We thank you for this precious gift of life.

We thank you for friends and family gathered here, both seen and unseen, both in body and in spirit.

Thank you for bringing us all together safely to celebrate our lives in Love and Gratitude.

We are each beautiful and unique facets of the crystal of Love and Light that You are, Creator. We have come together to learn and to grow together in these human bodies.

We have come together to learn and grow to love ourselves and love each other. To learn loving kindness and compassion. To learn to forgive ourselves and to forgive each other.

We thank you for the good times and the hard times and those challenges that help our spirits to learn and grow and that give us the opportunity to love ourselves and each other for our human-ness.

Please bless each and every one of us gathered here, and all of our brothers and sisters upon Mother Earth, as we journey upon Mother Earth, as we learn and grow and create together. We thank you for all these things and so much more.

We thank you for this precious gift of life, Creator. Amen.

With Love & Blessings from Sulara

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