“It is a tremendous time of learning and wisdom. It is a time when issues are being forced. Civilization cannot continue without cooperation and a spirit of love rather than competition and violence. It is a time when the very existence of the species is in danger unless cooperation, love, and peace are put into play. For if these changes are not made, the planet and humankind cannot continue to exist. It is a time when peaceful co-existence must rule in order to sustain life on Earth. It is a time when choices and decisions must not be based on just individual freedom, but on the good of all, as in a colony of bees. The life of the hive is based on ensuring that life continues in such a way to nourish the kingdom, the colony. Each bee plays a part in ensuring the health of the whole community, the health and functioning of the colony…

“This is the time that each and every soul is being asked to look within the heart to discover the love, acknowledge the love,and live the love that God is. For we are all of one heart, the heart of God. And it is that time of discovery; it is that time of claiming; it is that time for preparing each and every heart to claim this truth and this love. It is the time to live the love that you are and to set the example of a life lived in truth, in light, and in love.”

-from “Keys for Creating Your Life, Volume 2” by Teran with Sulara


“Forgive yourself for everything you have imagined is unforgivable. Love yourself as the Creator loves you, without judgment, without criticism, without boundaries. Release all belief that you are not perfect just as you are. Release the illusion that you do not deserve love, joy, and the blessings that are always offered to you as a son or a daughter of God/ Goddess.

Embrace yourself wholeheartedly. Shower yourself with love, kindness, and compassion. Accept your self and all your past actions unconditionally, with the understanding that there are no mistakes, only the blessing of greater wisdom. In this way will you claim the truth of who you are and your power as a co-creator with All That Is.”
-from “The Voice of Oneness #7” by Teran with Sulara


One morning not long ago, I hung upside down in the ocean with my ear next to the bottom, taking in the song of the whales., I do a lot of that when I swim during whale season, opening my heart to take in their love and sending them love & gratitude in return for their many gifts & blessings to humanity, Mother Earth, and all of life upon her. Right after that time with them that morning as I was walking on the beach, I was given this GIFT FROM THE WHALES. It has become my daily mantra. Whenever I feel the need for balance and ease (which is often these days), I begin breathing…

Breathing in PARADISE
Breathing out GRATITUDE

Breathing out COMPASSION

Breathing in PEACE
Breathing out PURE JOY

Breathing out HER LOVE.

Just wanted to share this once again because it brings me so much joy, as do the whales… WARMEST ALOHA TO YOU! 🙂


Everything can be changed by each choice that you make. As you go into your heart, you change the world by choosing Love, not fear. Kindness instead of anger. Joy and gratitude instead of victimhood.

-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara

OH HAPPY DAY! – 1-16-17

I’ve had a lot of challenging days recently, as perhaps some of you have. But today the swell calmed, the vog (volcanic fog) lifted, & I got to swim in my beloved Grandmother Ocean once again & take in the sacred song of the whales, filling my heart with their Love & blessings. Now all is well once again in my world, and I’m wishing the same for you! 🙂

The whales and the dolphins in Grandmother Ocean bring special gifts and blessings. They are helping to hold the energy to bring in the blessings of greater and greater light and higher consciousness into the hearts, minds, and spirits of all who walk upon Mother Earth. They are the special guardians of Mother Earth, holding the vibration of peace and love for all.

Connecting with the spirits of these special creatures allows one to connect with the spirit of love within. For this consciousness of love exists within the heart. It has but to be recognized, acknowledged, claimed, and nourished.

– from “Keys for Creating Your Life” Volume 4 by Teran with Sulara


I invite you to join me in:

Breathing in paradise,
Breathing out gratitude.

Breathing in the song of the whales,
Breathing out compassion.

Breathing in peace,
Breathing out pure joy.

Breathing in the warmth of Mother Earth,
Breathing out her Love.

And having a beautiful day.


A Gift from the Whales.
Warmest Aloha,



Know yourself to be Love. Fan the flame of love, encourage love, be in love, act out of love. Hold the intent to foster, nourish, and encourage love in every person, place, thing, and event in your life and the lives of others.
-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara


I have a good life. And while it is also filled with great intensity and challenge almost daily for me as an empath, I am grateful for my life and for being here during this time of the Great Awakening. We have all chosen to be here during this amazing time…

“It is the time of the Great Awakening. Multitudes will claim the love that they are… they will weather the storms, they will pass through the darkness into the light of God… It is a time of magnificence unparalleled in the history of Earth…The magnificence of creation is about to be explored on a whole new level of light and love…

“It is a glorious time. So hold the joy of this truth of the Great Awakening in your hearts with each step, each and every day. Don’t let your hearts be burdened by the illusions in the Earth, by the duality, as many choose another path. Hold the joy and the truth of the light and the love within, in your heart and in your true sight.

“Principle Number Six: This Great Awakening Is Offered to All Souls, on All Levels, in All Realms. None shall be denied the blessing of claiming the love within.”
-from “Keys for Creating Your Life” by Teran with Sulara

A LOVE STORY – 8-30-16

Today Genesis and I begin our journey to Banff and Lake Louise in Canada for a visit. Just about 24 years ago, I visited him in Calgary after we had met a couple of months before at a shamanic workshop on Mt. Rainier in Washington.

At a Chinese restaurant in Banff, Genesis asks me to marry him even though we have only been in each other’s presence a total of only about 15 days. What??? Yes, we are already in love, but this is crazy.. just too soon! But we talk about the possibilities. Would we live in Canada or Oregon, where I had moved from Florida just a year before? As we finish our meal, we open our fortune cookies. One of them says, “You can move ahead with your plans now in confidence.” Well, I tell him that’s the sign I needed, so I say yes.

On the drive back to Calgary I am in shock, unable to speak. What have I done??? Now I’m filled with fear and uncertainty.

The next morning when I awaken, I feel my beloved father’s presence with me. He had died suddenly 10 years before. I loved him dearly. I hear him say, “I’m entrusting Genesis with your care now.”

The next time he visits me in Oregon, where I had been guided to move through a dream, we quietly marry and begin an amazing adventure together, filled with love and hope and challenge. Such is life, eh?


Relationship is the greatest teacher of life in the Earth.

-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara


I pray for all those in Japan affected by the earthquakes as we make preparations for whatever may come here. I treasure each present moment of life here on Maui in the heart and the beauty of Mother Nature. Mother Earth, please be gentle with all of us upon you as you cleanse and purify and heal. I love you and I honor you!


The abuse of the Earth can and will be reckoned with in a relatively short period of time in which Mother Earth will heave and breathe, purify and cleanse… much as you humans stretch in the morning or throughout the day, much as you cleanse yourself with the healing spirit of water, much as you do whatever is needed when a major change is needed in your life. The problems are recognized and addressed, the attitude is adjusted, the problem areas, or areas of dis-ease are addressed by numerous methods, all to bring about a state of balance and ease.
-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara