December 25th, 2021

Blessings, our Sister Sulara, servant of the Creator, sister to our beloved Brother Jesus, whom we are celebrating on this holiest of holy days there upon Mother Earth.

Our Brother Jesus joins us this day himself to bring his Love, his message of Love through you this day. He thanks you for this opportunity and for your service in the name of Love and Glory. Glory is that Light that shines within each and every heart, each carrying the Flame of Love – the Light which shines as a part of your divine heritage as a child of God, created in Love and for Love – as you explore the truth of your divine heritage as a son or daughter of the Creator.

I am Yeshua, or Jesus, one of many names that I have been known by to man/womankind in the Earth, who has chosen many times to come into Mother Earth in many different forms and known by many names. One who has come and always comes to serve as the example, as the Light of One who knows their divine heritage and claims it. One who acknowledges the truth that we are all created by Mother-Father God in Her image.

Each and every person is created out of Love and holds the Light of the Creator. The Light (as Teran has brought forth in his messages in KEYS FOR CREATING YOUR LIFE) is never extinguished. This Light, this Flame of Love, is your eternal gift from the Creator. It is a part of your divine heritage along with your right of free will choice and co-creation.

I came as the man Jesus, brother to all who opened their hearts, their minds and their spiritual eyes to see the Love and the Light that I embodied as a child of God, just as each one of you is a child of God and embodies this Light. This Light is the Light of Love, Truth, Freedom, Hope, compassion and kindness.

No matter how veiled this Light within your heart has become through your many experiences upon Mother Earth and in many realms and dimensions, that Light, we repeat, is NEVER extinguished. That Light, that Love is your divine heritage. You are the guardians of your own Light who tend and care for and grow this Light within your own hearts. Your own care determines how brightly your Light and how strongly your Love shine, within your own hearts and into your beloved planet and into all realms, touching all of your brothers and sisters and all of life.

For all of life is part of All That Is, created by our beloved Mother-Father God. Your Light, depending on how well it is tended and encouraged to grow and shine forth, can touch, heal, brighten and enliven all of life. Your spirit was created to go forth, shining this Light and this Love, within and without, as you explore and claim the Love that you are as a co-creator with the Divine Spirit.

You have the power, which our Creator has given you to use to co-create, whatever it is that you desire if you claim the truth of who you are. You and all of life are part of the One Heart of God, part of the Oneness of all of life.

So go forth, into your own heart, which is part of the One Heart of the Creator, and tend to this Light, this Flame of Love. The more Love and Light you feed it, the more care and compassion you give it, the more you are claiming the truth of who you are, created in God’s own image. You are the master of your soul. The Creator has given you this gift of your soul and of this precious life to do as you choose with it. Give it the sunshine of your Love, water it with the spirit of Love with which you were created. Nurture it and care for it with the Love, kindness, compassion and joy it deserves and is a part of its creation.

You are the gardener; the health and growth of your own spirit are in your hands. As I served as the example of one who claims the truth of their divinity, you too can claim fully the power of your Light and Love as a creation of God/Goddess. There are no limits to the Love and the gifts that you can claim, that you can bless yourself and others and all of life with. It is determined by your own free will choices, by your choice of claiming and becoming the Love that you already are.

Yes, these are challenging times upon Mother Earth, fraught with fear, violence and illusion in the external world. The key to blessing yourself and creating the New World for which you long, is going within to your own heart and focusing upon and nurturing all the blessings, Love, Light, Joy and Hope that are the truth, the gifts of your own divine creation, your own divine heritage.

I, your Brother Jesus, come to you today and every day if called. If you open your heart, your mind, your spiritual eyes, I am and will be there if you so desire. For I am the manifestation, born as the Son of God into the Earth, of the Love that you are and is a part of the heart of the Creator from which you are created. My beloved Family of Love, I am with you as a brother, not as one created any differently, with more Love and gifts than those with which you were created. The key is in your willingness to claim the truth, as I chose to do, of the Love that you are and to tend, nourish and encourage that Love, both within yourself and in others, as a part of the Oneness of all of life, created with and for Love.
You are a unique expression of our Creator, no greater nor less than I am. Join me in claiming all that you are, in accepting all of the gifts of your divine heritage. I am Love. You are Love. We are Love. Together we join our Light and shine it into Mother Earth, into all realms and into all of creation. You have this gift; you have this ability just as I do. I am your Brother Jesus. I have claimed the Christ Spirit, as can you if you so choose.
He Ho See, we are One.
He Ho Sha, we are Love.

Go forth into the Light of your own heart and the heart of your Mother-Father God, and claim all that you are and all that you can be as a child of, as a co-creator with, All That Is.

The Peace that you seek is within your own heart. It is one of the many gifts of your divine heritage that can never be taken away if you claim it, if you go within and claim who you truly are – a divine spark of the Light which is Mother-Father God.

My beloveds, thank you so much for joining me today, for opening your hearts to this message of Love, Truth, Hope and Peace. May you claim these gifts that are already yours, and may you as co-creators join together, heart to heart with each other, with me and the Creator to create a New World without, the world which already lives within your own heart.

May you claim the Peace that you are today and every day. I am with you now and forever more if you open your heart and invite me in. And so it is, in the name of the Most High.