December 25th, 2022

Blessings, our dear Sister Sulara. Thank you for offering to serve as our voice on this day of celebration of the birth of our beloved Brother Jesus, the Christ Spirit.

Now, as always, He is present in the Earth and in the hearts of all who choose to open to His Love, to His Light, and to the Light, Love and Grace of God on this holiest of holy days and always.

We know, dearest Sister, that you as well as so many are wondering about His Promise to return in physical form to the Earth. He is in the Earth, always answering the hearts who call upon Him and His Love. And so, he is there in the Earth today on this special day of celebration of His birth into the Earth and the celebration of His presence for all those who have opened their hearts to His precious Love as a vehicle for the Creator’s Unconditional Love, Light, Hope and Grace.

During this day of celebration, there is a special Light shining from His heart into the hearts who are asking that they be blessed by His presence, those who are opening their hearts to receive the gifts that are offered not only on this sacred day, but every day to those who are seeking that connection to Him, to the Creator, to the Light within their own hearts – that Flame of Love which is the Creator’s gift to all. This Flame of Love burns within the hearts of all His children, whose divine heritage is Love, Light, Joy, Hope and Grace.

Our Brother Jesus is showering us all with His divine and unconditional Love. All one has to do to receive this special blessing is to open their hearts to the Love that they are as a part of the Creator, Mother-Father God.

Our Brother Jesus came to the Earth to offer his blessings to all those with His presence, His Love, His example of all that we are and can be if we but accept the Love that we are as children of Goddess. All manner of “miracles” is possible when one acknowledges the truth of who they are – a part of the One Heart, the heart of the Creator.

Once this truth is acknowledged and connects to the Light within their own heart, that Flame of Love with which we are created grows and expands, ever filling all of Creation with the Love of Father-Mother God.

During this special, magnificent time of the Great Awakening, this Light and Love are expanding exponentially as more and more of His children are awakening to who they truly are as co-creators with All That Is. Through the events in the Earth during this time, many are turning within and reconnecting with that Flame of Love that is the Creator.

As the world around them tumbles and crumbles, many are realizing that there is truly nowhere to go but within to the Source of all life, All That Is. For the outer world is but a reflection of the Love or the chaos within. As more and more are turning to the Light within, they are reconnecting to the truth that they are Love and reconnecting to the Oneness of all of life, all of Goddess’s creations as a part of the One Heart.

As one goes within and chooses and accepts the Love that they are, they can no longer hold anyone else responsible for their choices and the truth that they are co-creators, creating their own reality according to their free will choices as co-creators. There is no one to blame, there is no one responsible for the joy or the suffering but self. As the world without crumbles and falls, the truth of your divinity as a child of God is revealed.

We who speak are the Angels of Goddess, come to help lead the way back into the Light, into the Light within your hearts as a part of the One Heart of God and all of creation. We are honored and blessed to serve in this way, to help you recognize the truth of who you are as creations of All That Is and to help all who are willing to open their eyes, their minds and their hearts to the blessings that are always present and always offered to those who choose the Love, Light and Grace that Jesus lived as an example to all during His time upon Mother Earth.

That time of His return into the Earth in physical form is drawing closer when His Promise is manifested and He returns. He is that Light, that Love that will bring so many back into their own hearts. You are his brothers and sisters. You are capable of claiming all the gifts and blessings that He claimed upon his journey in the Earth. He is not above you, better than you, blessed with gifts that are beyond your reach.

He is the example of embodying the Love that you already are by going within and claiming the Love and the Light that you already are as the children of God. Our brother Jesus is always here within the Earth, answering your call, loving you and serving as a beacon of Light into the Truth of who you are if you so choose to claim the Love that you are as He did.

He is truly your Brother, helping to lead you back into the Light, back into that Flame of Love that you are. It is your divine heritage, always present to be claimed and accepted.

You are already who you desire to be. You are Love. To claim the gifts that are already yours, BE LOVE. Go into your heart, connect with the Love that you are, and choose to live your life according to your choices for Love.

You are blessed, you are loved beyond your greatest imagining. You are always in the hands and the heart of the Creator, no matter what your free will choices. Go within your heart to reconnect with the Love and the Light that you are. Don’t look without for the answers, but within. You will always have guides to help show you the way, and you always have the answer to your every need within your heart. Follow your own heart back into the Love that you are, and you will co-create the world you long for, the New World you are co-creating through your choices for Love.

We, the Angels of the Light are here with you now and forever more to assist on this magnificent journey back into the Love that you truly are as children of Mother-Father God. We are holding your hands, connecting with your hearts as you and all who so choose co-create and step into the New World.

Our Brother Jesus is leading the way and is here with you to fill your hearts with divine, unconditional Love if you so choose. Celebrate the Love that you are as you celebrate his birth and journey in the Earth and the Love that He is. You are that Love, you are that Light as you open your heart to the Truth of the Love that you are and to His example of a life lived in Love.

Thank you for opening your hearts to us this day as we join you in celebrating Our Brother Jesus and celebrating the Love that we all are as children of the Creator.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.