One of my daily rituals at the beach (ever since it was suggested in a journey for me with Genesis) is to breathe in mana and breathe out everything that no longer serves me into Grandmother Ocean.

I share the following wonderful meditation I read recently in Anthony Williams’ amazing book “Medical Medium”:

“As you sit, stand, or walk on the beach, envision every wave as a surge of soul-cleansing energy. When a wave comes in, imagine it bathing any war wounds and scrubbing loose any damaging emotions or thoughts. As the wave recedes, watch it take away all those impurities. With each new wave, let yourself be cleansed of poisonous memories, injuries from past lives, and stains on the soul. See them all wash out to sea. When you feel purified, let each new wave bring strength and renewal to your spirit and soul.

For added benefit, call upon the Angel of the Ocean. She’ll help put you in the best frame of mind for the meditation to have maximum effect.

You can also benefit from wading. Understand that any natural water source – be it a lake, a river, a stream, the ocean – is alive. It has a breath to it, as well as a will and a spirit. When you step into living water, envision the things you want to come true in your life.”

Sending you all this day much love from Maui and the blessings of the water and the whales and dolphins!