TERAN’S 21st BIRTHDAY – 6/12/15

Twenty-one years ago today, our son Teran landed briefly in the Earth. He opened his eyes, looked at Genesis with infinite Love, then departed without ever taking a breath. Our hearts were broken. But in that moment was born the gift of the eternal connection of Love between a father and a son. In that moment was born Teran’s connection with the planet which would later allow the creation of Keys for Creating Your Life together with me. You live forever in our hearts, Teran. Thank you for your gifts to Genesis and me. Thank you for your words of wisdom and Love borne into Mother Earth on wings of Love, your gift to us all which lives forever.

Love is the Answer, the Only and Final Answer to Every Question Which Arises in the Earth Plane and All Realms.
-Principle Nine, from Keys for Creating Your Life by Teran with Sulara