April 13th, 2017

Greetings! And we are happy to come forth at this time to bring our message of love, support, and encouragement this day in the spirit of Love and Oneness and Joy. Thank you for serving as our voice, the Voice of Oneness.

As you are feeling, the energies are building – the energies of change, the energies of the shift which approaches, the energies of the Promise, the New Earth, and the Great Awakening. Many are now awakening, or on the verge of awakening to the truth of existence, to the realization that all upon Mother Earth are children of the Creator, created in Her image, which simply means that each of you has received the gift of Life as a co-creator with free will choice.

There are so many who do not take responsibility for their choices and the result, the consequences, of those choices. Many blame others, project their own fears and failures upon others. There are those who feel that they are victims, that they have no choice, that they are not responsible for the reality of their lives and the world which they have co-created with others. They make choices based on fear, which blinds them to the truth and the light. It seems that they have lost the connection to their own hearts and to Source.

They have lost their way. But no one is truly lost. We are always connected to Source, even if we are not aware of it or acknowledge it. In each and every moment, there is the opportunity to see through eyes of Love, to make choices based on Love and the truth that we are all One, created in the Love of All That Is, Father-Mother God. There are coming many opportunities for those who have lost their way, have forgotten the truth of their creation as a part of All That Is, who have forgotten that the source, the substance, the energy of all of life is Love. We are all a part of the Creator. We are all One, all blessed with the opportunity to create a life and a planet based on choices of Love, Joy, Peace, and Compassion, which is reflected outward into the world as a result of those choices.

You who are reading or hearing these words have been attracted to our messages because you are aware of these truths. You have not forgotten your divine inheritance. Our reminders, the truth that we bring to you, are serving to open your hearts more fully to these truths which have been veiled at times as a result of your journeys into the third dimensional reality, which you have chosen in order to explore the nature of your co-creativity. This is the gift which the Creator has granted through giving you life – the ability to explore fully your gifts of free will choice and co-creativity.

All roads eventually lead Home, into the heart of God. As a son or daughter of God, you have the freedom to create your life and your reality as an artist creates from a palette of infinite colors and materials, onto a blank canvas. But is it truly a blank canvas? While in each incarnation you have the opportunity to create anew, you bring with you old programming, old memories, old beliefs from other lifetimes which do color that canvas. So before you even begin, you are painting through veils, or layers of illusion that have been brought forward into this present reality, this journey here upon Mother Earth.

This present moment upon the planet is that time which has been foretold, when all of your incarnations are converging into this present moment to afford you the opportunity to truly begin anew, fresh and clean, free from that baggage, those illusions, those veils which have hidden the truth of your divine nature as a child of God. Those of you who have chosen this lifetime to take advantage of this gift, this opportunity presented by the Goddess Herself, have been experiencing those emotions, those shadows which have hidden the true light of your divine soul, your divine heritage.

As you find yourself overwhelmed, overreacting to experiences in the Earth with emotions that seems out of proportion, know that those old shadows and illusions which have been buried for sometimes what you would term eons, through many lifetimes, are coming to the surface to be cleared so that the truth and the purity of your spirit can be revealed, honored, and freed. You are being given, through your own choices based on love, the blessing of God’s grace. That grace is the gift of seeing those truths which you have been blind to as a result of these burdens, this baggage which is being brought forward.

This is the time when all is being brought into the light to be seen through eyes of love, light, truth, and clarity. And through your acknowledgement, forgiveness, courage, and choices to release these energies that no longer serve your highest and greatest good, you are being given a clean slate, a clean canvas upon which to create a life based on the gifts which are your divine inheritance from the Creator.

Events that lie ahead will bring the opportunity for many to see with clarity the truth that all are created in Love and that all are co-creators with the Divine, with the responsibility of free will choice and co-creation of their lives and the creation of the consciousness that is reflected outward into the Earth.

None are judged, all are loved equally by the Creator and the guides and angels who are assisting at this time of the Great Awakening. As we have said, all roads lead home to the heart of the Creator. Those who choose to make choices based on fear and illusion are always afforded the right of free will choice and the opportunity to see through eyes of love and choose the path of love. Those who choose darkness, fear, and violence are loved no less. And they are never truly lost. They may have strayed from the path of love and light, but they are always a part of the heart of God, possessing that Flame of Love which may be dimmed or fanned by their choices. The opportunity to choose love always remains, and one may always step upon that path of Light, Love, Hope, and Joy if they so choose.

We are here with you today to tell you that great blessings await you, as you have chosen to acknowledge the truth of your divine heritage, your Oneness with the Creator and all of life. You, as a part of the Promise and the Great Awakening, will be given the gift of the Goddess’s grace as she calls out to you, all of Her children, to follow the Love, the Light, the Hope, and the Joy within your own hearts, to begin anew, to create a reality based upon acknowledging the truth of your existence as a co-creator with the Divine, by claiming the Love that you are.

This is a special and a sacred time to many upon the Earth who celebrate the man Jesus as he demonstrated the power of Love and the truth that there is no death. The spirit lives on eternally, as a part of the heart of the Creator. There is no death, simply the transition into other forms. The spirit is eternal, as is the Creator, as is all of life. All of life is One, all of life is a part of the heart of the Goddess. Love never dies.

For those of you who celebrate the man Jesus and the gifts that He brought into the Earth and who celebrate Easter as a special and sacred time, we ask you to open your hearts to the special gifts and blessings that this time of celebration brings to you through the Christ Spirit. This is a time when the grace of God is being brought not only to those who celebrate Love in the form of the man known as Jesus, but to all who choose to follow their hearts and make choices based on love, for love, and through love.

All are being brought at this time the opportunity to release the burdens that have been weighing them down, which will allow your spirits the freedom to fly, the freedom to claim more fully the gifts of Love, Light, Joy, and Peace that are yours as a child of God, no matter what your beliefs.

As you choose to claim the truth of your Love and Light as a creation of and a co-creator with All That Is, so shall your hearts be opened to blessings beyond your present comprehension and belief. I, Teran, and my band of angels are here with you now, at this sacred time and always, to hold your hand, to help lead the way from the darkness into the light as you claim the truth of your divine heritage and the Love that you are.

Hey Ho See, we are One.

Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.