“It is a tremendous time of learning and wisdom. It is a time when issues are being forced. Civilization cannot continue without cooperation and a spirit of love rather than competition and violence. It is a time when the very existence of the species is in danger unless cooperation, love, and peace are put into play. For if these changes are not made, the planet and humankind cannot continue to exist. It is a time when peaceful co-existence must rule in order to sustain life on Earth. It is a time when choices and decisions must not be based on just individual freedom, but on the good of all, as in a colony of bees. The life of the hive is based on ensuring that life continues in such a way to nourish the kingdom, the colony. Each bee plays a part in ensuring the health of the whole community, the health and functioning of the colony…

“This is the time that each and every soul is being asked to look within the heart to discover the love, acknowledge the love,and live the love that God is. For we are all of one heart, the heart of God. And it is that time of discovery; it is that time of claiming; it is that time for preparing each and every heart to claim this truth and this love. It is the time to live the love that you are and to set the example of a life lived in truth, in light, and in love.”

-from “Keys for Creating Your Life, Volume 2” by Teran with Sulara