August 8th, 2021

It is Teran and my beloved band of angels, here once again to assist during these interesting times upon Mother Earth, to bring our message of Love, Hope, Peace and encouragement to all those with open hearts, minds and spirits. We are blessed and honored to serve life upon Earth with our perspective on the events upon your beloved planet during these times of Awakening, the Great Awakening.

The key to sailing through the troubled waters upon Mother Earth during these times is to focus upon the Light and gifts and blessings that are being brought to all those upon your planet during these troubled times. Yes, there is much fear, much pain and suffering and challenge that so many are experiencing during this time of transition upon the Earth.

To bring the new energies of Love, Light, Trust, Joy and Peace into the new reality and the creation of the New Earth, there must be the clearing out of the old ways of being, the crumbling of the old institutions that have served as the foundation of the societies upon Mother Earth. For many of those institutions and ways of being and action have not been based upon Truth, Love and the Oneness of all of life, which is the only true foundation for a planet which is a reflection of the Light, Peace and Joy with which all of life has been created by Mother-Father God.

As a result of free will choice, the divine heritage that All That Is has gifted to all the children upon Mother Earth, choices have been made by so many that are not in alignment with Love, Joy, Truth, honor, compassion and kindness. In their zeal for power and in the spirit of greed rather than honor and Love, many have created a reality which is not in alignment with the gifts and blessings of the Creator. Power, greed, violence and fear have been the basis for choices by so many who have created institutions on all levels of life on your planet – institutions that are destined to crumble and fall. This is the result of choices made, not from Love, but from illusion and darkness.

This is a time upon Mother Earth when many eyes and hearts will be opened to the folly of choices made without honoring the Oneness of all of life, without placing Love at the forefront of creation. Many are learning important, valuable lessons about the right and responsibility of free will choice and the consequences of misusing and abusing their gifts of free will choice and denying their divine heritage as co-creators.

There are many lessons being learned, much pain and suffering and many challenges being faced by those who have lost their way. Their eyes are being opened to the truth that a foundation not based upon Love, Oneness, cooperation and collaboration, kindness and compassion cannot last, cannot bring true joy and satisfaction. These lessons are those that many who have chosen to be here upon the Earth at this time are learning.

Their spirits have chosen to have their hearts and minds and spiritual eyes opened to see the consequences of their choices and actions made based on fear, greed, violence, and illusion. Those who have chosen this path of darkness are seeing their beliefs and their reality crumbling before their very eyes.

This time of life upon Mother Earth is a time of opportunity like no other. The importance of choosing Love and honoring the Oneness of all life and honoring the Light with which all of life has been created by Goddess is being brought home to their consciousness and their souls in ways that are undeniable through these experiences that cannot be ignored, in ways that are shaking so many to the core of their beings, as what they have built in opposition to the Love and Light and Truth of the Creator is failing and crumbing right before their eyes.

Hard but powerful and soul-changing lessons are being learned by those who have forgotten and denied the Love and Oneness of all of life, have chosen the path of darkness, have denied the Creator and forgotten that they themselves are a part of the Love and the Light of the Creator. They are being brought to the truth that can set them free, set their spirits free from the enslavement of the darkness, which has encouraged their choices based on illusion, fear, greed, and violence.

All is in divine order. Their spirits themselves have chosen this opportunity to awaken to the truth of who they are as children of God created for and out of goodness – the Love, Joy, Peace and Compassion of Mother-Father God. Yes, the world is in chaos as a result of so many who have forgotten the truth of who they are as sons and daughters of the Creator. Their choices have created the chaos as the Love within their hearts has been forgotten or pushed aside as they lust for power and make choices based on greed, fear and separation.

Mother Earth will no longer stand being treated with lack of respect and honor. Your beloved Mother provides the gifts of life in abundance and with great Love. But this lack of respect and dishonor that she has been treated with in return for her magnificent gifts and blessings will no longer be tolerated. She will no longer tolerate the abuse and will cleanse herself as is necessary to renew and cleanse herself. The disregard tor her living spirit of Love and Light is not acceptable.

She thanks and embraces all of you who honor her for her Love and the blessing that she is to all of life, all of you who honor her spirit and the Oneness of all of life upon her. She will continue to provide for you in honor of your kindness, Love and respect as she becomes the New Earth, a planet where only those who support, nourish and love her are welcome.

All of you who honor her, yourselves, and all life as the creations of Love and Light that you are, all who honor the Oneness of all of life – have no fear. You who have chosen to be here to help change the consciousness upon the Earth through the power of Love and to co-create the New Earth are protected by the Love that you claim as children of God. Love will set you free.

The free will choice for Love is available to everyone. Love will set your spirits free and will free you to be co-creators of the New World. You are being watched over. You are blessed by the Grace of the Creator. Know that the chaos of this time upon your beloved Mother Earth will change as those who choose to remember and claim the Love that they are, are creating a new reality, a New World where Love reigns.

Go within your heart of hearts to ride out the storms. You will find peace, tranquility and safety there in the heart of the Creator, which is within your own hearts while those who choose a different path are honored by Mother-Father God for their free will choices, just as you are, in complete and utter Unconditional Love, free from judgment. Yet they will reap what they sow. All is in divine order. Yes, even on this planet where it seems the world has gone mad.

You are safe, you are blessed, you are embraced by the Love that you have chosen, by the divine heritage you have claimed as children of Goddess. Your rights of co-creation and free will choice are always honored, the acceptance of which set you free to determine the life you choose to create. Your choices for Love will create the New World for which you long. You are blessed with Love, Light and Grace by every thought, every choice, every action you take based on Love. That Love is reflected into the New World you are co-creating right now through choosing Love.

I, Teran, and my band of angels are here with you as you journey upon your Path of Light, guided by Love and honoring the Oneness of all of life. Have no fear. For we are here with you along with legions and legions of guardian angels, leading the way into the Light and the Love of the Creator, which resides within your own heart of hearts, as a part of the One Heart, Father-Mother God.

Call upon us. Feel our presence with you. We love you. We are all connected by the Love that we are, that we share, and that we honor as a part of All That Is.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.
Peace be with you now and forevermore.
And so be it. Shalom.