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Sulara’s Energetic Weather Report & Forecast 9/7/14

Grandmother Moon is working her magic! With the Full Moon happening tomorrow, this reporter woke up feeling “s” waves this morning… energies of softness, sweetness, and serenity. While powerful for her, these waves may be subtle for some. And others may not even notice them, as an approaching full moon is generally known to bring […]

Sulara’s Energetic Weather Report & Forecast Update 8/30/14

Update:  By late last night and early this morning, the storms had moved out of most regions, with conditions of calm, a greater state of balance and ease on all levels, and improved sleep reported by most… Advisory:  To prepare for the next wave of electromagnetic disturbances, the Intergalactic Weather Headquarters advises staying in your […]

Sulara’s Energetic Weather Report & Forecast 8/29/14

Sensitive to energies? Then you might enjoy and even be able to relate to this  Energetic Weather Report:  Intense energies have been coming into the region for the last several days… Resulting in sleepless nights for some, with many sporadic awakenings for others… In spite of lost sleep, many are feeling over energized, along with […]