A MESSAGE OF HOPE FROM SPIRIT with Sulara – 10-1-16

Blessings, dear Sister of the Light. You have heard us knocking at the door of your heart, so to speak. For we have a message for all those upon the Earth who are walking the path of Love, aligning with their divine soul blueprints at this momentous time in the Earth. Thank you for bringing our message of hope.


This is and has been a time of heightening energies, both those of the Light and those that exist in and about the Earth plane in illusion and a lack of light. Yes, the polarities are becoming more and more divided as free will choice becomes more and more important. For changes in the Earth plane are just around the corner.


Those who have come to bring light, to serve as examples and beacons of light during these times of great change that lie just ahead are being called upon to step into their power with courage and conviction. For you will be leading those who choose to manifest a reality upon the Earth based upon the Truth, Love, Light, and Joy that so many long for.


There will be great changes as Mother Earth and all her children who choose to live in the reflection of what is within each heart as a part of the heart of the Creator experience the Great Awakening. Teran, who is among us this day as we speak, has spoken many times through you of this opportunity being offered to God’s children. This is the time that has been foretold through many and through the eons.


This time is a gift from the Creator, a gift which may be opened by those who so choose. This gift is the opportunity to step off the wheel of karma and to step into the Light and to claim who you truly are as children of God. Many have forgotten their connection to Source. As a part of Mother-Father God, all of His children have the right to step into their full power as co-creators and manifest the reality upon Mother Earth for which they yearn – a world based on love, kindness, compassion, truth, and joy.


The time is quickly approaching when those who so choose may claim and live in the true power and joy which is theirs, to spread their wings and to fly as the angels of Light that the Creator gifted with the precious gift of life. So many have gotten lost upon the way, upon their paths of co-creation, and have forgotten the truth of their freedom and the beauty of their souls as a spark of Light of All That Is, the Creator.


Many have been experiencing difficulties and challenge as energies have been brought into the Earth plane to assist in the cleansing that is necessary and has been long needed to shed layer upon layer of illusion created throughout this lifetime and many others that have blinded so many to the truth of their divinity. Slowly but surely, and more rapidly these past months, have these layers of illusion been revealed and released by those who have chosen to see through eyes of love and connect with the truth within their hearts as children of God, claiming responsibility for the creation of their own reality and the realization that what has been created outside in the world is but a reflection of free will choices that have been made by humanity.


Those who have had the courage and the fortitude to look within their own hearts and make their choices based upon the love and the light that reside within will soon be rewarded by the Promise. And what is that Promise? That Promise is the blessing of the claiming of their full power as sons and daughters of the Creator to enjoy the fruits of their labor as they have made their free will choices based on love not fear, light not illusion, compassion and kindness not violence, unity and Oneness not separation, and the truth that we are all Love, sparkling jewels in the crown of the Creator and the unimaginable magnificence which is the Creator.


Does this mean that only those who have never made “mistakes” will be the recipients of this Promise of the full glory of the acceptance of their true nature as children of God? No, of course not! To be human is to make choices along the way which may not be based on love in the quest for wisdom and alignment with one’s divine nature. The key to unlocking the Promise within your own heart is loving self as the Creator loves you, unconditionally and fully without judgment, and the desire to claim the love and the light within, the desire to choose based upon the truth and the beauty within your heart.


You have never left God’s heart; you have simply forgotten at times the truth of your divinity and forgotten to claim your true beauty. You have simply forgotten at times upon your journeys of discovery and of co-creation that all of life – everyone and everything – is connected and is created in the energy of Love.


The key to claiming the Promise is fully opening your heart to yourself in complete and total forgiveness of all that you have judged to be transgression. The key to unlocking the Promise is embracing self, accepting self, and claiming self to be all that you desire to be, making choices based upon the truth, the love, and the light which reside within your heart as an eternal creation of Father-Mother God. The love and the peace of God are yours to claim, for that eternal flow of love and peace is the Creator’s gift to you as His child.


These energies leading to the manifestation of the Promise for all those willing to open their hearts to this divine gift of realization and awakening have been building and will soon reach a point where the doors of your heart are blown open, so to speak, and you experience the love and the peace of the Creator in a way you have never imagined. And this gift from the Creator is yours simply by claiming it through choosing love and forgiving self and then claiming that truth that we are all One, are connected and created and unified by the Love of All That is, God/Goddess.


So this is our message for this day. Open your heart fully to yourself and to all of life, which is a precious gift and creation. You are eternal. Life is eternal. Love is eternal. We are all connected in Oneness, in Love.


Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.


This is the sacred Truth and the Creator’s sacred Promise. Know it. Claim it. Live it. Don’t be afraid. There is nothing to fear. You and Love are One and the same, eternally.