October 6th, 2021

Welcome back, beloved Sister Sulara of the Light. Yes, it has been a while since you have offered to serve as our voice. It has been an intense time in the Earth. We thank you for your presence with us and your willingness to bring our Message of Love into the Earth.

If anything, the energies upon your planet and in the mass mind consciousness have been more challenging. Many are wondering, when will there be a shift towards the Light upon Mother Earth? Yes, as the energies continue to ramp up to provide opportunities for growth and awakening to the Love that you are as children of God, as always the Light in within your own hearts.

We the dolphins, along with the whales and other spirits of Light upon the Earth, continue to work together and join together to open hearts to the truth of your divinity and to your divine heritage of co-creation and free will choice as the tools to create the world which you envision.

The Great Awakening is proceeding, with more and more humans upon your planet opening to the truth of your divinity as creations of Love, as part of the heart of the Creator, One with all of life, all of creation, as that spark of All That Is, embodied upon the Earth.

We dolphins, along with the whales, continue to serve as guardians of you all and your beloved Mother Earth. We assist in balancing and aligning the electromagnetic energy, cleansing along with Mother Earth herself, these forces of imbalance and darkness that have no place in the New World which you yourselves are creating. As we go about this work, more and more humans are waking up, awakening to the truth of their power to create the New Earth for which they long.

They are gathering, banding together to speak their truth, and turning inward to the Divine Light within their own hearts to draw from that Love and Light as a part of the heart of the Creator to be a part of the creation of a planet whose foundation is Love and Light, rather than the confusion and chaos, fear, violence and greed which is so prevalent in the hearts of humans who have lost their way and forgotten the truth that as children of Goddess, they are capable of focusing upon and choosing Love.

Thus will that Love with which they connect within their own hearts be reflected out into the Earth, touching and awakening more and more of your brothers and sisters. Yes, while the violence, the fear and the illusion continue, many are awakening and turning to the Light, opening to the Love that they are and taking part in co-creating a new reality. We, the dolphins, continue to bless the planet and each of you who open your hearts to the Love that always resides within your own hearts as part of the One Heart, the Creator, All That Is.

The Great Awakening can be likened to a Wave of Unconditional Love and Light that is washing over Mother Earth, touching and opening hearts. Know that this Wave of Love is growing and expanding and will carry all of you who are willing into a new reality, a New World in which the darkness, fear, violence, greed and illusion are left behind for those who so choose to catch and surf this Wave of Love.

This is a magnificent time of opportunity like no other in your planet’s history. The New Earth and a magnificent time of 1000 years of Peace which has been foretold are the result of catching and riding this Wave of Love. Your choice for Love, guiding each and every moment in your life, is your salvation. You are your own savior, while the Creator and legions and legions of angels both in the heavens and upon the Earth, as are we, are here to help you catch this Wave of Love.

This Wave of Love begins within your own heart, with the Love with which you were created as a part of All That Is, Mother-Father God. Claim that Love within your own heart, blessing self with the Unconditional and non-judgmental Love of the Creator. Bathe yourself in the Ocean of Love that is your divine heritage. As you open and expand your heart to accept the Love that already resides within your own heart, the easier it is to co-create the New World for which you long.

Affirm aloud the Love that you are each and every day, saying: “I AM THE LOVE OF GOD,” claiming that Love and radiating that Love out to all of creation. The more kindness, compassion and Love you bless yourself with, the more hearts you touch and the more Light is created upon Mother Earth.

Connect with the Love of the Creator within your heart and share that Love with all of life upon Mother Earth, your brothers and sisters, all creatures and life upon the planet in the spirit and the truth of Oneness. Replace thoughts of self-doubt and judgment with gratitude and an attitude of joy and forgiveness for self and all others. Choose to focus upon and choose Love and laughter. As you bless self with Love and forgiveness, bless all others and all of life with that kindness, compassion, Love, and laughter.

We, the dolphins, radiate Joy to you and to all of life upon your planet. And we encourage you to follow our example of playfulness.

As you journey through life, acknowledge the pain and the suffering in your own life and as part of the human condition, then release it and claim the Joy, the Light, the Love and the Peace and Hope that are yours to claim as your divine heritage as a child of God. Acknowledge the blessings of the storms of life, the challenges, then get back onto that Wave of Love, riding it into the New Earth that you yourselves are co-creating through your choices for Love.

Honor yourself for choosing to be here as a co-creator of the New World, for hanging in there through all the turbulence and the challenges. Never give up, but get back onto that Wave of Love and ride that Wave of Love into the New Earth.

We here, your guardians and angels upon the Earth, are with you to help you navigate the storms, sending you Love, Light, and laughter. We, together with legions and legions of angels and guardian spirits in the heavens, are here with you to assist you in navigating the rough waters and to catch you when you fall, returning you onto the Wave of Love and back into the arms and the heart of the Creator.

Thank you for your fortitude and your courage. Thank you for knowing and claiming that all is in divine order, and knowing that Love is the answer to every question that you have. That answer and Love are both within your own heart. You have only to seek and to claim.

Call upon us. We love you and are here with you and for you. May peace fill your hearts, your minds, and your spirits.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

This grand Wave of Love, the Great Awakening, is leading you to the shores of the New World, where Peace, Joy, Love, Light and laughter await you.

And so be it.