January 20th, 2021

Good day, our beloved Sister Sulara. And it is a new day and a time of new hope for your planet and all of life upon her. It is a day of celebration for your country as the darkness of the last administration is lifting and the hope of peace, joy, and a return to a state of greater sanity in your government is being welcomed and ushered in. It has been such a time of chaos and violence and challenge for especially these last 4 years as the forces of darkness have fought to remain strong in your country and upon the planet.

And now the Light is shining in the hearts and in the hope of a New World, assisted by the many blessings of Light, Love, Grace, and Hope that have been brought into the Earth as the Age of Aquarius truly begins the creation and ushering in of a New Earth based upon the Truth, Light, Hope, Joy, and Peace with which you and all of life have been created in the beginning by the Love of the Creator.

We celebrate with you this day of hope, this day in the time of this new beginning for Mother Earth and all of life upon her. It is a time when many are realizing and claiming the beauty of their divinity, are claiming the reality of a New World as part of the Great Awakening, a time when Love is filling your hearts with joy, hope, and peace in spite of the chaos and violence that still remain upon and around your planet as the darkness continues to do all it can do to turn as many as possible away from the Love and the Light within their own hearts as a part of the heart of the Creator.

These energies that have been brought in at the time of the Winter Solstice and as a part of the celestial alignment and conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter have opened hearts, by some barely noticed and subtle, and for some powerfully and profoundly. This truly is a Time of Awakening to the Love and Light that you are as a creation of Mother-Father God, All That Is.

Many have chosen to depart from Mother Earth assisted by the virus. Those have left of their own free will choice in alignment with their personal Path of Light. They have not ceased to exist, as life continues eternally. The spirit never dies, but simply changes form according to each spirit’s free will choice.

Many who have chosen to leave at this time are working together with us and the creatures here upon the planet and the angelic hosts in the heavens who have chosen to bless and assist all of life during this transition, this movement from the darkness, illusion, and chaos that have ruled upon Mother Earth, into the Light and the Joy and the Love of a heart known and claimed to be a part of Goddess Herself.

We, the spirit of the dolphin, along with the spirit of the whale, as we have said in past, have chosen to be the guardians of all of life upon Mother Earth, working together with all those spirits in all realms serving the Light to bring balance, harmony, joy, peace, and healing into the hearts of humankind and all of life. We are adept at healing and balancing the electromagnetic grid of the Earth, releasing the dis-ease and imbalance that humans have created on the planet as they have lost their connection to All That Is and have created disharmony and imbalance as a result of the explorations of their divine gift of free will choice.

Given the blessing of free will choice and co-creation, those who have forgotten their connection to Source and the Oneness of all of life have misused their divine gifts and divine power of co-creation without regard for the sanctity, the sacredness, and the Oneness of all of life, using their gifts selfishly for greed and power. The result has been the chaos, violence, destruction, and lack of respect for all of life that is still so prevalent all around you.

You and many, often without being able to express it, are feeling the changes due to the energies that have arrived – the lightness of heart and the hope which is growing within your hearts, and the realization and knowingness of your own divinity which are all feeding the Flame of Love within your hearts.

That Flame of Love, which is the Light and the Oneness as a part of the heart of the Creator, is growing stronger and brighter as the Great Awakening is moving forward, emboldening heart after heart and connecting heart to heart those who are choosing Love and the responsibility of standing up for the Truth that they now see, hear, and feel within their own hearts as a part of the Love, Light, Joy, Hope and Peace of the Creator.

This is the year, this New Year of 2021, that you are being asked to stand up in the power of your own Light, gathering together with those of like mind and claiming the truth of who you are as co-creators and taking responsibility for creating the New World that you desire. With these new energies assisting you in claiming the truth of the Love and Light that you are as children of God, you can no longer sit back and deny the truth within your hearts. It is time to stand up together, claiming the gifts within your hearts of your divinity, and speaking and acting from your power and in alignment with the Love that you are.

The Oneness of all of life is becoming more apparent day by day, demanding that all of life be honored and respected. As the Light, the Flame of Love, within your own heart grows, you are n longer able to ignore and deny what your heart is saying. Your actions and deeds are moving into alignment with the renewed Love and Light you feel within your heart. You are seeing and feeling your Path of Light with more clarity and courage.

There is nothing to fear as you are guided to follow your heart and stand in the power of your Light, together with those of like mind as you co-create a New World based on Love. Shed your old beliefs, habits, and patterns as you outgrow them. Step out of them, as in stepping out of an old outfit and shoes that are worn out and are no longer needed. Step into your Light, living in each present moment guided by the Love within your heart of hearts.

We and a whole army of Lightworkers and legions and legions of angels dedicated to helping you step into the Love and Light that you are, are here to help you. We are connected by the Love within our hearts, the Love of the Creator. Throw those old clothes and shoes into the fire of transmutation. Rise from the ashes like the phoenix to be born anew to the Love that you are and have always been.

Your world and the New Earth will be lighter and brighter and filled with Love, hope, and laughter. We, the dolphins, bring you our joy, our Love, our lightness of being, our hope and celebration. Celebrate this time of change, knowing that as you shed your fear and the illusion of the Old World, the New World is created with and for Love as a result of your choice for Love and honoring the truth within your heart of hearts as a part of the One Heart.

We are with you. Take our Love into your heart. Feel the joy that you are meant to feel and live. Feel the peace which has never left your heart as part of All That Is, that has just been forgotten in the illusion and fear that the forces of darkness have encouraged.

Stand tall in the truth and power and courage of your own Light. Stand up for yourself and for Love and speak the truth within your heart. Celebrate this time of transition. Celebrate the Great Awakening and the co-creation of the New Earth, made possible by claiming and acknowledging the Love that you are and have always been as a child of Goddess.

We are here to remind you to have fun, to make time for joy and laughter and celebration each day. We are your guardians and your ambassadors of Love and Joy, Lightness and Hope. Treat yourselves as the precious spirits that you are. Know and see all of life as precious and deserving of honor and respect, and move forward with hope and peace within your hearts.

Trust that all is unfolding in divine alignment for your, Mother Earth’s, and all of life’s highest and greatest good. Open your hearts to receive the Love, the Grace, and the Joy that we, as a part of the Creator, are offering from our hearts to yours.

We bless you and hold you in our hearts as each present moment provides an opportunity to live the life of Love that you long for. The choice is yours in each and every moment. Be all that you can be. Choose Love. Choose Light. Choose Joy, Hope, and Peace, and that is what you will manifest into the world which you are co-creating.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Open your hearts to the truth of who you are as children of the Creator. Thank you for hearing and opening your hearts to our message this day.