Aloha Dear Friends,

May you dwell in peace, with hope and gratitude for all your blessings in spite of the chaos upon the planet during these challenging times. Teran and I send you Love, Laughter, and Liberty.

With Love & Blessings,
Sulara & Teran

July 17th, 2020

Blessings, Dear One. We are here once again to bring our message of Love and of Hope to all those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and an open heart. We bring you truth from our perspective, a perspective which is seen through the eyes of the eagle, a perspective which all the guides and angels in service to the Creator wish to share during these intense times upon your planet, Mother Earth. I, Teran, and my band of angels are honored and blessed to serve you in this way. Our hearts are One, guided by the Unconditional Love and Light of the Creator Herself.

These times upon your planet are unlike any other in your history. You yourselves, as co-creators with Mother-Father God, are at the helm of the Ship of Love, that ship that has as its destination a New World, one based upon a foundation of Love and a return to life upon Mother Earth as it is meant to be – a grand adventure in which Love is at the forefront, serving all who choose to journey into the New Earth in a spirit of Love, Unity, Compassion, Peace, and Joy.

The forces of darkness have been at the helm for far too long. Many have misused their gifts of co-creation as they have forgotten their divine heritage of free will choice and co-creation. The results of so many losing their way are all around you and responsible for the confusion, chaos, turmoil, pain, suffering, and heinous acts of violence based upon greed, competition, and fear upon your planet. So many have lost their way and forgotten the Love with which they were created, forgotten the connection and Oneness of all of life as a part of the One Heart of the Creator.

Each one of you is a jewel fashioned from the Creator’s Love and Light. Your light is meant to sparkle and connect with the light around the Earth, bringing joy, hope, kindness, compassion, peace, and hope to all from which you can journey and explore your divinity as a co-creator. Each of you is a jewel in the crown of the Creator. Each choice that is made from Love enhances your light and allows that light to move through the collective consciousness, connecting hearts through the Love of the Creator.

As so many have forgotten the Love with which they were created and the Love that they are meant to be, a Great Awakening is needed to remind those who have lost their way and forgotten their divine heritage. Events in the Earth have been facilitating the awakening of many to the Love that they are and to the Unity and Oneness with all forms of life upon Mother Earth which they have forgotten.

The times that have been foretold by many are here now. This is a time of opportunity upon your planet for the light within each of you to be revealed in its full splendor. It is the time when the jewels that have been hidden in the crown of the Creator may be washed clean of the illusion, fear, and shadows which have hidden their true light, the truth of the Love that they are as children of Goddess, created in Her image with unimaginable gifts, most of which at this point remain unknown and unopened, but will soon be revealed to those who open their hearts to the Love that they are as gems upon the crown of the Creator.

You are soon to be given an opportunity for these gifts and blessings, through the Grace of God, to be revealed. You have made the choice for Love, and all of God’s children are given the opportunity to choose Love. None are denied the opportunity of Grace which continues to be offered to all who so choose Love, Joy, Compassion, and Hope over illusion, anger, fear, shadow, greed, and competition.

There yet remain opportunities for all to open their hearts to Love. You, yourselves, together with the Creator and Her guardian angels, are leading the way into the Light, a New Earth based upon a foundation of Love, kindness, compassion, truth, and hope. Your choices for Love serve as beacons to those who remain lost in the darkness of their illusion and the illusion which has become so prevalent upon Mother Earth as you know her.

You will soon know a new Mother Earth which you yourselves are creating through your desire to return to the Love that you are as a part of the heart of the Creator. As is your choice, you have the opportunity to ascend, as Mother Earth herself ascends, into the Light and into the truth of who you are as a son or daughter of the Creator.

This Great Awakening and this ascension are opportunities like no other that have been offered to those living upon the Earth. The Elders and legions and legions of angels in service to Mother-Father God are with you all and honored to be a part of this magnificent adventure into claiming who you truly are and into creating a New World in which your spirits are set free to explore your divinity and your co-creations upon a planet whose foundation is Unconditional Love.

Your free will choice for Love blesses you with this opportunity as the Creator blesses you with Her Love and Her Grace, gathering you all into Her heart. None are denied entrance into the heart of the Creator. All are given the choice for Love. All are given the opportunities to shed lifetimes and lifetimes of shadow, illusion, pain, sorrow, and grief. All who so choose are lifted up upon the wings of the Creator to see the truth of who you are as children created in Her image, created in Love, out of Love, and for Love.

We are here with you now as your guides, along with so many poised and waiting to serve at the side of the Creator, to serve all those who choose Love and choose to co-create an existence based upon the Love that you are. We are here now to encourage you to go into your hearts and choose to love yourself as the Creator loves you – unconditionally, without judgment and without reservation. Know that you are perfect just as you are. You need do nothing but choose Love, in alignment with the truth that lies within your own heart as a part of the heart of the Creator.

Release all judgment of yourself and all others as you join together in the spirit of Unity, Cooperation, Love, and Oneness, which is the foundation of the New World and the New Human, the human who has fully accepted the Love that you are. No more competition, only cooperation and collaboration. No more fear, only trust in the truth within your own heart as a jewel upon the crown of the Creator. No more greed, no more violence, only kindness and compassion with the understanding that all of life is One, meant to work together and co-exist in the spirit of Unity, Love, and Oneness as One Heart.

In the New World, each person’s gifts will be honored and used to bless self and all others in community. Mother Earth and all of life upon her will be honored and treasured. Imagine a world where all are honored as a part of the heart of the Creator. Imagine a world where all of life is treated with kindness, compassion, Love, and understanding. Imagine a world where Love rules and all join together for the benefit of all of life. Imagine yourself filled with the Love, the Joy, and the Peace of the Creator. This is a dream, a reality which you yourselves are co-creating through your choices for Love.

Stand strong in your light. Stand in your power, in faith that all is in divine alignment and in divine timing. Know that no matter what is going on around you, you are safe and protected by going within, into your heart of hearts. You are safe and protected in the heart of the Creator. Fill your heart with hope and with joy for the New World which you yourself are offering yourself with the Grace and the blessings of the Creator as a part of the Great Awakening and the creation of the New World.

We are here with you, at your side as you step into the New Earth, as you step into the Love that you are.

Hey Ho See, we are One.
Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.
Walk, in Peace, together as One Heart through your choice for claiming the Love that you are. May peace by yours now and forevermore.