By Teran with Sulara

November 11th, 2018 (11:11:11)

Blessings, dearest Mother, Daughter of the Light. Thank you so much for offering to serve as my voice together with my band of angels, as the Voice of Oneness. This message on this auspicious day 11:11:11 is our 20th meeting. Two is the number of partnership. Together we are bringing this message to all those whose hearts are open and seeking to be a part of the healing of Mother Earth and all of life upon her, as part of the co-creation of the New Earth and the Great Awakening.

For all of us gathered here and all who will read or hear our message are partners in the co-creation of this magnificent time and the creation of the New Earth. Thank you for sharing our message this day, this time when powerful energies of Love, light, and connection with Source are magnified. These energies which are facilitating the Great Awakening upon Mother Earth are being brought in by the Creator Herself, together with the Elders and legions and legions of angels whose mission is to assist Mother Earth and all of life upon her who so choose, to ascend into the new reality, the New Earth.

Humans have reached a critical choice point, and the energies of this Stargate are facilitating a deeper connection, for all who so choose, with Love, light, joy, peace, and compassion. This Love dwells within each heart as a part of the heart of the Creator, as the flame within, which is the inherent gift to all of life from Mother-Father God. Whether or not one chooses to fan this flame and consciously connect with this Source of all life, this Flame of Love is gifted by the Creator to all of His children, His co-creators. This grace from God and this right of free will choice as a co-creator are gifts which are an inherent right from the Creator. This Love and this connection to the Creator are always present. One may accept these gifts consciously and fan the flame of Love, or one may choose not to nourish these gifts which come from the Source of all life.

You are all the children of God. You have chosen to explore your gifts of co-creativity through your life and your experiences upon Mother Earth. Many have forgotten this connection, this Source of All That Is. This time of the Great Awakening is a time of remembering who you truly are as children of Goddess and as co-creators who have always remained as a part of the heart of the Creator, as a part of the Oneness of all of life.

Those who have forgotten this connection are given the opportunity to remember who they are as children of and co-creators with Mother-Father God. All of those who are experiencing these challenges so prevalent now upon the planet through disasters such as the fires and earthquakes and other events are being given the opportunity to remember their source and what is truly important in life.

Those who are experiencing these tragedies and these challenges have chosen these experiences themselves, at the level of the soul, as opportunities to remember who they truly are as a part of the heart of the Creator. These wake-up calls all over the planet are a part of the Great Awakening and the Great Cleansing, which are preparing all of life and the Earth herself to ascend into a higher dimension where Love, light, peace, joy, and compassion, which are your rightful heritage and gifts from the Creator, abound.

So know that there is purpose in the madness and the suffering within the Earth. Those who are experiencing these events have chosen through the right of free will of their own spirits to provide this opportunity for their own awakening. Those who perish from the Earth have chosen to return to God’s side, and those who remain upon the planet have chosen to do so to be co-creators of the New Earth, where life is celebrated as the gift that it is through Love, joy, peace, harmony, and cooperation with the knowledge that we are all One, created in Love, through Love, and for Love.

So be grateful for your precious life and these opportunities to help move the consciousness of all of life upon the planet into Oneness and Love. Do all that you know to be Love and to act in and out of Love, kindness, and compassion. Love yourselves wholeheartedly, love your neighbors, Mother Earth, and all of life upon her. Celebrate your freedom, your free will choice, and your connection with one another and the Creator.

Take heart, for all is divinely guided during this time of the Great Awakening. Remember who you are as the sons and daughters of God. Remember that you may choose, through Love, a planet free of fear, violence, greed, and chaos. Choose Love, be Love, act in and out of Love, and you will be opening the Creator’s gift of Love which is your divine right and your divine heritage. Look into the eyes of your friends and family, look into the eyes of all of life, and know that you are all One Heart, all created by Mother-Father God through Her infinite Love.

Know that we are here with you. We have chosen and are honored to be a part of this magnificent time, this magnificent opportunity of the Great Awakening and fulfillment of the Promise, that all this and greater shall ye do through your own free will choice as you choose Love.

I, Teran, and my band of angels are here with you, leading the way from the darkness, fear, and chaos so prevalent upon the Earth into the Light of your own hearts as a part of the heart of the Creator. Thank you for opening your hearts to the truth of who you are as children of God. Thank you for choosing Love and honoring the Oneness of all of life upon Mother Earth.

Have no fear, for you are guided every step of the way upon this journey through the Great Awakening and into the Love that you are as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Hold hands with us and with all of your brothers and sisters who are choosing Love as we step into the New Earth, the new reality where Love, light, joy, peace, and compassion abound in the Oneness of all of life and the One Heart of Mother-Father God, the Creator of All That Is.