May 29th, 2022

Blessings, Mother, and your Love is returned as we once again join hands and hearts to bring a message of Love and of Hope into Mother Earth, to all of your brothers and sisters with open hearts.

While these times are even more challenging, with yet another heinous shooting tragedy on everyone’s minds and in their hearts, there is always hope that those who have died have not given their lives in vain. For these beautiful souls have agreed at the level of their spirits to sacrifice their lives in the hope of opening eyes and hearts to the need to take action to stop and prevent this senseless violence.

How many more precious spirits must volunteer their very lives to make a difference, to create a change in consciousness? Many in this tragedy have given their very lives to open the eyes and hearts of those who have become so hardened that they choose the right to carry guns over the precious gift of life.

We here, your band of angels and I, Teran, grieve with you, ever knowing that life is eternal, yet saddened by the fact that so many must suffer before eyes and hearts are opened to the call for action. Each and every incident of gun violence is a call to action. We cannot interfere with anyone’s free will. We can only join you in prayer that those who value their freedom to carry weapons of death and destruction above life itself awaken to the Oneness of all of life.

We continue to hold you all in our hearts and pray that those who continue to allow the violence awaken to the Love that they are. For those who awaken to the Love of the Creator of which they are a part can no longer choose violence over Love, fear over courage, and illusion over Truth, the truth that all of life is precious and each soul is a part of the Creator, given life to discover that they are Love and that the choice for Love is the path to claim the Love, the Joy, and the freedom that they seek.

Now is the time for action. Prayers are always a blessing, but the time has come for humans given the precious gift of life upon Mother Earth to stand in the power of their Light and choose Love, for the good of themselves and all of life upon your planet, where so many have descended into chaos and confusion. So many have lost their way, and the opportunities will continue to abound for those to come back home into their hearts and into the heart of the Creator.

We thank all of you reading this for staying the course, in alignment with the Love and the Light of Father-Mother God, All That Is. We know that living in the midst of the violence, chaos, and fear so prevalent upon the planet is difficult. We encourage you to rise above the mass mind consciousness and above the frequent storms to connect with your Higher Selves and your purpose to serve as beacons of Light, choosing Love and helping to lead the way for so many who are lost and confused.

I, Teran, and my band of angels are here to thank you and bless you for your strength, bravery, and steadfastness as servants of the Light. We are here with you every step of the way, encouraging you, loving you, leading you and all whose hearts are open, from the darkness into the Light.

The Light, the Joy, the Peace, the calm that you seek lie always within your own hearts, as a part of the Creator. That which you seek is always within you, always within reach within your own hearts. Remember this as you feel the heaviness, the weariness of the mass mind consciousness. Go within, retreating to the inner sanctum of your heart where Unconditional Love and the Creator Herself reside and are always with you, in the darkest hour. Open to the Love that you are as a part of the Creator. You have all that you need to make it through these storms upon Mother Earth. We are here with you, supporting you, loving you, encouraging you to continue to choose Love, to continue to trust and have faith that all is in divine order.

The Light and the Love and the Peace that you seek are already within your own hearts. You are not alone. We are here with you upon this journey every step of the way. Choose to do whatever you need to connect with the Joy within to lift your spirits, to fly upon your wings of Love above the madding crowd, above the mass mind consciousness of those who are choosing fear and illusion and violence over Love, Peace and Joy.

If you lose your way and fall into depression and doubt, pick yourself up. We will be with you to lend a helping hand. It is our honor and gift and joy and choice to walk this walk with you during these challenging times upon Mother Earth in preparation for the New World, the Great Awakening where those who choose Love and connect with the Love that they are, are creating a New Earth based upon the foundation of Unconditional Love.

May you stand in the power of your Light, aware that all is in divine order, no matter how it may appear in the reflection of those who are choosing fear, violence, greed and illusion. They are seeking power, but the only true power is Love and a life lived and choices made in alignment with that Love.

You know the answers. Choose in alignment with the Love and the Truth within your heart. That is your salvation, that is your Path of Light. Go now, standing strong and standing together as One, part of the One heart, the heart of the Creator. Peace is yours to be chosen, to be enJOYed through your choices for Love, not fear. Fill your hearts and your steps with Hope and with Light. Laugh and love together, knowing that all is in divine order.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.