Blessings. And we are grateful to be called upon to assist in ushering in information concerning the energies of this New Year, 2016. The numbers of this year add up to the number 9, the number of completion. And accordingly, there will be the completion for many, of projects that have been begun previously, the completion of many energies which have been part of dreams and visions which many have been co-creating through their free will choices and through their gifts of co-creation.

For those who so choose, this will be a year of completion for much housekeeping that has been ongoing. By housekeeping, we mean the clearing and cleansing of many energies that no longer serve one’s highest and greatest good. Every event, every experience, every emotion has served specific purpose for you of the human race upon your journey and path upon Mother Earth.

And yet, illusions that have been a necessary part of those journeys and that are no longer useful, need to be released as old baggage which tends to weigh one down as the opportunity to spread your wings and to fly is being brought into the energies upon Mother Earth in this New Year, 2016.

This is the year when many will release layers of illusion that have been preventing clear sight and a clear mind and spirit. Veil upon veil of illusion has been cleared out as shadows from this lifetime as well as parallel lifetimes, or what many in the Earth consider past lifetimes, have been released from the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and brought into the light. As these shadows emerge, many changes will also be felt in the physical, as these illusions are also expressed in the physical body as a result of those emotional experiences that are stored in the physical form as well.

This will be a year of release, and thus a year of greater freedom on all levels for those of you who are on a path of Light, making choices based on Love – love for yourselves, your brothers and sisters, and your planet. As these shadows and illusions are released, there will be a rebirth for many of hope, of joy, of a sense of joyful expectancy.

Yes, the challenges for many will continue as Mother Earth and the forces of Nature assist in opening eyes and hearts. But there will also be changes on many levels in life upon the Earth that will give great hope of the possibility of healing for Mother Earth and all of life upon her.

Outmoded, outdated institutions of ways of being will continue to collapse all over the world, and many who have come to assist with the New World will be coming forward to present a new vision and new possibilities for a better, more peaceful, more loving existence for those in the Earth. It is all shifting in divine order, seemingly slowly to many, but surely. Before the new is created, the destruction of the old must be completed before the reconstruction can begin.

It will be a year of great change and great shifts in consciousness as many awaken to the understanding that all of life is connected – not only upon the Earth, but in the cosmos and in all realms. Many will be awakening to the truth that to change the world, they must be the change. They must learn to love themselves first and foremost. Then they will naturally be able to extend that love to others and to all of life. Many will awaken to the truth that Love is the answer to every question – seeing through eyes of Love, hearing through ears of Love, speaking through the heart with Love.

As all have freedom of choice and free will, the chasm between those choosing love and those choosing fear and violence will widen. Those choosing Love will experience an Earth created through the principles of Love. The reality of those who choose fear and violence will experience an Earth reflective of that choice. There are many parallel realities, and what you choose will be created with others of like mind.

Focus on Love and envision a world of Love, and that reality will become your experience. There is much to be done before Mother Earth becomes the radiating planet of Love which she can be as more and more gather together to create that reality.

That work begins within. Each and every day, go within your heart and sit in the energy of Love which is the Creator. From that place, make your choices for the day based upon your joy and the highest and best actions to create that joy and that peace for which you long. Going within is the key. Looking outside of self for fulfillment is not the answer. That love that you are seeking lies within your heart, as you are a part of the heart of the Creator.

Claim your gifts of co-creation by tapping into this wellspring of Love and go forward each day in the trust and the knowledge that as a son or daughter of God, you are capable of creating the love, the joy, and peace which you seek. Mother-Father God has given you these great gifts of free will and co-creation. The greatest gift that you can give to yourself and all of life and to the Creator is to claim all that you are as a co-creator.

What brings you joy? Know yourself and open to claiming all that you desire through going within your heart of hearts and choosing your actions and creating your life based on that Love that resides within as a part of the heart of the Creator, the flame of Love.

Every choice that is made through Love radiates as light into all of Creation, bringing more light, love, joy, and peace into each heart and into all of existence. For we are all connected. Each choice based on Love that blesses self blesses all others.

So step forward into this New Year with Trust and Hope. The Great Awakening is occurring. The New World is being created by every choice based on Love. The power and light of Love cannot be extinguished. Be a part of the flame, be a part of the creation of the New World. Love, love, love… that is the answer.

We are with you. Legions and legions of angels are gathered to assist you, all of you upon Mother Earth who are opening your eyes and your hearts to the Truth that you are Love. You are loved. You are already everything you want to be. You have only to claim that Sacred Truth as your own truth. You are who you want to be. Don’t look outside of self, but go within to the Love that you already are.

Claim it. Live it. Be it. Don’t be afraid. We are here, supporting you, loving you, encouraging you to step into the full power of who you are as a son or a daughter of God.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love. And so be it.