November 8th, 2016

Yes, it is with great joy that I begin this new work with you, Sulara, my mother in the Earth. Thank you for offering yourself once again as my voice for this new project, which shall be called The Voice of Oneness. For this voice, my voice along with many other spirits of light, shall call out unto not only your realm, but many others, connecting one and all in the spirit of Love and Oneness.

As the Great Awakening is now in process, it is important to gather in community, as One Heart, as children of God claiming our Oneness and our Love as a part of the heart of the Creator. The Great Awakening is the opportunity for all those who so desire and so choose to open their hearts to the truth of their divine heritage. That heritage, as children of the Creator, is to know and claim your gifts from the Creator, the gifts of free will choice, co-creation, and Oneness.

All of life is connected. All of life is created as a part of the Creator through Love. This Love of the Creator is the source of all of creation. As you humans have been given the gift of life and free will choice, your divine natures have been forgotten. While you have been about the adventure of co-creation, many upon Mother Earth have forgotten what is, and always shall be, at the core of all of existence – unconditional Love and Light.

I, Teran, and my team of light workers in these realms, across the veil, have dedicated ourselves to this service, to awakening the Truth within each and every heart which is open and willing to claim this divine heritage. As this chaotic time upon the planet is accelerating, to reveal shadow and illusion which have clouded the hearts of God’s children, there approaches a time of realization when those who choose to connect with the Creator’s Love and Light within and connect with all of life in Oneness, will claim their true heritage as co-creators, as eternal creations of the Creator. The Great Awakening is that moment in time, without limit, when one connects with the truth of their divinity and claims all of the gifts which the Creator offers.

You have a right to live a life of joy, a life of peace upon Mother Earth, to create a planet which is a reflection of the light of God/Goddess, an existence where love rules, where the love within each heart as a part of the flame of Creation is known, acknowledged, and reflected in the world which you yourselves create.

This is the time which you have all been waiting for. And I, Teran, and my team of angels in service to the Light, are here to guide you in and through this time, to lend a helping hand as we step into the New Earth together – together as One, as all of life is connected through the energy of the Creator’s Love. This Great Awakening is the realization and the claiming of truth, of compassion, of joy, of love, and of peace.

All are given the opportunity of joining in this Great Awakening, where love not fear, joy not sorrow, peace not violence will be the foundation of life upon the New Earth. You all who are hearing or reading these words are those who have chosen to take part in this creation of the New Earth, as all that has been built upon illusion comes tumbling down, to be reborn and rebuilt upon a foundation of Truth, Light, and Love.

You have chosen to be a part of this momentous time, and while the chaos has been quite overwhelming, we have been supporting you from these realms, giving you strength and courage to stay the path through this time of transition. You always have free will choice, and many have or shortly will, be passing over into these realms to help from this vantage point.

I, Teran, and my brothers and sisters of the Light are here to guide you and assist you through this time of chaos and uncertainty, to serve as a beacon of light, that light which is the Creator’s Love, which is shining brightly within your own hearts as a part of the Oneness of all of creation.

Our intent and our mission is to assist in bringing you all who have chosen to be a part of the New Earth clarity, strength, and courage as you join together as One Heart with each other and with the Creator, to create the New Earth. We will be supporting you, guiding you, encouraging you, strengthening you, comforting you, and loving you as you join together in a global community based upon Love, Oneness, Peace, Compassion, and Connection.

This is a momentous time, and we congratulate you for your fortitude as you have chosen to take part in the Great Awakening and claiming who you truly are as children of, and co-creators with, God/Goddess. While there have been many difficulties and challenges along the way, your path will soon be flooded with Light as each of you claims your true heritage and you join your hearts together as One in the heart of the Creator.

My brothers and sisters of the Light and I, Teran, join with you in this great adventure, in this creation of the New Earth, where Love rules every action, thought, and deed. Where there is no place for fear, violence, and greed. Where everyone’s beauty and gifts are recognized and honored. Where truth and transparency replace shadow and illusion. Where all of life is lived in the spirit of Oneness and cooperation, where the spirit of Love is the guiding light for all of existence.

We are here with you, joining our hearts with yours as you awaken fully to who you truly are, claiming your Love and your Oneness with the Creator and all of life.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Until we meet again, stand in the light of your truth and your beauty.