim the truth that you are Love. Connect with this Love and choose to live your life guided by that Love, the truth within your own heart that exists forever as a part of the Flame of Love.

We are angels in the physical upon Mother Earth. You are also angels in the physical with the opportunity to remember and reclaim this truth. It is about remembering, not searching for or creating something that you are not. You are Love.

The chaos, the confusion, the challenges upon the Earth are to encourage you to remember who you truly are and to remember that the Love, truth and safety that you seek are not outside of yourselves, but within your own hearts.

Begin each day affirming out loud:
I AM the Love of God.
I AM the Love of God.
I AM the Love of God.

Go within your hearts and truly connect with the Love that is there, waiting for you to connect to the truth of who you are. You have chosen to be here during this time of chaos, confusion and challenge. You have chosen to be here now to help yourselves to remember who you truly are as children of God.

You have chosen this opportunity to claim your divinity, to remember your divine heritage and your Oneness with all of life. You are not a victim. You are a co-creator and you can change the world through claiming the Love that you are, connecting with that Love, and leading your life guided by that Love with every choice that you make.

Stand in the power of your Light. Act in the power of your Light by going within your own heart and choosing in accordance with the truth within your heart. Your heart knows the answer. Love is the answer to your questions. Choose Love in every free will choice that you make. Remember that you are a co-creator with the right and responsibility of creating your own reality and blessing Mother Earth and all of life upon her through your choices of, for and in alignment with Love.

You have chosen to be here to co-create and manifest the New Earth, one where Love abounds and is the guiding Light to everything that is created and manifested. Be the Love that you already are, and that Love will be reflected in the world without, in the New Earth which you yourselves are co-creating through claiming the Love that you truly are as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Thank you for opening your hearts to our message this day. Thank you for recognizing and remembering the Love that you are. Thank you for choosing Love over fear, Light over darkness and illusion.

We are here with you, guiding you upon your Path of Light and into the creation of a New World. Remember to laugh, to claim the joy and playfulness that are yours to claim as children of God.

Have you forgotten to laugh this day? Go within and feel the true joy that is waiting there for you when you connect with who you truly are. You are Love. You are Light. You are Joy. You are Peace. Go within and feel and be who you truly are as a divine creation of All That Is. Let this be your mantra:

I AM Love. I AM Light. I AM that I AM.

Peace be with you now and forevermore. We are here with you, sending you our Love and laughter.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.
And so be it.

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