A LOVE STORY – 8-30-16

Today Genesis and I begin our journey to Banff and Lake Louise in Canada for a visit. Just about 24 years ago, I visited him in Calgary after we had met a couple of months before at a shamanic workshop on Mt. Rainier in Washington.

At a Chinese restaurant in Banff, Genesis asks me to marry him even though we have only been in each other’s presence a total of only about 15 days. What??? Yes, we are already in love, but this is crazy.. just too soon! But we talk about the possibilities. Would we live in Canada or Oregon, where I had moved from Florida just a year before? As we finish our meal, we open our fortune cookies. One of them says, “You can move ahead with your plans now in confidence.” Well, I tell him that’s the sign I needed, so I say yes.

On the drive back to Calgary I am in shock, unable to speak. What have I done??? Now I’m filled with fear and uncertainty.

The next morning when I awaken, I feel my beloved father’s presence with me. He had died suddenly 10 years before. I loved him dearly. I hear him say, “I’m entrusting Genesis with your care now.”

The next time he visits me in Oregon, where I had been guided to move through a dream, we quietly marry and begin an amazing adventure together, filled with love and hope and challenge. Such is life, eh?


Relationship is the greatest teacher of life in the Earth.

-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara