August 8th, 2020 (the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal)

Blessings, and good day on this very powerful day of the alignment of the star Sirius with Mother Earth and all of life upon her. Many, not just you sensitive ones there on the planet, are feeling the energies of this sacred day, when the light of the star Sirius, which is 20 times greater than that of your Sun, is being showered upon Mother Earth and all of life upon her.

This enLIGHTenment is offered to all those with open hearts who are readying themselves, preparing to step into a new reality, a New Earth where Love is the foundation, where Love prevails in every aspect of life upon Mother Earth. All of those who are choosing to ascend with the planet are being aligned with certain codes and activations to assist in the Great Awakening and in the ascension which is to take place for all those who choose Love, for all those who choose to step out of the illusion, the fear, the chaos, and the violence that has become so prevalent upon your beloved Mother Earth.

It is a choice and an opportunity to see beyond the veils and to see beyond the illusion as created and perpetuated by those forces of darkness whose preference is to keep your planet and life upon it from opening to the Light and the truth of your divine heritage, which is a heritage of freedom, power, and co-creation as sons and daughter of the Creator. As you are experiencing and observing all over the Earth, many are rebelling against this control of those in power who would keep the Creator’s children from standing in the power of their own Light.

The light is offered from many sources. The comet that has passed relatively close to your planet recently has brought light to those whose hearts are ready and willing to choose Love and to claim the Love that they are and are ready to reflect that Love into a reality, a New Earth where Love, Truth, Compassion, Kindness, Justice, Unity, Cooperation, and Oneness prevail.

The light of this Lion’s Gate Portal of 8/8/2020 is activating codes, dormant DNA, and doorways to a new reality and a new existence. It is facilitating not only the ascension of Mother Earth, but the ascension of all those who are co-creating this New Earth, this new reality.

Old foundations not based on Love, Oneness, and Unity and doing what is the highest and greatest good for all, are crumbling. Many who have chosen to incarnate upon the Earth at this time are stepping forward to help create the new foundations of Mother Earth based on the Oneness of all of life, blessing Mother Earth and all of life upon her. They are helping to create systems designed to honor and benefit the divine heritage of God’s children and all of life.

Light is pouring forth upon your planet at an accelerated rate to move and destroy the old systems that no longer serve, and often have never served, the Light and the divinity of all of Goddess’s creations. This truly is a turning point for Mother Earth and all of those who are ready and willing to claim their divinity and their divine heritage, their gifts of free will choice and co-creation.

So, as we said, many are feeling the effects of the blessings of this alignment this day, are feeling the huge influx of Light pouring through your atmosphere into your beloved planet and all of life upon it. Changes will be accelerated now with the gift of this Light and the Grace of the Creator which is offered to all those with open hearts and ready to step into the power of their divinity as children of Goddess.

This is a time of celebration in spite of all the challenges and hardships for many upon the planet. It is time to celebrate that the time has come for the Great Awakening and the ascension process, which has already begun and is proceeding at an accelerated rate as a result of these and many other sources of Light being gifted, being brought into your planet.

It truly is a magnificent time to be alive upon Mother Earth as these changes are rapidly proceeding that are leading Mother Earth and all of those who are ready to choose Love and release the illusion, the violence, the fear, and the chaos of the old way of being based upon fear. There is nothing to fear as you take these steps upon your Path of Light, the Path of Ascension and co-creating the New World.

You have chosen to be here, and as you honor the Truth, the Light, and the Love within your heart of hearts, you are being guided and protected through this transition into a rebirth from the darkness into the Light of the truth of who you are as a child of God claiming your divinity and all the gifts that are offered as you choose Love, Joy, and Peace. For you are part of the One Heart, the heart of the Creator. You are loved, honored, protected, and blessed by God’s Grace as you choose to step into the Light at this glorious time of the Great Awakening.

This virus has been part of this opportunity for many to open their hearts to the Love that they are, to open their hearts to kindness and compassion as they are made aware of the Oneness of all of life. It has been a time of choice for those who have decided to leave the planet rather than co-create the New Earth. It has been a choice point for many souls who were undecided. Many have passed, but none are victims. They have made their choices through their own free will. All are given the opportunity to return into the heart of the Creator or to take part in co-creating the New World, where Love is the new reality.

We are honored to be a part of that gathering of spirits who are assisting in bringing in the Light and assisting our brothers and sisters onto the Path of Love and Light. Follow our example of Love, Joy, Peace, and playfulness in spite of what is reflected without. Go into your hearts to connect with the Creator and with this Love, Joy, and Peace that are your divine heritage as children of God.

We are here with you and honored to assist in leading you into the Light of the New World, along with so many others upon the Earth and in other realms who have dedicated themselves to serving the Love and the Light of the Creator and this magnificent and blessed time of the Great Awakening.
Love, laugh, and live in the Joy within your heart of hearts, as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.
And so be it.