June 4th, 2017

Blessings, and good day! Yes, the energies are escalating – both the light and the dark. And as you have experienced, more souls are crossing over from the Earth plane to these realms to serve from this side of the veil.

God is calling some of His angels home to serve at His side from the heavens, with the angelic host, along with the Light workers there on Mother Earth to prepare the way for the blessings that are rapidly approaching and being brought into the Earth to assist all those souls who are choosing, and will choose, to claim the gifts which the Creator has always offered to His children, but are now being offered in a way that has never occurred before on the planet.

For what is and will be offered is a mass exodus from the darkness which has been so prevalent upon Mother Earth for so very long as the children of Goddess have forgotten their true natures as angelic beings who have never left the Creator’s side, but have chosen to explore their gifts of co-creativity and free will choice upon the planet Earth.

For Mother Earth has always been, and continues to be, a classroom of accelerated learning, a way for souls to grow in their acceptance of their true natures by leaps and bounds if they so choose. Life in the Earth is a classroom and a playground for existential growth and learning. Goddess has allowed Her children complete freedom in their exploration as spirits always connected, never truly lost or denied access to their connection to the Divine. However, so many have become lost in the drama, losing their clear sight and perspective of themselves as spirits, facets of the jewel of Love that the Creator is, having a human experience yet aware of their divine connection and inheritance.

As we have said before, Laarkmaa, part of our team of Light, likes to say that even the dark serves the light. For as the dark rears its (what some may say, ugly) head, the light becomes more obvious and shines more brightly. There is so much darkness – acts of violence, greed, fear, and heinous actions of all kinds – that only the least awake spirits are not being spurred to actions that counteract these atrocities. Thus, even the dark serves the light.

And not only there, on Mother Earth, but in the realms just above the Earth, where many “lost” souls reside, fingers of light are reaching those souls who have been stuck sometimes for eons of Earth time and who have been actively fighting to preserve their ignorance and habits which feed the darkness.

Even these souls that have been the vanguard of the darkness are being touched more and more by the light and are opening to the opportunities that are being presented to them by the Light workers, both in the Earth and in these realms, to give up the fight, to surrender to what their hearts truly desire. They have denied themselves through fear and belief in the illusions that have tethered them to the darkness.

Yes, the Great Awakening is affecting all realms and may even be termed a “Renaissance of the Light,” a return to that pure state in which humanity began their journeys into the Earth and other realms to explore and expand their gifts of free will choice and co-creation. Renaissance: a renewal, a remembering at the core of their spirits and their hearts, the truth of their divine natures as children of Goddess.

All roads lead home to the heart of the Creator. As so many have explored the darkness to their hearts’ content, and ultimately what they have determined to be dissatisfaction, so many souls have decided and are deciding to return home to the truth of their divinity as facets of the jewel of the Creator, which is Love.

Yes, what lies ahead is a mass exodus from the darkness into the Light, into the truth of humankind’s beginnings as angels of the Light, serving at the Creator’s side. Each and every soul upon the Earth remains a spirit of Love, Light, Joy, Peace, and Compassion with the freedom to return to God’s side, at One with that Love which is the true source of their lives and their creation.

All are in preparation, there in the Earth as you experience events to open your eyes and your hearts to this truth of your angelic source, and here in the heavens, as we prepare the way for waves upon waves of Love and Hope that are being offered to humankind through God’s grace.

You yourselves have asked for this, tired of the fear, violence, and illusion which have become so commonplace, so prevalent, upon the Earth. So many hearts are opening to the truth, as the light within these hearts is seeking and demanding to live in the reflection of truth within their hearts, which is Love, which is Light, which is Joy, which is Peace.

All have the choice to be done with their explorations and expansion of darkness, and have the power to choose what is their divine, inalienable right as co-creators and children of God. The heavens are rejoicing, singing as they help prepare the way for this mass claiming, the mass acceptance of this divine gift of Grace from All That Is. None who choose to claim the Love that they are will be left behind.

All who choose to remain in darkness, fear, and illusion will be honored and not judged. Isn’t President Trump doing an excellent job of being an example of one who is lost in illusion and serves fear and ignorance? He is a catalyst for the Light; he is playing his part, proving that even the darkness serves the Light – an Academy Award-winning performance. So rather than vilify and judge – yes, while yet continuing to be spurred to action to support Light and Love, find it in yourself to see with the eyes of the eagle and be grateful to this soul who is playing his part to ultimately serve the Light and open the eyes of many who have been lost in illusion, to the truth of their divine heritage.

Think not for one moment that all is lost for humanity and Mother Earth. Trust in the perfection of the Universe and in the events which are leading the way back home for so many to the Light, to the core of their own hearts as part of the heart of the Creator.

Act out of Love, for Love, in Love with every choice you make, without judgment, but knowing that all is unfolding exactly as is needed for the Great Awakening, this Renaissance, this return to our true heritage as angels, as a part of Mother-Father God. The return to Love, Light, Hope, and Joy – to the freedom and beauty which is yours, which is offered to all who claim the truth of who they are as brilliant sparks of the Creator’s goodness, Light, and Love.

“Judge not, lest ye be judged.” But find shelter from the storm as the darkness fights to remain in ignorance and illusion. Find refuge within the peace of your own heart of hearts. Go within and dwell in the heart of the Creator. Find sustenance, peace, and joy within the heart of the Goddess, which is within your own heart.

Your heart, your mind, your soul are all part of the Love from which all of life is created. Nourish every part of self which expands this Love. Be kind, gentle, compassionate and loving to self, all others, and all of life as part of the Oneness, the precious gift of life which is yours as a co-creator with All That Is.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Live your life with passion and with joy in the awareness of this Divine Truth.

May peace prevail in each and every heart, reflecting and creating the reality and life of Love upon the New Earth which you desire and deserve. And so be it.

I, Teran, and my band of angels continue to serve at your side during this Great Awakening, this Renaissance of Love.