YOUR PURE HEART AND SPIRIT – Message of the Moment – 8/27/15

Greetings! It has been quite a while since we have had the honor of speaking through you, your pure heart and spirit.

And that is the subject of our message today – the purity of heart and spirit. All children of God are of God and a part of the pure and loving heart of God. This is the gift of life that the Creator has given to each and every soul. Each has a pure heart and pure spirit. Yet lifetimes and lifetimes of illusion and experience in the illusion have placed veil upon veil of illusion upon pure hearts in Mother Earth.

Why, you might ask, is humankind so caught up in illusion? And what is illusion? Anything that is not the Love, the Light, and the Sacred Truth of the Creator is illusion. As humans have been given the right of free will as co-creators, and the right to explore that co-creativity to their hearts’ content, illusion has been the tool through which one may explore this co-creativity. What would be the point of simply remaining within the known, the Truth of Mother/Father God?

As we journey and explore creation, we do just that… create. An exploration of the heart of God reveals that God is all things. Since free will is a gift, everything that God’s children create is sacred. The heart and creativity have no true boundaries – simply those that humans impose upon themselves.

Illusion implies something that is not real, not truth. Yet humans, in their desire to explore their creativity and free will choices, create illusion as a tool for learning to know themselves. But in that process, many humans have forgotten their connection to the Creator. They have forgotten to come back into the heart of God to reconnect with the Love that they are as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Illusion has become the reality. It is important to realize that as we create illusion to gain wisdom, the only thing that is truly real in our lives is that flame of Love which resides within each of our hearts. In order to explore our creativity, we must forget that the dramas in our lives are illusion. They must seem real, otherwise the tool does not lead one to the sacred truth within their own heart.

At this point in the history of Mother Earth, humans are being asked to step back for a new perspective of life, to remember that you are all actors playing your parts to explore your own divinity as a part of the Creator. Now is the time for those in the Earth to remember that they are Spirit and not the drama, the illusion that they have created as a tool to expand their consciousness. Humankind is encouraged in this time to step back and see these dramas for what they really are – illusion. What is the definition of “illusion”? Something that is not real.

To realize that one is not seeing truth, one must be able to step back, get out of the picture, so to speak, and become unattached to the drama which they have created. So illusion is a valuable part of life, a tool which allows one to explore aspects of life in very creative ways. Yet now is the time to claim the truth that humankind has gotten lost in their illusions.

Humans were never meant to forget their connection to the truth and the love of the Creator. Now is the time to step back from the drama in your life to become the observer. It is time to incorporate the perspective of the spirit into your lives, and the best way to do that is to realize that you are not truly the illusions you have created. You are spirit, creating the game of life in order to gain wisdom and expand the heart of the Creator.

So take a deep breath. Still yourself and connect with your breath, the breath of God. Step back and see yourself as you truly are – a spirit traveling in the Earth in body to explore your co-creativity with God. Step back and observe. Connect with the heart of God, of which you are a unique and valuable part. Connect to the purity of your heart and spirit.

Humans have been lost in the drama, the illusion. It has been part of the progression of the growth of the soul. But now it is time to bring your spirit more regularly into the drama, to connect to the truth of who you truly are. You are not the drama. You are not the illusion. You are a child of God, and it is time to bring that child of God into the heart while in the physical in the Earth.

It is time to expand and explore the heart of God while being more aware of the connection to the Creator. You are so much more than you believe. It is time to connect to the heart of God and to expand the growth of your soul by stepping back, into the realization that you are not bound by the illusions of the Earth.

See yourself as the co-creator that you are. Release yourself from the illusion that you are limited in your creation. Step back and observe your choices and how you have limited those choices. It is now time to move beyond the illusion that humans are limited, that your choices must be made in alignment with illusions of the Earth. You are much more than you can imagine. Your spirit is the spirit of God. Your heart is the heart of God. It is now time for humans in the Earth to move through their explorations and through their lives together with and in alignment with their spirits.

How to do this? Step back and observe yourself believing yourself to be limited. Bring your spirit into alignment with your physical body. Begin to make your choices in alignment with your spirit, rather than in alignment with the illusion of being limited.

Claim your authority, your gifts as a daughter/son of God. Know that in every moment, the choice is yours. You can make your decisions based on the illusion in the Earth that you are weak and powerless. Or you can claim your power and make your decisions and determine your actions through the greater perspective of an empowered human being, a physical body embodying the magnificent spirit of God, of which you are a part.

Step forth in courage. Step forth in strength, knowing that you are creating your own reality and creating the planet which you wish to change. Release all fear and claim the truth of who you are, an unlimited child of God. Step forth into the light of who you are.

Go into your heart and become the observer. Watch without judgment your decisions, your actions. Were they chosen in alignment with the illusion that you are only a human being, limited in your choices? Determine to see yourself for who you truly are – a co-creator, a spirit of Love and Light. Go into your heart and vow to claim all that you are – Love, Light, Joy, Peace, and Compassion. It simply takes acknowledging this truth and claiming it.

Stand in your power. Never again see yourself as weak or powerless. Know yourself to be a co-creator with God, with all the resources you need to create a life and a planet of abundance and joy. Go forth in this moment and every moment as the God/Goddess that you are, in strength, courage, and love. Know that there is nothing to fear. The spirit never dies. Step forward in the truth that you are eternal as a daughter/son of God and base your choices upon the Truth, the Love, and Joy within your heart.

You have the power to change your life. You have the power to create the planet you want to live upon, one which is healthy and created through the power of Love, based on the truth that you are in relationship with all of life. Every blade of grass, every star, every stone is made of spirit, is made of love and has consciousness.

Know that you are not separate. You are one with all of life. Honor and respect yourself. Honor and respect all of life and make your choices based on love. Know yourself. Know what brings you joy. Speak your truth. Live your life based on the truth within your heart. This is the way to create the peace in your life and upon the planet for which you long. It is the only way. Be love, choose love. This is the way to create a planet based on love. Join together with those whom you love and share this truth and this desire to create a planet filled with love.

We are through here for the moment. But we here in other realms who love you join hands with you as you move through this transition upon the Earth. It is a challenging time. But there is strength in numbers. Join hands and walk through the fire and the floods. Walk through the transformation of consciousness needed to birth the Golden Age. You can do it. Do it together with your brothers and sisters. Do it together in relationship with all of life, knowing that there is spirit in all things, and all things and all of life are a part of the beautiful, living, breathing heart of God. Know your heart to be one with God’s heart. And together you can and will create the new reality based upon the love for which you long.