YAY! The first humpback whales of the season have arrived… welcome back! Thank you for the blessings and the magic you bring!


The whales and the dolphins in Grandmother Ocean bring special gifts and blessings. They are helping to hold the energy, to bring in the blessings of greater and greater light and higher consciousness into the hearts, minds, and spirits of all who walk upon Mother Earth. They are the special guardians of Mother Earth, holding the vibration of peace and love for all

Connecting with the spirits of these special creatures allows one to connect with the spirit of love within. For this consciousness of love exists with the heart. It has but to be recognized, acknowledged, claimed, and nourished.
-from “Keys for Creating Your Life” by Teran with Sulara
and “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara

NO HARM – 10/14/15

The most major shift that is occurring is that as one accepts and claims their Oneness with Mother-Father God, All That Is, the Creator, they open to claiming that Love and that co-creativity. This then translates into taking responsibility for expanding that Love through every action, thought, and deed.

One who truly knows himself or herself to be one with the Creator, a part of that divine Love, can no longer treat any other spirit or part of creation with anything but Love and compassion, whether that be a neighbor, Mother Earth, or any of the blessed creations and living things upon the planet. Feeling and knowing oneself to actually be in the heart of the Creator, a living, breathing part of that Love, makes it impossible to harm oneself or any other living thing.
-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara



Grateful that the tsunami which traveled thousands of miles from Chile yesterday touched our shores ever so gently…

Grateful for this morning’s rainbow…

Grateful for my life, Creator, and so much more…


“Know that while there are tumultuous times ahead, there is nothing to fear. Stay grounded in the truth that you are a co-creator with Goddess, a ray of Her Light. Know that whatever is occurring on the planet has divine purpose. Do not subscribe to the illusion that these changes and these events are to be feared in any way.

Everything, including the shifting of the Earth, is all part of the process of cleansing for Mother Earth and her people. There is nothing to fear. Instead, be joyful that these events are bringing the changes that are needed, the changes that so many long for.”

-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara



Greetings from Maui, where the trade winds are finally back! Hold onto your hats as these winds of change, along with the energies of the New Moon and upcoming Full Moon, eclipses, meteors and Fall Equinox have been and will be providing a wild roller coaster ride for those of you energetically sensitive ones.

And for those of you all over the globe who are not so sensitive internally in the physical, Mother Earth has been keeping you plenty busy dealing with fires and smoke, floods & droughts and heat waves, tropical storms, etc. in addition to the trauma, drama, and violence that have become so prevalent during these tumultuous times! Yep, it’s been quite the stormy month or so, inside and out. And more to come!

Some of you (as has this reporter) may have also been experiencing energetic shifts accompanied by weird transient physical symptoms such as hot flashes & sweats, headaches and nausea, discomfort and burning in the solar plexus, shifting and aching in the cranial bones and TMJ, dryness in the eyes, throat and sinuses, and vibrating & tingling in the body in general. WHEW!

The strangest for this reporter has been the intense burning sensations in the skin of my entire body and then at times just in the skin of my face. Yes, these shifts where we are purifying and cleansing and releasing toxins can at times make us wonder if we should drop into the E.R. or a mental health counselor!

So if you can relate to any of the above, don’t worry… you’re not alone! And if you’re not experiencing any of the above, know that one day you may. Or you may not! We all experience these shifts in our own unique ways. Trust that all is unfolding just as it needs to, inside and out. SHIFT HAPPENS!

As uncomfortable as it all may be, we’ve all agreed to be here at this time of the Great Awakening. Trust in the process and know that we and our Earth Mother are aligning to a new energy, a new consciousness. Surrender and hold Hope, Joy, Peace, and Gratitude in your hearts and minds throughout the challenges and the triumphs as well.


Remember that the only constant is change, so it is forecast that conditions will change… Do your best to enjoy the ride! ☺

Stay tuned (that’s spiritually attuned) for the latest updates and further developments in the energetic weather patterns, compliments of your energetic weather station here on beautiful Maui.

With much Aloha, Sulara

TERAN’S 21st BIRTHDAY – 6/12/15

Twenty-one years ago today, our son Teran landed briefly in the Earth. He opened his eyes, looked at Genesis with infinite Love, then departed without ever taking a breath. Our hearts were broken. But in that moment was born the gift of the eternal connection of Love between a father and a son. In that moment was born Teran’s connection with the planet which would later allow the creation of Keys for Creating Your Life together with me. You live forever in our hearts, Teran. Thank you for your gifts to Genesis and me. Thank you for your words of wisdom and Love borne into Mother Earth on wings of Love, your gift to us all which lives forever.

Love is the Answer, the Only and Final Answer to Every Question Which Arises in the Earth Plane and All Realms.
-Principle Nine, from Keys for Creating Your Life by Teran with Sulara


Happy Earth Day! For my daughter Jessalynn, and for all who worry about our Earth Mother, Spirit shares the following:

“Do not fret or spend time worrying about Mother Earth. The answer is to take action, doing what you know as an individual to assist in the healing and rebalancing of this great spirit, Mother Earth. She is resilient and will shift and change as needed for her own cleansing and to assist in changing the consciousness of her children living upon her body. For each positive, loving action in respect and in honor of the planet will assist in her healing, her rejuvenation.”


“So do not worry about the Earth Mother; she is a spirit who will shift and transform and survive, who will in fact return to her optimal health, becoming more and more vibrant and constantly renewing her resources as she works in cooperation with all those who live upon her.

Those who disrespect and abuse her will no longer be welcome in the new reality where the planet offers her gifts and blessings to those who love her and claim their oneness with her and all of creation. The abuse will no longer be tolerated.

The 1000 years of peace will be that time when all upon Mother Earth assist in blessing her with whatever is needed for her good health and vitality. It will be a relationship based on mutual respect, and all will benefit. The planet has more than enough resources for all who choose to journey upon her if those resources are respected and treated responsibly.”

-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara, the excerpts entitled “Mother Earth” and “Respect Mother Earth”


Find Pearls Of Wisdom

By Eric T. Richter


Just like a good conversation with an old friend, Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit offers reassuring truths in simple but profound short statements, bringing the reader back to center and balance and offering a higher perspective about our lives and purpose.

This small but powerful book contains 119 insights carefully culled from the messages received by Sulara, whose gifts as an intuitive, channel and clairaudient brought this book into being. She gained the insights from attuning to the spirits, guides and angels of her clients, as well as from her own channelings.

A sample selection:

Honor Yourself

 Always go within and allow your heart to speak its truth to you. Trust in this truth and live your life according to this truth, in full love and acceptance of the beauty within as a daughter of God. Honor your teachers, but know self to be all that you seek. Know that you know. Honor yourself as God honors you. Love yourself as God loves you – without reservation and wholeheartedly.

Among the topics addressed in Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit are Challenge, Death, Gratitude, Heaven, Divine Purpose, Love, Illusion, the Healing of Mother Earth, Oneness, Freedom and many others. Each selection offers a quick hit of inspiration and an uplifting message that can help your spirit soar above mundane issues, reminding you of the truth of your being.

Even the cover is reassuring, with its rendition of a wise old owl with a cosmic backdrop. The artwork by Harriett Rex Smith and quality paper and printing from Shining Hand Press make this a keepsake you’ll want to place in a treasured spot in your spiritual book collection.

Readers are encouraged to use this book as a daily soul workbook, drawing on it to advance their greater wisdom. It’s a close encounter with the truth in a simple and delightful format!

For more information about Sulara, who is Maui-based, visit or e-mail her at [email protected].

 Reprinted from the Feb./March, 2015 Maui Vision Magazine (


Here is a beautiful way to begin your day…

Say aloud:

“I AM the LOVE of God.

I AM the LOVE of God.

I AM the LOVE of God.”


Breathe this in.


“I AM the JOY of God.

I AM the JOY of God.

I AM the JOY of God.”


Breathe this in.


“I AM the PEACE of God.

I AM the PEACE of God.

I AM the PEACE of God.”


Breathe this in.


“I AM the LOVE, the JOY, and the PEACE of God.

Wherever I am, God is, and we are One.”



Adapted from an affirmation by Lama Sing.

Thank you, Al Miner & Lama Sing!


The Oneness Prayer is one of the many prayers offered by Lama Sing, who is channeled by Al Miner, It is a personal daily prayer of mine and good for those who wish to serve and achieve a greater connection with the Creator. For more about Sulara, go to

Introduction to Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit by Sulara

All of us receive messages from Spirit throughout all our lives. The more one is open to this possibility of guidance and ask for help, the more our helpers in Spirit will communicate and assist us. Here is the introduction to Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit, shared messages Iʻve received over the years that have inspired and guided my way, and those for whom I have had the honor of channeling. I share these Words of Wisdom from Spirit in hopes they might be helpful to you on your path.