Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2017.

Blessings, dear one. And we are honored to come forth during this very sacred time of celebration of Unconditional Love and this time of honoring and celebrating our Brother Jesus and the Christ Spirit, and the celebration of the manifestation of the Christ Spirit in the physical form as the man known as Jesus.

As you know, the Christ Spirit, the Spirit of Unconditional Love, has manifested many other times in the Earth plane to bring the Creator’s message of Love and Oneness to many, in many different forms. The message is the same, while the messengers have many different faces and names. For Love is the message that touches the hearts and spirits of many different peoples in many places all over the world.

It matters not if one believes that the man Jesus walked the Earth bringing the Creator’s message of Love, Light, Truth, and Oneness. And it matters not if one is not familiar with Buddha, Mohammed, Amelius, or Jesus. What matters is the Truth that the gift of Love comes to all of humankind and all manner of forms in many different realities. What matters is that the sons and daughters of God know that they are Love, that they are created by God/Goddess in Love, out of Love, and to be blessed by the Love that they are as a part of the heart of the Creator.

All of life as created by Mother-Father God has the gift of free will, has the gift of life and Light, and has the gift of intelligence, though that intelligence may not be known or understood by other forms of Light throughout all of creation. The core essence of all of life is Unconditional Love. Each form of life is a spark of the Creator, a facet of the crystal of Light, Love, Joy, and Peace which is the Creator.

All of life is created as the heart of God/Goddess expands Her Love into infinite forms. This crystal of Love which is the Creator is ever expanding, contracting, and creating. Everything that is created has as its core the Flame of Love which is the Creator. All intelligent life is created with the inherent right of free will choice and the gift of co-creation. The most important aspect of this truth to understand is that all of life, every aspect of the jewels of the Crown of the Creator, is all from that source of all of life, All That Is, and is like a drop of water in the Ocean of Life which is the Creator of All.

Each spark of life is part of the Oneness of the Flame of All That Is. And each spark of the Creator’s Love is honored, loved, and blessed equally as a part of the One Heart of God/Goddess. All forms of life and intelligence and co-creation are honored as a part of the Oneness and are connected. All is Mana, Life Force, the energy of all of life, a part of the Creator. All are connected in Oneness with Love, as all of life is created in and from Love. Each spark of life is a precious part of the Love which is Mother-Father God.

I, Teran, and my band of angels, while we exist in all realms and all realities as a part of the Love of God, connected with all of life in all forms, are especially blessed to focus our love, our guidance, our wisdom, our gifts of Love upon those of you living upon, within, and around Mother Earth at this very sacred, very magnificent time upon the planet – the time of the Promise, the Great Awakening, and co-creation of the New World, or the New Earth.

As has been spoken of many times by us and others, the Great Awakening is that opportunity for all souls upon, around, and about Mother Earth, whether in physical body or spirit form, to claim their inherent rights as children of God, of accepting the truth of their Oneness with the Creator and all of life. It is that time when through the Creator’s gift of free will choice, all of humankind and those who have lived upon the Earth and are now in spirit form, may choose to accept the fullness of their gifts from the Creator and the knowing that they are a part of Mother-Father God as His children.

The Promise specifically speaks to that promise made by the Christ Spirit in the form of Jesus the man, that He would return once again in physical form upon the Earth to lead those who so choose, into the light of Love, home into the heart of the Creator which dwells within their own heart of hearts as a part of the Spirit of Love, from which they have never been separated.

But one may choose to, or choose not to, accept this truth and the experience of conscious awakening of Oneness with God and all of life as a part of the Great Awakening. One need not believe in Jesus or desire to follow the man known as Jesus, embodying the Christ Spirit, to be a part of the Great Awakening. All that is required is the desire to claim the Love within as a part of the Creator and the desire to claim all of the inherent gifts as a part of the Love that is the Creator. Claiming or desiring to claim the Love of the Creator and the desire to be Love, act in and out of Love, and choose Love are the only requirements of accepting the fullness of the Love of one’s spirit as a son or a daughter of God.

Those who choose to follow Jesus as an embodiment of the Creator’s Love, as the Son of God, will be so blessed through the fulfillment of His Promise to return to Mother Earth to lead the way into the Light, into the heart of God. The Creator is Love. Jesus has chosen to be the embodiment of the Christ Spirit, which is Love. Each man, woman, child, and every form of life is Love, created by Love, All That Is.

It is a glorious time upon and about the Earth, and this sacred day, the day of the Winter Solstice, is a sacred time when the Light within, if one so chooses, and the light reflected without in the Earth plane, begin their journey into the fullness of the Light. As this light grows, you are given as a part of the coming Promise and Great Awakening, the opportunity to claim the fullness of the Light and the Love that you are as a part of the heart of the Creator, as a child of God, created of and by the Love which is the Creator.

So as the time of the celebration of the birth of Jesus approaches, celebrate His life and all that means to you, or celebrate Love in any form you choose. Celebrate your life as a son or a daughter of God, celebrate this unique and glorious time of the opportunity to choose the Love that you truly are as a drop in the ocean of Love that God is.

Open your hearts to the special blessings of Love that are being offered now at this sacred time. Open your hearts to yourselves, to each other, and to all of life in Oneness and as a part of the One Heart of the Goddess.

We, Teran and my band of angels, and legions and legions of angels and spirits of Love and Light, in infinite forms are singing our Love, your Love, and the Love of the Creator into your hearts and minds in joyous celebration of this Season of Love and the Return of the Light, in whatever form you choose to accept this Love, Light, Joy, and Peace which is the Creator.

Shalom, and may the blessings of the Christ and every form of Love be yours as you open your hearts to accept these gifts from Mother-Father God, the Spirit of Love and Creation.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

And so be it.