January 10th, 2018

Blessings, daughter of the Light. We are honored to be called upon to bring a message of hope, joy, and Love into the Earth plane with your loving assistance for this New Year, 2018.

As we have said in past, great changes lie just ahead for the planet, as many preparations have been made and many events have transpired to prepare the children of God upon Mother Earth to accept those gifts which are being offered and will continue to be offered as a part of the Great Awakening, that opportunity for all those who choose to open their hearts to claim the truth of their divine heritage as Children of God.

These gifts which are being offered in preparation for this momentous time are present now for those who have already claimed their divine heritage of Love as a part of the heart of the Creator. For some have already claimed the truth of their divine natures, and more and more will open their hearts to the gifts that the Waves of Light and Love are bringing in to assist in this Great Awakening and the creation of the New Earth, where joy, Love, peace, and compassion fill those who so choose to open their hearts to the truth of who they are as children of, and co-creators with, the Creator.

Many hearts have been opened by a number of tragic events that have taken place in the recent past and that will continue to assist in opening many eyes and hearts to the truth of who and what they are as children of God, divine sparks of light who through their free will choice may co-create the planet, the New World, the New Earth for which they long.

Many gifts and blessings have been claimed as many eyes, spiritual eyes, have been opened to truly what is important in life through these challenges that have been met by many all over the planet. Many have realized that the foundations upon which they have depended and believed were true have crumbled, revealing the truth of what truly matters in life. Those whose choices in their lives have been based upon illusion have seen and will continue to see through these challenging events and experiences the truth of their responsibility in co-creating the world around them, that they are not victims, but divine children of God who reflect what is within their hearts into the world around them. Those who take responsibility for their free will choices rather than believing they are victims will be the co-creators of the New World for which they long.

The events of particularly the past year and those that lie ahead in 2018 will separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Those who choose to open their hearts to the truth that Love is the answer to each choice and each question as to the best actions in life are those who will gather together in community to step into the new reality, the New Earth together to live together in the realization that they are One with all of life and responsible through their free will choices to create a planet based upon Love and Peace.

Those who open their hearts to the Love that they are as children of God and to the Oneness of all of life will be blessed with more beauty, light, Love, and joy than they can imagine as they join together in the Great Awakening to claim their divine heritage and the gifts that await them as they open their hearts to Love and the truth that all of life is a spark of the Creator, created in, for, and with Love by God/Goddess, with the divine right to co-create what they envision and long for as children of God with the gift of free will choice.

The Great Awakening and the opportunity to choose Love as the foundation for life upon the New Earth is just around the corner. Each and every human has the right to choose to take part in this co-creation of the New Earth through exercising their right of free will choice. What lies ahead for those who open their hearts to the Love that they are and to the truth of their Oneness with all of life is glorious beyond all imagining. There is nothing to fear and a whole new reality to gain as you go into your heart of hearts and claim the Love that you are as a Son or a Daughter of God.

There are bands and bands of angels gathering in the heavens and even stepping into the Earth at the ready to lead the way, to serve as beacons of Love and Light as the time of the Great Awakening approaches and is made manifest.

As we have said in past, each person upon the Earth has the right of free will choice which is not judged. All are loved equally by Mother-Father God. Those who make choices based upon the illusion and habits to which they cling have that right to remain upon an Earth where darkness, violence, chaos, and confusion reign. Those who are ready to choose and co-create a planet where Love, Light, Joy, and Compassion reign will step into the Light, guided by God’s angels and servants of the Light.

This is the time, the year that you have been waiting for. It is a time when those who choose Love will be gathered together in the heart of the Creator to claim all that they are, all the gifts that are their divine heritage as children of the Goddess.

So fear not. Know that Love is the answer. Know that you are everything you need to be, everything you long to be, and that that truth will set you free. The choice for Love through every free will choice and opportunity will set you free. Love is the answer to every question.

Claiming the love that you are will open your heart to the stars and to the reality that you are a shining star, a twinkle in God’s eye, a sparkle in the Goddess’s heart. This gift of the Great Awakening is always offered to each and every soul who chooses Love. So go within your heart of hearts and claim the truth that you are Love. That you can, and deserve to, live a life of joy upon a planet that has as its foundation Love, Peace, and Joy. With each decision, make that choice and take that action that fills your heart with Love, that brings joy to your heart.

You, and only you, know your true path of joy. Choose according to that truth within your heart. Choose to live every moment of your life in gratitude for your precious gift of life which you have received as a spark of the Creator.

Treat yourself and all others with the care and love of one who knows herself to be a precious drop in the Ocean of Love that Goddess is. Choose to see the Love of God reflected in your own eyes and in your heart, and in the eyes and the heart of every living thing. Know that you are loved and guided each step of the way upon this path home to the heart of God, home into your own heart which is within the heart of the Creator.

The time that you have hoped for and dreamed of and that you have been waiting for is upon us. Follow your dreams and follow your heart. Follow the path of Light which awaits you that leads to a new beginning, a New Earth created upon the foundation of Love, the Love of All That Is.

All of the heavens and angels and servants of the Light are standing by to assist you in the Great Awakening as you choose to claim the truth of who you are as children of, and co-creators with The Goddess. You can live in heaven upon Earth as you realize that heaven exists within your own heart, created as you choose Love and claim the Love that you are as a part of the Flame, the Light and the Love, that the Creator is.

See each challenge that lies ahead as a blessing and an opportunity to open your eyes, your spiritual eyes, and your heart to the Love that you are as a child of God. Gratitude is the key to claiming the Love and the Joy that you are as a co-creator with Mother-Father God.

We are with you always… I, Teran, and my band of angels, here with outstretched hands to help lead you into the Light of who you already are. We are honored to guide you, serve you, and love you at this momentous time of the fulfillment of the Promise and claiming all that you are, all that you can be as a divine child of God.


Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.