Aloha Dear Friends,

Many of you live in Ashland or the Rogue Valley. My thoughts and prayers
have been with you as the fires engulfed
some of your homes or property. At the very least, you have had to
endure living in what the news sources have called
“the worst air on the planet.” I pray that you and your families and
friends are all safe.

Teran and I send our blessings and Love to everyone. May this Message of
Love bring you some peace and hope during these
challenging times.

Sulara & Teran

September 18th, 2020

Blessings, my dear mother, Sulara. It has been a while since we sat together, and I and my band of angels have had the opportunity to bring our Message of Love and Hope into the Earth and to all of your brothers and sisters who have open and willing hearts.

So much has transpired in these last months. The chaos has increased, the challenges have increased; there have been many opportunities and blessings presented to those who are willing to see and hear the Voice of Spirit clearly and to open their hearts to the truth of Love and Oneness, to open to kindness and compassion. For through these challenges, while some have lost their lives and others their property, many have found the spirit of Love and Oneness alive and well within their own hearts and within the hearts of their brothers and sisters.

All have chosen to be present upon Mother Earth at this time for good purpose, for the purpose of connecting and opening to the truth of who they are as children of God, with the blessed gifts of free will choice and co-creation. For all the Creator’s children have been given these gifts as a part of their divine heritage. Yet conditions within the hearts, and these reflected outward into the world, have reached a point that is intolerable to many, intolerable to Mother Earth, and intolerable to an existence in which Love is the foundation and the quality most prevalent on your planet.

The fear, the illusion, the violence, the greed, the competition, the heinous acts of hatred and destruction have become rampant as so many have forgotten the blessings of Love, Peace, and Joy which make up the Flame of Love within each and every heart created by Mother-Father God.

Those of you reading or hearing these words from me, Teran, and my band of angels, have chosen Love, have turned away from the darkness. Yet in Her Love and compassion, Goddess has continued to provide opportunities to those who long to remember their divine heritage, but have lost their way and forgotten their way back home into their hearts and into the heart of the Creator.

As you may have noticed (given with a note of loving humor, as our brother Lama Sing is fond of saying), the energies of darkness and the shadows within the humans are presenting themselves with great, sometimes overwhelming frequency. The darkness and the shadows are coming into the Light to be noticed, acknowledged, blessed, and released as they no longer have a place in the reality that you yourselves are co-creating through the Grace of God and through the assistance of legions and legions of angels in service to the Creator and Her unconditional Love and Light.

The facets of the jewels that each one of you is as a part of the Crown of the Creator are being cleaned and polished as these challenges are being presented and all of life affected is encouraged to go within their heart of hearts to recognize the truth of who they are as children of Goddess and as co-creators with the power and the opportunity to co-create a New World which so many long for.

Before that New Earth is created, all have the opportunity to claim the Love and the divine gifts that are theirs to claim as sons and daughters of Mother-Father God. Soon, those who continue to deny the truth of their divine heritage and of free will choice and co-creation and the truth of their responsibility as a part of the mass mind consciousness which has created this chaos, will be given further opportunity to leave your planet and not take part in the ascension of Mother Earth and her children who choose to claim the Love that they are as a part of the heart of the Creator.

As with your spirits and the spirit of all of creation, their spirits will live on, in different realities that are in alignment with their choices and desires. So, help your brothers and sisters out of your Love and compassion when called upon, but do not mourn their unique free will choices. Know that those who suffer or lose their lives have all chosen such at the level of spirit and as a part of their divine heritage and free will choice as co-creators. Know that they are not judged and that they are loved unconditionally and without judgment by the Creator, just as you are. They will continue to have infinite opportunities to step upon the Path of Light and open their hearts to the truth of who they are as children of Goddess.

As you may be feeling, as these challenges and opportunities have been coming faster and more frequently, they are building a bridge, offering a crossroads to a New Earth, one in which Love and Oneness, cooperation and kindness, compassion, peace, and joy are the reality for those who so choose, or for others, leading to the continuation of life lived in illusion, fear, greed, violence, and competition.

All are given the same opportunities, the same Love by the Creator. All are loved equally as His children. As all continue upon their journeys, they are always given more opportunities to awaken and remember the truth of who they are. You who have chosen Love have a great adventure ahead of you. You who have chosen the Love of the Creator, love for yourselves and all of life in the Oneness of all of life have a magnificent opportunity to co-create and live the life that you have been dreaming about.

As the old way of living and being spirit in these physical bodies dies, like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, you are giving yourselves and Mother Earth a new life upon the New Earth where Love, Truth, Justice, Joy, Hope, Compassion, Unity, and Collaboration abound. Through your choices for Love, you are creating a New World. This chaos, this destruction is part of the preparation for you to rise from the ashes as the New Human, with hearts filled with the divine Love, Light, Joy, and Peace of the Creator.

This is a time of joyous opportunity and Grace unparalleled in all of your history. You, beloveds, as you pass through the fires of transformation and the transition of the time of rebirth, are being blessed beyond measure. As you experience the confusion, chaos, horror, and challenges of the present moment upon your planet, know that the beauty and the light of transformation and transmutation await you just on the other side. The time of the Promise, the Great Awakening, and the transcendence of Mother Earth and all those who so choose await you just ahead.

We, Teran and my band of angels, along with legions and legions of Light Workers and guardian angels are here with you, here to help lead the way from the darkness of your present reality into the Light. We are ever ready, here at your sides, in the spirit of Love and Oneness and service to help show the way into the New World.

Call upon us and know that we are here to assist in any way that we are able to without interfering with your free will or that of anyone else’s. We hear you. We love you. We are connected, heart to heart, in the One Heart of our beloved Mother-Father God.

The pain, the difficulty, the challenges of transition and new birth all lead to the joy, the beauty, and the Love of a New Earth – one in which all are respected, honored, and blessed with the Grace of Goddess beyond your greatest imagining. Know this truth. Claim this truth. Live this truth as the portals to a new reality open to embrace you in unimaginable Love.

Hold this truth and this hope in your hearts as this journey unfolds and leads to the Great Awakening and to the ascension of Mother Earth and all of life upon her who so choose. Feel our Love surrounding you, enfolding you, supporting you upon this magnificent journey of Unconditional Love and Light.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.
Hold Peace, Hope, Joy, Gratitude, and Joyful Expectation deep within your heart of hearts as you step into the Love and the Light of the New World.