SET MY DAY #3 – 9-16-18

Dear Friends,

Today I share a personal message from my guides. During a recent
challenging time, Genesis did a journey for me in which it was suggested
that I begin each day for 7 days channeling a message to me from my
guides to “set my day.” I feel that this one is meant to be shared.

I hope you enjoy it, and that it is helpful in beginning your day in a
joyful way!

Always, I send you Love & Peace.

Aloha, Sulara

Good morning, Dear One. Here we sit with you again, sitting on your shoulder, whispering our words of Love into your ear, into your heart. Our message today is a simple one – short and sweet. Gratitude and celebration. Continue to begin each day, as you do, giving thanks for your life, for all the Love and abundance which is yours. You are so blessed. And the simple act of speaking those words, “I am so blessed” allows and opens you to infinite blessings.

Welcome the new day, come what may, allowing your heart to lead the way. And find some way each day to celebrate your precious life, doing something for yourself that brings you joy, that brings a smile to your heart. Radiate that smile, reflect this smile into Mother Earth, touching the hearts of all your brothers and sisters who are needing a smile.

Breathe into the Love, the Mana, that surrounds you always, wherever you are – that life force, that energy of Love that is there for the taking, the allowing. It is a simple matter of breathing it in and allowing that Love, that life force to fill your entire being with Joy.

Be sure to laugh every day and to share that smile, that laugh, that lightheartedness with someone or many others. Connection is so important, is necessary to your joy. Community with like-minded friends is a much needed part of filling your heart with the Love and the Joy of the Oneness of Creation. Know that you are all One Heart – Inlakech.

More connection, more Love, more laughter, more joy. This is what is needed for all. This is what is important in life – connection and sharing as One Heart, each facet of the crystal unique, each with a gift to share, to shine into any corner of the heart where darkness, a lack of light, resides. Flush out that darkness, fill each corner of your heart and the universe with the light of Love.

Breathe it in, breathe it out. Don’t keep it to yourself, and open yourself to all the Love and Light that surround you always from all of life. Continue to go out into nature each day to connect, to replenish, to restore your sense of balance, your Oneness with all of life and you will set the joy meter to “high.” Remind yourself to breathe into that Oneness, that Joy throughout the day, come what may. We are enjoying the rhyming, the flow, the harmony. Enjoy the flow, the harmony as part of the orchestra of Light and Love, as part of the Oneness and the heart of God.

There is no greater beauty, no greater joy, no greater Love that can be found by joining in the rhythm of life, the rhythm of Love in the beat of your heart as you join in the beat, in the rhythm of Love & Oneness. You love to dance. Dance each and every day! Let the music move you into Oneness with the rhythm of Love. Allow your heart to sing a song of joy, a song of hope, a song of gratitude.

You are one of the choir of Love, one of God’s angels with a voice and a heart so clear, so pure, so filled with Light. Allow your heart to sing out, gathering together with all those who are looking for a choir of Love with which to join their hearts, their voices, to create a symphony of Light and Love to lift the darkness into the Light to be forever healed, released into Love which is the greatest gift offered to all – that gift which heals all. And this gift is already yours. Simply acknowledge, allow, and align and fill yourself with the Love that you are as a part of the One Heart, Mother-Father God.

More laughter, more dancing, more joy. Open these gifts that are always offered as a part of the Love that you are. Now go forward in this day allowing the lightness and the hope and the joy to put a spring in your step as you drink from the eternal spring of Love within your own heart. We love you. Goddess loves you. May this message give you the courage to meet the day in a better way.