April 15th, 2022

Blessings, Dear One, and we are honored to come forward this day with our message of Love and Hope and Joy. This is a very blessed day (Good Friday) to many on the Earth. We are One with the Creator’s army of Love, those spirits of Love and Light who are dedicated to serve the Goddess. We are but one of many groups who are here to serve the Creator, Her children upon the Earth, Mother Earth herself and all of life as One Heart.

We are delighted to serve as ambassadors of Love, Laughter, Joy, Hope, of playfulness. We, the spirit of the dolphin, come to bring Hope and to remind God’s children that the answer to peace upon Mother Earth is to connect with that peace within your own hearts that is your divine heritage as children, as co-creators with the One Heart, the heart of All That Is.

All around you, within the world, there is chaos, there is violence, there is suffering. The forces of darkness are fighting for their very existence. Without those who deny their own Love and divine heritage, the forces of darkness cannot continue to exist. Those forces are strengthened through fear, illusion, chaos, violence and the perpetuation of illusion.

The illusion is that you are not Love. The illusion is that you are powerless, victims of others who would have you believe that you are not the creators of your own destiny. As children of God, your divine heritage is that of Love, Joy, co-creation, free will choice and Oneness with all of life.

By following your own Path of Light, choosing Love with each and every free will choice, you can claim your freedom and all the gifts that are yours as children of the Creator. It is your divine heritage and right to live a life of Love, Laughter and Liberty. It is your choice. You are NOT a victim; you are the creator of your own destiny. This truth lives within your own heart of hearts. The key is going within and connecting with your divinity as a co-creator with All That Is.

Stand in the power of your Light. Choose Love, and you can never go wrong. Be true to the Love and the Light within your heart and live the life you dream can be yours. It already is yours. Claim it, acknowledge your Oneness with the Creator and all of life. Everything and everyone who exists is a spark of the Creator. Many have forgotten this truth and fallen into victimhood, believing that they are not responsible for and capable of creating their own reality.

This time of chaos, of challenge is an opportunity to remember who you truly are as sons and daughters of Mother-Father God. It is an opportunity to claim your gifts of co-creation and your own divinity. And we, the Spirit of the Dolphin, are here to remind you of this truth, to encourage you to step onto your Path of Light through your choice for Love in each and every moment.

Connect with the Love within your heart of hearts. That heart is a part of the heart of the Creator. All answers lie within your own heart. Know that you are loved unconditionally by the Creator. Love yourself and bless yourself with that Unconditional Love and Grace that are always offered, that are already yours to claim.

The key is claiming this truth; the key is connecting with the Love that you are and having the courage to make every choice based on this Love without fear. The key is gratitude, living each moment of your day acknowledging your gifts and blessings and opening to more through the opening of your heart that is created by gratitude. As you live a life of gratitude, you open to all the blessings and Grace, Love and Light that are always offered to those with an open and loving heart.

The forces of darkness cannot win over a heart that is fearless and filled with Love, Hope and Gratitude. Every heart that claims the Love that it is shines Light into the darkness. The more Light, the more darkness is dissolved. Light expands exponentially. Darkness cannot penetrate the Light of Love. So shine on. Know that for all the fear, violence, hatred, greed and illusion radiated out into the world, there is an inexhaustible well of Love, Hope, Compassion and Joy within your own heart as part of the One Heart.

We dolphins ride the waves of Love. We are radiating our Love into Mother Earth and into each heart that is open and willing to live a life of Love, Joy, Laughter and playfulness. Be forgiving and compassionate first and foremost to yourselves and then to all your brothers and sisters. Be kind to yourselves and all others.

The only true peace lies within your own heart through claiming the Love that you are and knowing that you deserve that Love. Forgive yourself for your humanness, knowing that each and every choice that you make brings greater wisdom, greater Light, filling your spirit with the Creator’s Love and allowing you to fly upon wings of Love.

You are already what you desire to be. Choose in alignment with that Love that you already are. Use this time of confusion and chaos upon Mother Earth to go within and claim the Peace that you already are as a child of the Creator. The only true Peace lies within, within your own heart as a part of the One Heart.

Thank you for opening your heart to our message this day. Thank you for opening your heart to the Love that you are. Thank you for choosing and being the Love, the Light and the Joy that you are as one of the jewels in the crown of the Creator.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

You are changing your world with each choice for Love, for Gratitude, for Hope and Joy. Remember to spend time each day loving and laughing. This is the key to Peace, this is the key to creating a New World.