August 3rd, 2017

Blessings, and we return to this work with you. It has been, and continues to be, an intense time as the energies continue to build, with the added assistance of the coming eclipse energies. These energies are going to help move events upon your planet towards the shift, the change that has been requested in so many minds and hearts.

This turmoil cannot continue indefinitely, but there comes a point wherein those energies which are not in alignment with the good health of the planet and all those upon her must implode on themselves, so to speak. Mother Earth will shake and rattle; there will be burning and flooding and upheavals all across the globe in those places that are not supporting the honoring and blessing of Mother Earth and all of life.

There comes a breaking point in the abuse that Mother Earth will accept and reflect as hearts and minds need to be opened to the truth that Love is the answer. The violence, greed, competition, and fear breed only chaos, violence, and destruction. There comes a point, very soon now, when these changes will be brought in order to effect the change that is needed and so longed for.

Those who are guided by Love and their own hearts have nothing to fear. You will be safe, you will be protected. While you may be inconvenienced as these changes occur, follow your hearts and your guidance, and all will be well. For those whose hearts and minds refuse to be opened to the truth of Oneness with all living things, there will be chaos, hardship, destruction, challenge, and the opportunity to leave the planet to begin again as the lessons have not been learned or heeded. All are given the same opportunities to choose Love over fear, kindness and compassion over violence, truth and justice over dishonesty, and Oneness over separation and competition.

There is a great gathering in the heavens of those of the Light, at the ready to serve all of those whose armor is cracked by the coming events and to serve all those who choose the Light over darkness. There will be a split, a great rent in the heavens, an energetic earthquake, so to speak. And those who choose the darkness will no longer be able to continue to abuse and defile Mother Earth and all of life upon her.

Those who choose Love will be called into the Light and a new reality upon the New Earth, one in which Love, compassion, peace, and joy fill the heart and rule the New Earth.

What can you do to be prepared? Go into your heart, where the only true peace and safety abide. Love yourself, blessing yourself with all the love and kindness that you deserve as a child of the Goddess, created in Her image. Open your heart, mind, and soul to receive the gifts that are offered and needed to move forward into this new reality based on Unconditional Love and the understanding of Oneness, the interrelationship of all of life, where cooperation, Love, compassion, and unity are the new foundation for the New World. Know that you are responsible only for yourself and your joy, treating self and others and all of life with care, kindness, honor, and respect.

These upcoming celestial events bring the energy of change, much needed change which is necessary to create the reality for which you long. Be strong, and gather with your spiritual families to wait out the storms, strong in your unity, supporting a New World founded on the choice for Love. Love heals all things and is the answer to every question. Know that you have the strength, the courage, and the angelic support to move through these events and these changes, protected and safe from the storms.

The Love of the Creator within your hearts is the safe harbor. Your choice to live a life based on Love, peace, Oneness with all of life, truth, honesty, cooperation, and compassion light the way into the New Earth. We here in the heavens are at your side and in your hearts, sharing this journey with you as your guides to the New Earth and to that shift into a new existence. There will also be many on the Earth guiding you, supporting you, reassuring you, and serving as beacons of Light. You are and will be guided and protected.

Know that you have chosen to be a part of this Great Awakening, and it is to be looked forward to with an attitude of joyful anticipation and celebration – nothing to be feared. The more you connect with the Love, the peace, and the joy within your own hearts, the smoother will be the sailing into the New World which you yourselves have asked for and are assisting in creating.

Stand together as One Heart, unified by your choice to be Love, act in Love, seeing these events through eyes of Love and knowing that all is perfect and in alignment with the highest and best for each one, dictated through your free will choices. You may choose freedom and fly on the wings of the Creator’s Love, or you may choose to remain with the familiar. There is no judgment, there is no right or wrong.

Embrace yourself, fill and surround yourself with the Love that you are as a son or a daughter of the Creator. So many gifts and blessings lie ahead for those who choose to release fear and move ahead in faith of the perfection of the events that will separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

Along with our presence, our Love, and guidance through the events ahead, know that all of Nature and all of the elements are supporting you, loving you, and showing you the way. Listen to the song of the wind, the melody of the sweet song of your feathered friends as Mother Earth and all of life upon her join you in Oneness at this magnificent time of the Great Awakening.

All of life is supporting you for your choice to claim who you truly are, co-creators with God/Goddess. All of life is rejoicing and celebrating this opportunity to be as you were created to be, at one with All That Is, at one with Love, joy, and peace which is your inherent right as a child of God. For that Love, that joy, that peace, that heaven for which you long all reside within your own heart. You have only to claim this truth to make the world which you desire a reality.

We are with you on this magnificent journey of Love and Oneness, of claiming all that you are as a co-creator with Mother-Father God. Have no fear and be of good cheer. ReJOYce that the time of the creation of the New Earth is here, just around the corner. All that you have to do is choose Love.

We will continue to be your Voice of Oneness, supporting and loving you and guiding you from the darkness into the Light of your own heart, the heart of God. And so it is.

Hey Ho See, we are One, Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.

Go into that place of peace within your own heart with faith and joy, and it will be smooth sailing into the New Earth, where your spirit will soar upon the wings of Love.