Aloha Dear Friends,

I hope you are all happy and well. It has been quite a while since I have brought you a Message from Spirit. The last few months have been busy and totally dedicated to moving to a new home on Maui. It’s been both exciting and challenging for Genesis and me.

Since the passing a few days ago of Queen Elizabeth II, I have had very uncomfortable physical symptoms – feeling extremely heavy, emotional and waking in the middle of the night with a very deep aching throughout my entire body.

I knew that the energy I was feeling was not mine.

Realizing that as an empath, I was feeling the mass mind consciousness’s reaction to the death of the Queen and the grief of many all over the world, I also heard her request that I bring you a Message from Spirit directly from her.

I bring you her message in the spirit of Love and Oneness.

Sending you all much Love and Many Blessings,



September 12th, 2022 (died 9/8/2022)

Blessings, and a very good day to you, Sulara. You are a sensitive, open to hearing, feeling and receiving information from those on these levels after they have made their transition from life upon the Earth and returned to the heavens.

Though not many were aware of my sensitivity, I as well felt and sensed things from the world of Spirit. My intuition was a strong guiding force in my life. That is why I have chosen to bring this message through you, one who is strongly sensing and feeling the mass mind consciousness in response to my passing.

My time upon the Earth was one of great privilege and honor, with my every need taken care of. I agreed to come into the Earth to serve the greater good, to act as an angel upon the planet, an honor and a blessing that I chose and that suited my needs for this just experienced lifetime. I had been well prepared in previous lifetimes for the demands made of one in the limelight, for one holding power and a position in life where much was expected and required – demanded, you may say.

It was my honor to take up the mantle of the royal family in a country much loved and respected, in general, by the world. Yes, I was certainly fully human and experienced the trials and errors of being fully human, in spite of my high standing in society.

I went through rigorous training in other lifetimes as well as when I was a young child and young woman in this incarnation. So, I was well prepared for my duties as a monarch and as an example of one in power who is guided by love and honor. Yes, I was very much human, experiencing all kinds of trial and error, though as you well know, there are no errors or mistakes, but only wisdom gained from one’s choices.

I was always guided by my heart, first and foremost, in spite of being required to fulfill my royal duties in the required and expected way. I did my very best to lead with my heart, in the spirit of Love, and to serve as an example to all those close to me and to a whole nation, and even as that example to many in the world. It took discipline, it took a strong sense of purpose, and most of all, it required remembering that I was a being of Love, guided by my heart and a Creator who is Love, a force of good blessings and Grace.

I was loved by many because I dedicated myself to this purpose, I committed myself fully to this purpose, and I accomplished this purpose and this lifetime’s mission. It was a long and blessed life, a role that I was honored to fulfill, in accordance with God’s will and my own. For God’s will is the will of one who is dedicated to Love.

I am happy to have crossed over the Bridge of Light surrounded in Love and in the joy of the Creator and all of those whose lives I touched on some level. I am especially grateful to be joining my beloved once again, a soul mate who never left my side on all levels. We agreed to serve humanity together, to bless our country and the world to the best of our ability, to serve as examples of lives well lived, in accordance with the principles of devotion, faith, compassion and service. And serve well, we did. We are blessed to be together again, in service to the Light, to Mother-Father God, who created all of life.

My son the King will also serve to the best of his ability, in service to humanity and the Light. He has experienced much and gained much wisdom on his journey, and I stayed upon the Earth long enough to assure his readiness to serve his country, his people and the world in the highest and best way. He has regrets, but he will step up to his duty as King and in service. He has much more to experience and to learn, to grow in wisdom, as all upon the Earth do as they journey through life. I will be guiding him, as will many.

There were many changes during my reign, and one of the greatest affecting the royal family was the realization of the necessity to choose one’s joy while following the guidance of the heart. The highest and best path is that of knowing the truth within your heart and following that truth. That is the path to God, through serving Love to your highest and best ability.

I learned many important lessons throughout this lifetime that have served my spirit and my gifts of co-creation well. I lived a life of honor, of joy and service to the best of my ability, and I have made my transition surrounded by and enfolded in the Light and the Love of the Creator. And I encourage you to stay true to that path as I did, and I know you will. We are Sisters of the Light, part of a soul grouping dedicated to service and to being examples of lives well lived by following our hearts and dedicating ourselves to the greater good for all of humanity.

And so be it. Yes, as you always remind all:

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.