I have a good life. And while it is also filled with great intensity and challenge almost daily for me as an empath, I am grateful for my life and for being here during this time of the Great Awakening. We have all chosen to be here during this amazing time…

“It is the time of the Great Awakening. Multitudes will claim the love that they are… they will weather the storms, they will pass through the darkness into the light of God… It is a time of magnificence unparalleled in the history of Earth…The magnificence of creation is about to be explored on a whole new level of light and love…

“It is a glorious time. So hold the joy of this truth of the Great Awakening in your hearts with each step, each and every day. Don’t let your hearts be burdened by the illusions in the Earth, by the duality, as many choose another path. Hold the joy and the truth of the light and the love within, in your heart and in your true sight.

“Principle Number Six: This Great Awakening Is Offered to All Souls, on All Levels, in All Realms. None shall be denied the blessing of claiming the love within.”
-from “Keys for Creating Your Life” by Teran with Sulara

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