September 30th, 2017

Good morning, Sulara, and blessings. We are grateful to you for your willingness to serve as our voice, the Voice of Oneness. For it is a magnificent time in the history of your planet Mother Earth, a time like no other, where each spirit is given the opportunity to claim all of the gifts that are offered and are inherently theirs as beloved children of God, created in the Creator’s own image, each as a microcosm of the Creator, afforded gifts of free will choice and co-creation as a part of the heart of the Creator.

And that time that has been spoken of and foretold for eons has now arrived, in all of its glory. These shifts and changes, both for Mother Earth herself and every living thing upon her, are part of a magnificent process. And we do recognize and affirm that it is also a very challenging and sometimes confusing time.

For the energies that are being brought in to assist in this vibratory level shift for Mother Earth and all of life upon her are bringing up all patterns of belief and being, old patterns of emotional shadows as a part of the preparation for a new way of being, for a New Earth and a New Human, as well as new patterns for every kind of life on the planet. For all of life is being prepared and being given the choice as to whether or not they choose to ascend with the Earth into a vibratory form in which all of their gifts as a part of the Creator are claimed in their fullness.

As we have said, there is no judgment from these heavenly realms or from the Creator Herself. It is an opportunity that is being offered with an open hand and an open heart by Mother-Father God. Those who are guided to accept this opportunity will be blessed beyond measure.

While the preparation for the Great Awakening is quite challenging for many, and in fact, painful for some as eyes and hearts are opened to the truth of what is important in this life, the gifts that are offered and accepted through each person’s free will choice are magnificent beyond imagination. Hearts will be opened to the truth of your God-given rights and abilities with which you were created as a reflection, a microcosm of the Creator Herself.

These gifts are the very core energy of the Creator. These are the gifts of Love, Light, Compassion, Joy, Peace, and the full realization of Oneness with all of life – each other and all of creation, including all of life upon Mother Earth, all of the elements, all of life in the cosmos and all realms and all of existence. All of life is filled with Mana, the life force of all of creation, All That Is.

All of life shares the beauty, the glory, and the gifts of Mother-Father God simply by the acceptance of these gifts with an open heart and mind. Both are needed for humans as these gifts are offered, for many of these gifts are in this present moment beyond your comprehension. What is needed is an open heart, open mind, and trust in the Goddess, the Creator of All. Trust and faith that all is unfolding as it is meant to, that all of the challenges and discomfort are well worth what is the most magnificent, the grandest opportunity ever offered to God’s children.

Know that as you open your heart to this Great Awakening, you are completely safe in the heart and in the hands of Mother-Father God. Have no fear, for there is nothing to fear as you accept these gifts. We, Teran and this band of angels, as well as legions and legions of angels are here, ready and willing to take your hands and guide you from the present darkness that abounds upon your planet, into the Light and the blessings that await you as you claim your Oneness with all of life and the Creator and claim your gifts as a part of Unconditional Love.

You are a jewel in the crown of the Creator, a magnificent, powerful spirit of Love and Light. And in this time of the Great Awakening and the creation of the New World, the New Earth, you are being blessed, if you so choose through your open hearts, open minds, and free will choice, to accept the fullness of your beings and spirits as sons and daughters of God.

You may claim these gifts, and as you so do, you will be guided, you will be safe, you will be lifted into the Light and the Love of the fullness of your own hearts as created by God/Goddess, as a part of All That Is.

We come to you bearing this joyful message, as the Voice of Oneness, as those angels and guardian spirits who have chosen to remain at the side of the Creator and as those who have chosen to help lead you into the Love and the Light of your own spirits as a part of the heart of the Creator.

We will guide you and keep you safe as you choose to claim your inherent rights and your inherent gifts, as you open your wings and fly upon the wings of God/Goddess into the Light and Love, into the understanding and clarity and reality of the Oneness of all of life.

So be of good cheer, even as all around you seems to be crumbling. For the old must fall for hearts and minds to be opened to the truth and to this opportunity. The old foundations must give way to a new way of being, based upon the truth of Love, Light, Brother/Sisterhood, Oneness, and the interrelationship of all of life.

As we have said, the choice to remain in the illusion, in the fear, in the violence, and in the darkness will be honored with no judgment, only Love, with the understanding that God’s gift of free will choice is always honored with only the greatest of love and compassion and in the knowledge that as one’s eyes and hearts are opened to truth, love, and light, there is always the opportunity to choose in any given moment the Great Awakening and the New Earth, where Love, Joy, Peace, Light and Oneness prevail, with each spirit living together in the new reality of unity and honoring all of life as the precious sparks of the Creator that they truly are.

We are honored to bring you this message of hope this day. Go into your hearts with the strength and the courage that lie within your heart of hearts as one who has chosen to be a part of the creation of this New World, as one who knows themselves to be at One with God, as one who honors all of life created by Love and in Love.

Gather together in joy and hopefulness for the glory and the blessings that await you as children of God choosing love and joy over fear, and peace and kindness over violence. Breathe in Love, breathe out Trust. Breathe in Joy, breathe out Compassion. Breathe in Mana, breathe out Peace.

We are here with you as you step into the light and the love of who you truly are, co-creators with Mother-Father God, with free will choice in every moment, as co-creators of the New Earth for which you long in your heart of hearts.

Imagine a world filled with love, joy, peace, and light. Connect with and be that beauty, that glory within your own hearts, and reflect it out, as a co-creator of the New Earth. We are here with you with outstretched hands and as One Heart, supporting you and showing you the way, and loving you as the Creator loves you, each one a precious part of the heart of the Creator.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Step forward with peace and joy and hopefulness into the Great Awakening, which is simply claiming who you truly are as beloved children of God.