February 1st, 2023

Blessings, my beloved Mother. Yes, it has been a while since we have connected in this way, with all your activities and projects in your new home filling your time and your thoughts. Thank you again for your willingness to serve as our voice – I, Teran, your loving son and my band of angels. We are honored to serve together with you at this time, in this moment.

Yes, as you’ve noticed, the energies have been extremely powerful of late, due to many factors. The approach of the green comet is one that has been affecting you as well as many, though most are not aware as much as you are that what they’ve been feeling – including chaos and turmoil – is being affected by this cosmic event.

Comets, as well as many cosmic events in the heavens, are harbingers of change, of shifts in humans personally as well as in the mass mind consciousness. We know it has been often challenging and uncomfortable as you have been feeling the effects of this heavenly body and the intensity of the energies as it approaches.

It is now, in these next hours and days, having its greatest effect on many. Many, not as informed about the event or as sensitive as you are to the influences of cosmic events, are befuddled by the intensity physically and emotionally of what they’ve been feeling.

Change is coming. Change is here. And along with change, there is often a powerful “shakeup” of the known and the familiar. This comet, the green comet, is assisting in bringing healing and change into the planet with its approach. These energies and change in general are not comfortable. Yes, there is occurring a shaking up, of sorts, to one’s reality, beliefs and perceptions. This “shakeup” is part of the preparation for change.

And as you’ve been told, great changes are ahead for many on many different levels. And as we, your Spirit Family and guides and angels, have suggested, it’s important to “go with the flow.” We repeat this here for you and all your Spirit Family, friends and neighbors and acquaintances in preparation for the coming changes.

We cannot tell you what these changes will be or what to expect, or when these changes may occur, but we can repeat the guidance to “go with the flow.” For resistance can make any journey, any event or circumstance more difficult.

So we offer these words of Love and guidance: Be not afraid, but welcome changes that come; for what lies ahead is a blessing, even though it may not feel so in the moment. Change often brings discomfort and apprehension because humans in general tend to cling to and welcome the familiar. Yet the changes that lie ahead are all a part of the Great Awakening, that magnificent time of discovery and acceptance of blessings that are a part of your divine heritage as children of God.

Goddess is Love, and the acceptance of this and the acceptance that you are Love as a part of the Creator, as a co-creator with All That Is, will set you free. Spread your wings and open to the unexpected, not in fear, but in joyful anticipation – knowing that all is in divine order. As you accept who you truly are as a creation of Love with the power of free will choice and accept the gifts and blessings that are a part of this realization, the New World – where Love is the foundation and the Light guides your path and your choices – will be created in the spirit of Love and Joy and Hope that is part of your inherent divinity as a co-creator with All That Is.

The most important thing to remember in the moment and the coming hours, days and years is that you are not alone. There is nothing to fear. There are no accidents, but the destiny you have chosen as your spirit decided to be a part of this magnificent time on Mother Earth, a time when all who have chosen to be here on Mother Earth now have the opportunity to be who you truly are as children of God, with gifts and blessings offered beyond your greatest dreams.

You are all free to choose to stand in the power of your Light, to make your choices based on the resonance of the Love in your hearts, in alignment with your Path of Light during this time of Awakening to your divine heritage and the truth of who you truly are as a child of God – created in Love, for Love and with Love.

Open your hearts, and as best you can, open to the opportunities that lie ahead with courage, joy and a sense of awe, of gratitude and of surrender to the blessings of the co-creation of a New World, a New Earth, with a sense of expectation and excitement, even in the moments when the “future” is unknown.

All is in divine alignment, and you have chosen to be here on your beloved Mother Earth, here and now with your beloved friends and families. You are surrounded by the Grace of God. You are surrounded by your Spirit Families of Love, including us – I, Teran, and my band of angels, who are all here with you to bless you with our Love, our guidance, our presence and our protection.

So, have faith that all is in divine order and that you are exactly where you need to be. Connect with the Love and the truth within your own heart and with your Spirit Family and the Creator Herself, knowing that you are loved and you are Love. Know that you are perfect just as you are, that every event in your life has brought you to be exactly who you are and where you are in your life, in divine alignment with the choices of your Higher Self, in alignment with the co-creator that you are during this magnificent time in the Earth.

It is a time of rebirth, the time of the Great Awakening, when you are given the opportunity through your choices for Love, to be blessed with the Grace of God as you gather together in Oneness with those who are also choosing to claim their Oneness with the Creator and those who have chosen the Path of Love through connecting with the Love within their own hearts as a part of the One Heart, the heart of the Creator.

So go forth in the spirit of Love – with courage, strength, with joy and hope – and with Joyful Expectation for the gifts and blessings that are offered to those who open their hearts to the Love that they are as children of God.

This is our message for this day: No matter how dark or hopeless events in the Earth may appear, go within and claim the Love that you are and the blessings that are offered to the children of God during this time of the Great Awakening and the co-creation of a New World, one that surpasses your imagination as you claim the Love and the Light that you are.

Be Peace. Live each moment in the peace that you are as a creation of Mother-Father God, blessed to be here, together with those whom you love, and loved beyond your comprehension by All That Is. Stand in the power of your Light and in the green Light of the comet, which is facilitating your awakening to the truth of who you are. Green is the color of healing. Your hearts, your spirits are being healed in this Light as you journey into the beauty and the Love of your own heart of hearts, part of the Heart of Goddess.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

We are Teran and his band of angels, ever here with you, loving you and guiding you into the Light, into the Light of the Great Awakening and the Light of the New World.