By Teran with Sulara


March 21st, 2018

Yes, Happy Spring to you, dear Sister of the Light! As this is the time of rebirth, you and many others have been experiencing a rebirth, for it is that time upon your planet when the old foundations must crumble, the old, outdated ways of living and functioning upon Mother Earth must be cleared, washed away, so to speak, to make way for new life, a new way of being.

The darkness, the fear, the chaos, the heinous acts of violence have been growing steadily. But the old way of being, the illusions that no longer serve, are being brought into the Light for all whose hearts and eyes are open to see the truth. That truth is that this planet and all of life upon her, and all of life in all realms and in all dimensions has been created by our Mother-Father God in Love and for Love.

While each spirit has been given the divine gift of free will choice, many of those choices have created discord, disharmony, chaos and confusion upon and surrounding the Earth. While all things are of God and life is an exploration of free will choice, and all roads lead back into the Light, the journey and exploration of darkness has come to a point on your planet which must implode upon itself.

This implosion is inevitable, as the illusion cannot and will not continue to build indefinitely. The illusion and forces of darkness are at the point of creating destruction on many levels, and in the process are also creating a New World, a new way of being. This implosion will help create and facilitate a Great Awakening when Mother Earth and the hearts of humankind can no longer tolerate the fear, the chaos, the violence any longer.

When critical mass of the illusion and fear can no longer be supported, and enough hearts turn to the Light and to the Creator in humbleness, asking for an end to the pain of illusion, the Light and Love of the Creator will create an opening in the hearts of all who are willing to open to the truth of Love – the truth that all is created in Love, that each and every heart is filled with this Love and this Light and is a part of the heart of the Creator.

All of those who so choose will take part in the Great Awakening and become co-creators of the New Earth, a reality where Love, Truth, Peace, Joy, Hope, and Compassion rule, where illusion and darkness can no longer exist. The truth of our divine heritage and our blessings as co-creators with Mother-Father God will be revealed.

This point is approaching rapidly. There is nothing to fear. There is only Joy, Love, and Peace to be claimed as children of God. Those who so choose may continue to dwell in the darkness and in illusion, in fear, violence, and chaos. But many eyes and hearts will be opened in the days and the months ahead to the truth that all of life is One, created in and for Love, and that truth may be claimed at any time.

The heavens and all beings of Love and Light are preparing to guide all those who choose Love into the light of the New Earth. This is a time to go into your heart and connect with the truth of who you are as a son or a daughter of God and as a co-creator given the precious gift of life and all the blessings and gifts of that divine heritage.

There is great celebration and joy here in these realms as the time of the Great Awakening approaches. Have no fear. You will be guided every step of the way. You and all who choose to open to the Love that they are will join together in community and celebration as this choice manifests in a new reality, a New Earth that has Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion, Community, and Cooperation as its foundation. As the old crumbles, the new reality will be created.

Go into your hearts now. Go into your hearts every day, claiming the truth of who you are as a child of God, given free will choice and the gift of co-creation. Know that everything is unfolding in the perfect way, in divine timing, leading to a New World, leading to the blessing of the Great Awakening where each and every soul, each and every heart is given the opportunity to choose Love over fear, freedom over illusion, peace and goodwill over violence and hatred.

Celebrate the beauty of your own spirit as a part of the heart of the Creator. See with the eyes of the eagle, with the clarity and perspective that everything is leading to this Awakening and to the opportunity to claim who you truly are as a child of God and co-creator with All That Is.

Do not mourn the old, but look with joyful anticipation to the new, to that which you yourselves envision and have asked for. Celebrate this spring the new life that lies ahead for all who choose Love and choose to create a planet based upon that foundation of Love, Light, Truth, Joy, and Hope which is the Creator Herself.

The time is here. Know that everything you have hoped for is a reality that is created as you choose Love. Go into your hearts and connect with the Love, Joy, Peace, and Beauty that you already are as a part of the crystal of Love and Light that is the Creator.

You may choose all the gifts that are your divine right, your divine inheritance now by proclaiming:

“I AM the Love and the Light of the Creator.”

“I AM the Joy of the Creator.”

“I AM the Peace of the Creator.”

In this way, you choose and you prepare to take part in the Great Awakening, a blessing beyond your imagination.

Many are bringing this message forth, as are we, Teran and my band of angels. We are here at your side, welcoming you into the beauty and the paradise and into the Heaven that you already are, that you already have within your own heart as you connect with the Creator within.

There is truly nothing you have to learn. There is truly nothing you have to change except to claim the truth of who you already are as a child of God. Claim this truth, claim this Love, and you will be led by legions and legions of angels into the new reality for which you long. For that reality already exists within your own heart as a part of the heart of the Creator.

You are perfect just as you are and deserving of every blessing and every joy you can imagine. The time is here. The time is now. Stand in the power of Love within your own heart, knowing that within your heart lies the answer to every question. And that answer is Love. Choose Love.

Love yourself unconditionally, without judgment, without fear. Love all of life, knowing that we are all One, created by and in the Love of the Creator. Honor the free will choice of all others, knowing that you are responsible only for yourself and your own choices.

By choosing Love, you are choosing freedom… the freedom to free your own spirit from illusion and the freedom to co-create the New Earth for which you long, and which is even more beautiful than you can imagine.

We are here for you. Go into the Light and the Love within your own heart and allow that Love and that Light to guide you home into the Great Awakening and a planet built on the only true and lasting foundation – Love, Peace, and Joy.

Live each moment in the present, knowing that you are guided every step of the way by your own heart, by the Creator, and by His angels. Everything is in divine order. Hold this truth in your heart, in complete trust and faith that your heart will lead the way home to Heaven. For Heaven is within your own heart, as a part of the Creator. And choosing Love is the answer to every question and the key to creating the New Earth for which you long, and that you yourself are creating as a co-creator with Mother-Father God.

Be at peace. Thank you for opening your hearts and allowing our hearts to connect as One, as together we step into this new adventure, this New Earth.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.