My husband Genesis and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on the beautiful island of Lanai, a place of great beauty and tranquility just a 45 minute ferry ride from Maui.

We believe that there is spirit in all things, that we are connected to all of life, and that it is important to be aware of this connection and to honor it with a heart full of love and gratitude for this Oneness.

The ancestors and guardian spirits of places we visit sometimes call upon us for healing or to serve as their voice and share their messages. While on Lanai, the ancestors contacted Genesis to ask if I would channel the following message for them:

Blessings. We thank you for your presence. We welcome you with love and with joy. For all are blessed by your presence here and wherever you may go. You bring understanding that many don’t have of the connection of place with Spirit.

We have come forth to ask for your assistance in helping us, the ancestors and spirits of this place, to connect with those who live and work here to honor us and their connection to this land. You are our voice if you are willing.

We call upon you to speak to those who are willing to listen. We ask to be honored and acknowledged, that the beauty and sacredness of this land be recognized and honored. Some who come, who are drawn here, have this knowingness and are drawn to the beauty and the power here, but not many.

We would be grateful if you would connect with the powers that be to bring our message, and as well that you two together, led by your gifted husband, perform ceremony and healing for this land. For it retains its sacredness. But it is a dim light due to lack of connection with the people and the owners here.

We and the spirits of the dolphins and the whales and all of life here honor you and your visit, and we ask that this ceremony go as you are guided, with you bringing healing so that many may feel their connection to this land and to all of life, and that a healing occur as well for us, the ancestors and guardian spirits of this land – that in future, the power and the beauty of this land will be felt by many, and many will be guided here to receive our gifts and to connect with the power and the beauty of all of life here and to connect with us as well.

Thank you for hearing our call and for whatever you are guided to do for this ceremony and this healing that will bless us and bless many, now and in the times to come.

We bless you with our love, and we honor you. Thank you for honoring and hearing us.

And so be it.

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  1. David Rose
    David Rose says:

    Thank you both for this beautiful message. I felt guided this morning to come to your site and to receive this message. I’ve felt this connection to the spirit of Lanai also, and will now bring the love and potency of that connection forward in my awareness, my being, my body and my life beginning now, today.

    Blessings to you both for a wonderful holiday and new year. Congratulations oh your anniversary!
    A hui hou,

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