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By Eric T. Richter


Just like a good conversation with an old friend, Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit offers reassuring truths in simple but profound short statements, bringing the reader back to center and balance and offering a higher perspective about our lives and purpose.

This small but powerful book contains 119 insights carefully culled from the messages received by Sulara, whose gifts as an intuitive, channel and clairaudient brought this book into being. She gained the insights from attuning to the spirits, guides and angels of her clients, as well as from her own channelings.

A sample selection:

Honor Yourself

 Always go within and allow your heart to speak its truth to you. Trust in this truth and live your life according to this truth, in full love and acceptance of the beauty within as a daughter of God. Honor your teachers, but know self to be all that you seek. Know that you know. Honor yourself as God honors you. Love yourself as God loves you – without reservation and wholeheartedly.

Among the topics addressed in Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit are Challenge, Death, Gratitude, Heaven, Divine Purpose, Love, Illusion, the Healing of Mother Earth, Oneness, Freedom and many others. Each selection offers a quick hit of inspiration and an uplifting message that can help your spirit soar above mundane issues, reminding you of the truth of your being.

Even the cover is reassuring, with its rendition of a wise old owl with a cosmic backdrop. The artwork by Harriett Rex Smith and quality paper and printing from Shining Hand Press make this a keepsake you’ll want to place in a treasured spot in your spiritual book collection.

Readers are encouraged to use this book as a daily soul workbook, drawing on it to advance their greater wisdom. It’s a close encounter with the truth in a simple and delightful format!

For more information about Sulara, who is Maui-based, visit or e-mail her at [email protected].

 Reprinted from the Feb./March, 2015 Maui Vision Magazine (

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  1. michael zimmermann
    michael zimmermann says:

    Thank you for being on this planet. I may ask you for a session when i am in a somewhat better financial position. Your website is wonderful. Was just wondering if you have heard of the White Eagle books, which were channeled in England starting in the 30s and ongoing to this day. They are very comforting, inspiring and enlightening and sound very much like the excerpts from Eric Richter material on your site. God be with you, Michael Zimmermann

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