By Teran with Sulara

October 5th, 2018
Blessings, and we are happy to join you once again to bring our message of hope and joyful expectancy into the Earth plane. Does it feel that just when it seems that it can’t get any worse there on your planet, there is another disaster resulting from Earth changes or in the political arena resulting in more chaos and dissatisfaction? The polarity, the division between the Light and darkness seems to be ever increasing. Yes, these events are serving to polarize those who choose the Light and those who are choosing greed, violence, chaos, fear, and all manner of action that divide humanity rather than bring unity.

Events are reaching a crescendo, and more Earth changes are on the way as Mother Earth does what she needs to balance the energies and neutralize the pockets of shadow and negativity all over the planet which have been the result of the energies that have been reflected from hearts that have lost their connection to the Source of all life, the unconditional Love, joy, hope, peace, and compassion that is at the core of the flame that lies deep within each heart as a creation of All That Is.

How much more can we take of this chaos, this violence, this greed, these actions based on fear, you might wonder. For those of you who choose Love and envision and are, in truth, creating a New World based on a new paradigm of peace and cooperation, honesty, joy, and unity, this madness upon the Earth – which is the result of hearts that have forgotten the truth of their divine heritage and the truth that what is reflected without into the world is a result of what we focus upon and encourage within our own hearts and lives – are wondering when this madness will end and a new beginning, a new reality based on Love, peace, and harmony will begin.

The time draws very near. Have faith and trust that all is in divine timing and alignment. As we have mentioned before, there will occur at a point which is drawing near, an implosion of sorts that will trigger the Great Awakening, a time when hearts can no longer deny their divine heritage of Love, light, free will choice, and co-creation. Many will be forced to choose between the existing chaos, fear, and violence, and a New World in which the Oneness of all of life is recognized and honored and becomes the basis for one’s actions.

Legions and legions of angels and spiritual masters are poised here in the heavens, ready to descend into the Earth to lead those who so choose into the New World to continue their journey of life rather than continue to be a part of the collective consciousness which now exists that is based upon illusion, fear, and choices that do not honor Mother Earth and all of life upon her as One Heart, as a part of the heart of the Creator, All That Is.

The mass mind insanity based upon illusion, fear, chaos, and violence together with coming Earth changes will shake the foundations of all of existence upon the planet, and many eyes and hearts will be opened as they are given the choice to continue life as they know it upon the Earth or to ascend to a New World where Love rules, where the power of Love becomes the foundation for a new existence that follows the Great Awakening, and that time when free will choice determines whether one steps into the light of their spirit as a part of the heart of God, or one chooses the familiar, based on fear and illusion, and chooses to remain on a planet of chaos, confusion, greed, fear, and violence.

Each free will choice is honored without judgment, and the opportunity of choice remains with each individual in every moment. The trumpets, the celestial orchestra heralds this approaching time of celebration of the Great Awakening when many will choose to follow the truth of their divine creation and destiny.

Those of you who have perhaps long ago chosen the path of Love and Oneness have been waiting patiently for this opportunity, for this long-awaited gift from the Grace of God. We bless you and commend you for staying the course, not giving up hope of this New Earth, the New World for which you long. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your strength as you have weathered many storms on all levels upon the Earth during these turbulent times of preparation and the Great Cleansing.

We encourage you to hold fast to the truth of the purpose of these chaotic times as many hearts are prepared for the Great Awakening. Know that you are protected, guided, and loved every step of the way. Flow with the events as best you can, relying on the truth you hold within your hearts that Love will show you the way and that thinking and acting in, choosing, and being Love will create the New World for which you long. You yourselves are co-creating this New World, so envision everything you desire and follow your hearts in each decision that you make and each step that you take.

We, Teran and my band of angels, continue to be right here at your side and in your hearts, leading the way. Together with legions and legions of angles, we are protecting you and guiding you every step of the way into the reality, into the New World where Love, joy, peace, and unity are the foundation, and life is one of joyful celebration and Oneness with all of life. God/Goddess is at the helm of Her ship of Light as you are welcomed aboard and transported, enveloped in Love and safety into the new reality, the New Earth.

So begin each day connecting with the Love, peace, and joy within your own heart as a part of the Creator. And celebrate all of your many blessings and gifts in gratitude, in spite of the chaos that surrounds you in the Earth and in the mass mind consciousness.

Do everything you need to do to remain focused on Love, focused on the positive and focused upon the truth and the Flame of Love within your own heart as a part of the brilliant, diamond Light of Love from which you are created. Life is a gift. You have chosen to be here. Everyone has chosen to be here, though the majority has forgotten this truth of their divine heritage and gifts of free will choice and co-creation.

Go now about your day, untroubled by the chaos, confusion, anger, violence and greed without, in the world. Sit in your heart, in the fountain of Love which feeds your body, mind, and soul. See these times for what they are – necessary preparation for a new birth, as many souls and the Earth herself rise from the ashes like the phoenix to begin anew.

With much Love and celebration for that time of the Great Awakening that is here now for many of you and approaches quickly for many more as the New Earth is created and becomes a reality built upon the foundation of Love, Light, and the Grace of God. Thank you for opening your hearts to the truth of who you are as a creation of Love.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Until we meet again, choose to celebrate each moment in joyful expectation, peace, trust, and gratitude.