December 11th, 2017.

Blessings, daughter of the Light. Yes, what you are feeling is a Wave of Light being brought in to prepare for, and assist in, the Great Awakening. This Wave of Light is being brought in specifically by the Elders, those spirits of Love & Light who have much experience and knowledge of life in the Earth, having served on the planet through many lifetimes, and who now serve at the side of the Creator specifically to assist those in and about the Earth.

The Elders are able to walk in the Earth in spirit form to assist in certain works. Their love and their dedication to Mother Earth and all of life upon her is sacrosanct. Their familiarity with life upon the Earth is especially helpful when assisting those upon the planet who need special assistance with moving through the mass mind consciousness to gain the clarity that they need in preparation for important decisions and choices related to their divine soul blueprint at this momentous time of the Great Awakening upon the Earth.

As you know, there have been many Waves of Light entering into the Earth for quite a while now to assist especially those who are preparing the way for this ascension of Mother Earth and all of life upon her who choose to leave behind those things, those ways of being, those illusions in the Earth which do not support the Creator’s gifts of Love, Joy, and Peace. While all have free will choice, those who choose to co-create the New Earth will be assisted in this ascension, leaving the 3rd dimensional Earth and all those who choose to stay amidst the darkness, the illusion, the violence, the competition, the greed, and all those things that do not support a planet of Peace, Joy, Hope, Light, Unconditional Love, and Oneness.

You and those reading or hearing this message have opened your hearts to the truth of who you are as Sons and Daughters of God, have opened your hearts to the truth of Oneness and connection with all of life as sparks of the Creator. Through your inherent gifts of co-creation and free will choice, you have chosen to leave behind the darkness and illusion so rampant upon Mother Earth now to assist in creating a New World, the New Earth where life is based upon cooperation, compassion, joy, and peace, where all are connected heart to heart by Love and their knowledge of their divine nature as children of God.

So this Wave of Light is felt by many who have so chosen, and affects all upon the Earth, but most specifically those of you who have dedicated yourselves to serve the Light and Mother-Father God. This Wave of Light of 12/12 will assist in catapulting those of you who have dedicatedly done your work, faced your shadows and illusions, and left the energies that no longer serve you and truth, behind.

This Wave of Light, lovingly brought to you by many in the heavenly realms, most particularly the Elders, will assist in all this clearing, cleansing, and purification that you have willingly been about – a final sweep, so to say, of those beliefs that no longer serve you and no longer have any place in your energy fields, have no place in the humans upon the New Earth.

So congratulate yourselves for all your hard work and dedication, for opening your hearts to the Love that you are as a part of the Creator, for opening your hearts to the Truth of Oneness with all of life, and take a deep breath, a deep sigh of relief as you move ahead into the Light of what can be upon this New Earth, of what can be claimed as children of God who have chosen to walk upon the path of Light, that path offered and guided by the Creator Herself, assisted by Her army of Light soldiers bringing in so much Love and Light that the darkness, the illusion, is either touched and accepts the Light, or retreats through its free will choice to continue to inhabit the planet where darkness and illusion rule.

While one may choose not to move forward and ascend with the New Earth, this Wave of Light is always offered as one grows through their choices and gains knowledge which leads to the opening of their hearts to who they truly are as children of God. Many of you will assist these who choose to stay upon their present paths as they learn to choose Love and claim their inherent gifts and rights as children of God.

So celebrate this step upon the path of Light, this path which leads to humans claiming fully who they are and choosing to co-create the New Earth for which they long – one where love, not fear… true joy, not sorrow… abundance, not lack… peace and cooperation, not violence.. Oneness with all living things, not separation rule, providing the foundation of life.

I, Teran, and my band of angels are here to assist as you open your hearts to receive these gifts, these Waves of Light and Love brought to you directly to assist you in this Great Awakening. There is nothing to fear. Know that you are loved, that you are guided every step of the way. Know that all is in divine order.

Celebrate these blessings and those that await you as you choose Love with each and every decision and each and every step upon your path of Light. Know that you know. Know that you are guided by the wisdom and Love within your own hearts as Children of God.

Special greetings of Love to you from the Elders and those who bring you this gift of Love, this gift of Light, this gift of opening your hearts to the truth of who you truly are as jewels upon the crown of the Creator, the diamond crystal of Love, Light, Joy, and Peace more brilliant than you are able to imagine.

You are Love, you are Light, you are Peace, you are Joy. Believe it. Know it. Claim it. Live it.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Thank you for having the courage to stay the course and co-create the New Earth that you imagine and for which you long, for which you have so diligently worked and prepared for by choosing Love.