March 9th, 2022

Blessings, Dear One. We feel your Love. We, Teran and my band of angels are here with you, blessed to serve together with you as we bring this message of Love and Hope.

For that is what is needed there at this time and always – Love and Hope, as the world is in chaos, fueled by the violence of war. The forces of darkness are doing all that they can to disturb the peace and the joy which lie within each and every heart as a child of God.

Yes, the emotions of what has been a very challenging time for you and many in the last months are rising to the surface. For you, as a sensitive, and most upon the Earth, are deeply affected by the violence, chaos and fear that are so prevalent as those serving the dark are creating so much unhappiness, anger and frustration by their actions, attacking their very own brothers and sisters. Putin and so many encouraging and taking part in this violence have buried their connection to the Creator and to the Light so deeply, that it seems it has been lost.

But the Light is never extinguished, as states the First Principle of Teran’s KEYS FOR CREATING YOUR LIFE. In many, that Light, that connection has long been forgotten. The heinous actions of the few have thrown much of the planet into sadness and grief. And yet, at the same time many are coming together, working together in Unity and Oneness to oppose these forces of darkness. As our friends Laarkmaa say, “Even the dark serves the Light.”

For many are being called to gather together in Oneness to oppose the darkness and work together to defeat this attempt to extinguish the Light of Love, Peace and Unity. The war is doing much to gather the forces of Love together in Unity and cooperation to defeat those who have forgotten their true natures as sons and daughters of Love and Light, as creations of and co-creators with All That Is, the energy of Love.

The war is forcing those who have been undecided on their paths to choose – to choose Love, Light, Hope, Joy and Peace or to choose the darkness and the forces of illusion, fear, power and greed of the dark forces. Yes, even the dark serves the Light. So, know that all is in divine order, in alignment for the changes that lie ahead as the Great Awakening awakens many to the truth that they are divine sparks of the Creator, capable of co-creating the New World, the New Earth of Love, Joy, Hope, Peace and Compassion.

Those who choose Love and choose the Light are joining together to create this New Earth, while those who are joining together to serve the dark will not be a part of the magnificent creation of the New World where Love and Peace reign. Peace and Joy always reside within your heart as part of the heart of the Creator, from which you spring. This is your divine heritage, your divine right as co-creators and children of God. You are always connected to the power, the goodness, the Love and the Light of Goddess by your free will choices.

And all that you desire, all that you long for are yours as you choose the Light through your inalienable right of free will choice and divine heritage. The Love, the Light, the Joy, the Peace, the Hope, the kindness and the compassion have never left the earth plane, for they always reside within your own heart through your simple choice of connection with the Love that you are as a part of the One Heart, Mother-Father God’s Love within your own heart of hearts.

That Love, that Light are never lost, but remain eternally within your own heart, to be awakened by your own choice for Love. So do not lose heart, Dearest Ones, for the Creator will never forsake you. The Grace of Goddess is always yours as you open your hearts to the Love that you are, that the Creator is.

Join together in Oneness with your brothers and sisters, knowing that all is in divine order. Connect with that anchor of Love and strength within your own heart as a part of the Flame of Love that is the Creator within your own heart. We, Teran and my band of angels, are here with you to help lead you out of the darkness of the illusion into the Light of God which is always within you.

Go within. Pray for Peace. Be the Peace that you are. Be the Love that you are as a child of Mother-Father God. It is your divine heritage. Use your gifts of free will choice and co-creation to create the New World for which you long through your choices for Love.

We are sending you Love, strength and courage to stand in the Light, together and unified in Oneness, the Oneness of all life. Love is the answer, always the answer to every question. Let Love be your guide. Let Love guide your choices, your footsteps as you choose to serve the Light with hope and joy and peace in your heart. There is nothing to fear. We are here with you, guiding you through the darkness into the Light of the Truth that you are divine co-creators, children of Goddess, blessed and protected by the Love of the Creator.

This is a journey of discovery – discovery of your own power as children of Mother-Father God. Discovery of the power of your free will choices. Discovery of the Love that you are as children of God.

Go within to the Peace and the Hope within your own hearts as part of the One Heart of the Creator. Love will prevail. Through your choices for Love will the darkness be defeated.

Know that you are Peace. You are Love. You are the Light. Let that Truth focus you upon Hope and Joy, not upon the darkness created by those who have forgotten the Truth of who they are as creations of All That Is. All That Is is Love.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Choose Peace. Choose Love. Choose Joy. Choose Hope. That is how the New World is co-created by you, the children of and co-creators with Mother-Father God.

Look into your hearts and see and know and accept the Truth of who you are.

I, Teran, and my band of angels thank you, Mother, for serving as my voice, the Voice of Oneness, the Voice of Love.