November 6th, 2022 (Channeled by Sulara)

Blessings to you, dear Sister, and thank you for once again offering to serve as our voice this day. It has been a while since you have offered to serve as our voice. Now that you are more settled into your new home, we look forward to bringing forth once again our perspective and guidance during this sacred time upon the Earth, the time of the Great Awakening. More and more humans are realizing the gifts and blessings with which they are honored as children of the Creator.

We, the dolphins, have chosen to be ambassadors of Love, Light and Joy upon your planet at this time as Love awakens within the hearts of God’s children as they claim the beauty and the truth of who they are, and we are here to assist in the creation of the New World.

The times that have been foretold have arrived. Each and every person upon the Earth at this time has chosen to be here now, some as a part of the magnificent co-creation of a New World, one in which Love is acknowledged as the Source of all life. We are all creations of Love, created directly from Love for the purpose of claiming the Love that we are and with the opportunity of co-creating a New World, one in which Love is the foundation of all thoughts, actions and deeds.

No longer will the energies of darkness, fear, violence and illusion be allowed to co-exist on the New Earth with the energies of Love, the true nature of all creation. For while free will choice is a divine gift for all, the energies not in alignment with Unconditional Love and Light will no longer be allowed to co-exist with those who acknowledge their divine heritage and use their gifts of co-creation for good.

There is a great division occurring as those who do not choose Love will no longer be allowed in the New World to wreak havoc through their choices. All are given the opportunity to recognize their true nature of Unconditional Love through the events of this time of the Great Awakening. All are given the opportunity through their divine will and free will choices to create a world where Love is the foundation. While many are awakening, many remain lost to the truth of their true nature. Yet all choices are honored as a part of the divine heritage of free will choice and co-creation.

Never before in the history of the Earth has there been this opportunity of co-creation of a New World, a world in which Love is the basis for all thoughts, words, actions and deeds. That, my brothers and sisters upon Mother Earth, is the purpose of this Great Awakening: to awaken to the truth of your divinity and the Love that you are and to co-create a New Earth in which pain, suffering, violence and illusion are no longer allowed to exist.

It truly is the approach of the Golden Age, one in which Love rules and is the basis for a New World, where the good of all of life is taken into account, honoring and respecting every living thing in all forms as a part of the Creator and deserving of being loved, honored, and respected in every free will choice.

Life is precious, life is a gift to be honored and cherished, in every form. Mother Earth is to be honored and valued and respected and blessed with care, Love and consideration. Everyone and everything is a part of the One Love with which it was created. Every act of Love, kindness and compassion blesses the whole, the One Heart of the Creator of which we are all a part.

We, the dolphins, together with the whales and other forms of life whose purpose it is to bless all of life upon Mother Earth, are your brothers and sisters, divine in our nature as creations of All That Is. We have volunteered to be here during this magnificent time on Earth to help lead the way, to assist in opening hearts and serving the Light at this time of the Great Awakening, the time of awakening to the truth of who you are as creations of the Love that the Creator is.

We, the dolphins, open hearts (those who so choose) to the beauty of the divine spirit within each and every creation and each and every spirit alive upon Mother Earth. We help to open your hearts to the Love that you are and to the Joy, playfulness and laughter that are yours to claim and enjoy. We help to open your hearts to the Light that you are and to living more in that Light and light-heartedness with peace, happiness, playfulness and true joy of the spirit from which you are created.

We help to open your hearts to the realization that the joy you wish to embrace is already yours, there to acknowledge and live. Living a life of Love, Laughter and Liberty is yours to choose. Gratitude is one of the keys to opening to the truth of your own divine spirit and all that you long for and opening the gifts that you have been given as a part of your divine heritage.

We bless you all who have chosen to be here at this time of the Great Awakening and the co-creation of the New World for which you yearn. This New Earth is created as you claim the gifts which are part of your divine heritage as children of Mother-Father God. As you acknowledge and claim those gifts that are already yours, will the New World for which you long be made manifest.

The key to this manifestation is claiming the Love that you are and living a life of gratitude. Every choice made out of Love, in alignment with the truth within your own heart helps to create the New Earth where Love is the foundation for all of life. We, the dolphins, come to you today to remind you to claim that which you already are as a part of the One Heart, the Love of the Creator. Joy, Love, Light, hope, and compassion are already yours.

Claim your gifts and live the life you have come to live through acknowledging and living the Love that you are. Know that you are Love and that you are loved beyond your greatest imagination. Love yourselves, love each other, love the Creator, love all of life, knowing that all of life is One, a part of the heart of the Creator, created in and for Love.

Thank you for opening your hearts and inviting us in this day. Open your hearts each and every day to the Love that you are, blessing yourselves, each other and all of life and co-creating the New Earth. We love you and are here with you, helping to create this heaven upon Earth that is already within your own heart if you will but acknowledge and claim this Truth.

As you claim the Love that you are, your spirit will soar, expanding fully into the Love that you are and meant to be, living life in the fullness and beauty that you are as a child of and co-creator with All That Is.

Feel our Love, here with you always, as we are loving you and encouraging you to live your life in the Joy, Peace, Love and Light that is your divine heritage.