March 2nd, 2017

Blessings. We are honored to join you this day as you serve as the Voice of Oneness, serve as our voice as we, Teran and my band of angels, speak to those with open and loving hearts dedicated to serving as channels of Love.

Yes, each and every one of you hearing or reading these words is a channel of Love if you so choose. For each of you is created in Love, of the unconditional Love and Light of the Creator as a part of Her heart, Her energy of Creation, which is Love.

Do you wish to create a world in which Love is the foundation in this world where all are connected as a part of the heart of the Creator? This is what we are here today to say to you… You are all these things as a part of the Creator, Mother-Father God: Love, Light, Joy, Peace, and Compassion. You were created in and by these energies. All these energies lie within your own heart.

If you want to create a world in which love reigns, as the co-creator with All That Is that you are, you have the power to do that now, in this moment. Because now, in this moment, you are all these things that you desire. These energies and this power are not outside of self, to be sought after. They are, in this moment, now and forevermore as a child of God, within your own heart of hearts. How do you unlock these gifts, this power? By acknowledging and claiming these gifts as a co-creator and son or daughter of God/Goddess.

In many today upon Mother Earth, these gifts within your own hearts lie dormant, like a wellspring that is untapped. You yourselves, with the help of the Creator and all of us, His angels, are creating the New Earth and the Great Awakening, through your desire to live in the peace, the joy, and the love for which you yearn. You have simply forgotten that you have the power within to create the world which you long for.

The Goddess has given you the gift of free will choice to explore your own powers of co-creation, and as you have explored this gift, many of you have forgotten your origins as children of God with the power to create an existence without war, without violence, without hatred. So many have forgotten the truth that we are all Love, all connected as One with all of life – every stone, every tree, every bird, every animal, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, Mother Earth, the Sky, Grandmother Ocean, the land, all the elements, and everything which is filled with the spirit of the Creator. And that is all things. For all is created from Love, which is Mother-Father God.

The easiest and most direct way to tap into the power of creation which all have as a God-given gift from the Creator, is to go within your heart of hearts each and every day to connect with these eternal gifts. Know that you literally are within the heart of the Creator. Acknowledge and claim that you are a co-creator with the power to create the world which you long for through your free will choice. Believe, have the faith, that through each choice made in love, for love, and out of love, you will reflect, thus creating, a world without that is a creation based on these choices of love. The love, the peace, the joy that you long for is not outside of self, in any other person, place, or thing. It is within your own heart.

Are you willing to go within your own heart to claim this truth and to claim this power of co-creation? Are you willing to go within your own heart to find the answers which lie within your own heart as a part of the Creator? Are you willing to live a life of joy based upon the truth that you will find within your own heart?

Are you willing to appreciate your life as the magnificent and precious gift that it is? Are you willing to see each experience as a gift of learning and wisdom? Are you willing to take responsibility for choosing a path that brings you joy as you journey on your path of life upon Mother Earth?

You are so loved by the Creator, by me, Teran, and all of the Creator’s angels, and by all of life which you are in relationship with. Feel our presence, feel our love. Know that we are here, by your side and within your heart to help guide you, to help show you the Light when you are struggling, trying to find your way in the darkness. Call upon us. We are here, and you will feel our presence and hear and know our guidance if you need our help and reach out to us.

There are legions and legions of angels poised and dedicated to serving Mother Earth, all of humanity, and all of life upon her at this time of the dawning of the Promise and the Great Awakening and the creation of the New Earth. Everything that you desire, a planet based on peace, love, compassion, truth, and joy is possible through your own choices based on the love that resides within your own heart. Follow your heart to be the love that you desire, to create the planet of peace which you desire to create.

You are loved, you are guided, you are blessed by the unconditional Love and Light of the Creator, which you yourselves are as His children. The time approaches quickly when you will be given a choice. Do you choose to awaken to the truth and beauty of your spirit as a part of the heart of the Creator? Open your heart to the love that you are.

Forgive yourself for everything you have imagined is unforgivable. Love yourself as the Creator loves you, without judgment, without criticism, without boundaries. Release all belief that you are not perfect just as you are. Release the illusion that you do not deserve love, joy, and the blessings that are always offered to you as a son or a daughter of God/Goddess.

Embrace yourself wholeheartedly. Shower yourself with love, kindness, and compassion. Accept yourself and all your past actions unconditionally, with the understanding that there are no mistakes, only the blessing of greater wisdom. In this way will you claim the truth of who you are and your power as a co-creator with All That Is.

Be grateful for all that you are and have, even the challenges and difficult times. They provide the polishing of your spirit, allowing your light to shine as the radiating facet of Love that you are as a part of the crystal of Love and Light which the Creator is.

I, Teran, and my band of angels are here to remind you of these truths. We are here to join our hearts and our voices together with yours, as the Voice of Oneness. Sing your song of Love. Sing your song of Joy, sing your song of Peace. The key to allowing your heart to sing is listening to your heart and answering what your heart tells you it needs for its own joy.

Thank you for allowing us to come forward and speak to you, together as one heart and one voice, the Voice of Oneness.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

May you dwell in the Peace within your own heart of hearts this day, always, and forevermore.