Channeled by Sulara – September 6th, 2018

Blessings, daughter of the Light. We are honored once again to be in your presence as you serve as our voice to bring our messages to the people of the Earth.

All is proceeding as is the highest and best for Mother Earth, her children, and all of life upon her as all are blessed by the Great Cleansing in preparation for the grace of God to bring the changes that are in the minds and hearts of all those who would co-create the Great Awakening, that time when all of humankind is given the opportunity to claim the gifts and blessings given by the Creator to all of life – their heritage of Love, Light, Hope, Peace, and Joy. For this is the stuff of creation, the energy of the Creator from which all has been created.

In that spark of creation from which the flame of Love within the heart of all of life was created was, and continues to be, the right of free will and co-creation.

We, the dolphins and all of sentient life, have chosen to journey upon the Earth in this form, as you humans have as well. Humans have lost their way and forgotten that all of life is created from the energy of Love, and that those in different forms are no lesser or greater than man/womankind. We were all created from the Love & Joy of All That Is, with the inherent gifts of free will choice and co-creation.

Since a large majority of Mother Earth is covered with water, and the health of the life upon the planet is greatly dependent upon the health of the waters upon Mother Earth, we the dolphins and the whales and other sentient life that dwell in the ocean play the very important role of helping to maintain the health of the waters as well as the electromagnetic grid of the planet.

We, unlike the humans, have not lost our knowledge of the connection of all of life and the responsibility that we all have to maintain the health of the planet and all of life upon her, within her, about her, above her, and in her waters. Water is, as are all the elements, the gift of life for all of life upon Mother Earth. It is a symbiotic relationship in which all of life contributes to the well-being of all other forms of life co-existing upon the planet.

As the oceans and all of the waters upon Mother Earth are polluted, so are the other elements affected. As the humans forget the source and Oneness of all of life, this disconnection affects all the elements of water, air, fire, and earth. The fire, the energy of the sun and the fire upon the Earth, is the Great Cleanser, the element that works together with all of the other elements to transmute the toxicity caused by the thought forms and by the degradation and destruction caused by the unconscious actions of the humans who have lost their way and forgotten that we all depend upon the others to support and maintain the health of Mother Earth as well as the health of all of life upon her.

This Great Cleansing is a Great Wake-Up Call to all who have forgotten the necessity of working together, the unity and cooperation needed for all of life to thrive in a state of harmony, balance, ease, and good health. Many eyes, minds, and hearts have been opened by tragedies that are truly blessings in disguise, a necessary part of the healing of Mother Earth and all of life.

Unity, cooperation, and compassion have been experienced by many as a result of the many events around the planet which are a necessary step in the awakening that is leading to the Great Awakening, where humans are remembering their divine natures and their right of free will to choose Love and to co-create a New Earth where Love and Oneness and Peace rule and where all of life is honored and cherished as a part of the heart of the Creator.

So as these events continue, be grateful for the blessings that they bring and make your choices based on Love, not fear. The chaos will continue as long as is necessary to open the hearts, minds, and souls to the truth of Creation, All That Is. There is nothing to fear and everything to look forward to in the events that lie ahead that are necessary as a part of the Great Cleansing which is preparing the way for the Great Awakening.

Do your best to adopt an attitude of gratitude and joyful expectancy, as what lies ahead is beyond your greatest imagining of Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, and the blessings that are from the Grace of God. Prepare your heart by being in your heart. Prepare to receive the Love that is being offered by making your choices based upon Love. Honor yourself and love yourself, knowing that you are a child of God, deserving of all the Love for which you long and that you already are as a spark of the Creator.

Know that the time is here, the time to claim all that you are and all that is offered at this time of the Great Awakening. We, the dolphins and whales and all of life working together to assist in the Great Awakening send you our gifts of Love, Joy, Hope, Playfulness, and Peace to assist you. Take the time to feel our Love and to feel our Oneness and the Oneness of all of life as a part of the heart of the Creator.