Know yourself to be Love. Fan the flame of love, encourage love, be in love, act out of love. Hold the intent to foster, nourish, and encourage love in every person, place, thing, and event in your life and the lives of others.
-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara


I have a good life. And while it is also filled with great intensity and challenge almost daily for me as an empath, I am grateful for my life and for being here during this time of the Great Awakening. We have all chosen to be here during this amazing time…

“It is the time of the Great Awakening. Multitudes will claim the love that they are… they will weather the storms, they will pass through the darkness into the light of God… It is a time of magnificence unparalleled in the history of Earth…The magnificence of creation is about to be explored on a whole new level of light and love…

“It is a glorious time. So hold the joy of this truth of the Great Awakening in your hearts with each step, each and every day. Don’t let your hearts be burdened by the illusions in the Earth, by the duality, as many choose another path. Hold the joy and the truth of the light and the love within, in your heart and in your true sight.

“Principle Number Six: This Great Awakening Is Offered to All Souls, on All Levels, in All Realms. None shall be denied the blessing of claiming the love within.”
-from “Keys for Creating Your Life” by Teran with Sulara

A LOVE STORY – 8-30-16

Today Genesis and I begin our journey to Banff and Lake Louise in Canada for a visit. Just about 24 years ago, I visited him in Calgary after we had met a couple of months before at a shamanic workshop on Mt. Rainier in Washington.

At a Chinese restaurant in Banff, Genesis asks me to marry him even though we have only been in each other’s presence a total of only about 15 days. What??? Yes, we are already in love, but this is crazy.. just too soon! But we talk about the possibilities. Would we live in Canada or Oregon, where I had moved from Florida just a year before? As we finish our meal, we open our fortune cookies. One of them says, “You can move ahead with your plans now in confidence.” Well, I tell him that’s the sign I needed, so I say yes.

On the drive back to Calgary I am in shock, unable to speak. What have I done??? Now I’m filled with fear and uncertainty.

The next morning when I awaken, I feel my beloved father’s presence with me. He had died suddenly 10 years before. I loved him dearly. I hear him say, “I’m entrusting Genesis with your care now.”

The next time he visits me in Oregon, where I had been guided to move through a dream, we quietly marry and begin an amazing adventure together, filled with love and hope and challenge. Such is life, eh?


Relationship is the greatest teacher of life in the Earth.

-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara


I pray for all those in Japan affected by the earthquakes as we make preparations for whatever may come here. I treasure each present moment of life here on Maui in the heart and the beauty of Mother Nature. Mother Earth, please be gentle with all of us upon you as you cleanse and purify and heal. I love you and I honor you!


The abuse of the Earth can and will be reckoned with in a relatively short period of time in which Mother Earth will heave and breathe, purify and cleanse… much as you humans stretch in the morning or throughout the day, much as you cleanse yourself with the healing spirit of water, much as you do whatever is needed when a major change is needed in your life. The problems are recognized and addressed, the attitude is adjusted, the problem areas, or areas of dis-ease are addressed by numerous methods, all to bring about a state of balance and ease.
-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara


For you are the artist, and you have a palette, an eternal palette of colors that has no limit. And you may choose to paint the picture of your life in whatsoever way pleases you and brings you joy.

You also have the free will to choose colors that do not please you, which do not bring you joy. And often in life we choose those colors which do not bring joy. But even this has a purpose in the painting of our lives. For it serves as the contrast. It makes those colors which bring us joy seem all the brighter, all the more beautiful.

And truly, one would tire of doing a painting composed of only one kind of color. For life is made up of limitless colors. And each color that is applied brings a new perspective, brings new life to that painting.

-from “Pearls of Wisdom from Spirit” by Sulara


One of my daily rituals at the beach (ever since it was suggested in a journey for me with Genesis) is to breathe in mana and breathe out everything that no longer serves me into Grandmother Ocean.

I share the following wonderful meditation I read recently in Anthony Williams’ amazing book “Medical Medium”:

“As you sit, stand, or walk on the beach, envision every wave as a surge of soul-cleansing energy. When a wave comes in, imagine it bathing any war wounds and scrubbing loose any damaging emotions or thoughts. As the wave recedes, watch it take away all those impurities. With each new wave, let yourself be cleansed of poisonous memories, injuries from past lives, and stains on the soul. See them all wash out to sea. When you feel purified, let each new wave bring strength and renewal to your spirit and soul.

For added benefit, call upon the Angel of the Ocean. She’ll help put you in the best frame of mind for the meditation to have maximum effect.

You can also benefit from wading. Understand that any natural water source – be it a lake, a river, a stream, the ocean – is alive. It has a breath to it, as well as a will and a spirit. When you step into living water, envision the things you want to come true in your life.”

Sending you all this day much love from Maui and the blessings of the water and the whales and dolphins!


Blessings. And we are grateful to be called upon to assist in ushering in information concerning the energies of this New Year, 2016. The numbers of this year add up to the number 9, the number of completion. And accordingly, there will be the completion for many, of projects that have been begun previously, the completion of many energies which have been part of dreams and visions which many have been co-creating through their free will choices and through their gifts of co-creation.

For those who so choose, this will be a year of completion for much housekeeping that has been ongoing. By housekeeping, we mean the clearing and cleansing of many energies that no longer serve one’s highest and greatest good. Every event, every experience, every emotion has served specific purpose for you of the human race upon your journey and path upon Mother Earth.

And yet, illusions that have been a necessary part of those journeys and that are no longer useful, need to be released as old baggage which tends to weigh one down as the opportunity to spread your wings and to fly is being brought into the energies upon Mother Earth in this New Year, 2016.

This is the year when many will release layers of illusion that have been preventing clear sight and a clear mind and spirit. Veil upon veil of illusion has been cleared out as shadows from this lifetime as well as parallel lifetimes, or what many in the Earth consider past lifetimes, have been released from the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and brought into the light. As these shadows emerge, many changes will also be felt in the physical, as these illusions are also expressed in the physical body as a result of those emotional experiences that are stored in the physical form as well.

This will be a year of release, and thus a year of greater freedom on all levels for those of you who are on a path of Light, making choices based on Love – love for yourselves, your brothers and sisters, and your planet. As these shadows and illusions are released, there will be a rebirth for many of hope, of joy, of a sense of joyful expectancy.

Yes, the challenges for many will continue as Mother Earth and the forces of Nature assist in opening eyes and hearts. But there will also be changes on many levels in life upon the Earth that will give great hope of the possibility of healing for Mother Earth and all of life upon her.

Outmoded, outdated institutions of ways of being will continue to collapse all over the world, and many who have come to assist with the New World will be coming forward to present a new vision and new possibilities for a better, more peaceful, more loving existence for those in the Earth. It is all shifting in divine order, seemingly slowly to many, but surely. Before the new is created, the destruction of the old must be completed before the reconstruction can begin.

It will be a year of great change and great shifts in consciousness as many awaken to the understanding that all of life is connected – not only upon the Earth, but in the cosmos and in all realms. Many will be awakening to the truth that to change the world, they must be the change. They must learn to love themselves first and foremost. Then they will naturally be able to extend that love to others and to all of life. Many will awaken to the truth that Love is the answer to every question – seeing through eyes of Love, hearing through ears of Love, speaking through the heart with Love.

As all have freedom of choice and free will, the chasm between those choosing love and those choosing fear and violence will widen. Those choosing Love will experience an Earth created through the principles of Love. The reality of those who choose fear and violence will experience an Earth reflective of that choice. There are many parallel realities, and what you choose will be created with others of like mind.

Focus on Love and envision a world of Love, and that reality will become your experience. There is much to be done before Mother Earth becomes the radiating planet of Love which she can be as more and more gather together to create that reality.

That work begins within. Each and every day, go within your heart and sit in the energy of Love which is the Creator. From that place, make your choices for the day based upon your joy and the highest and best actions to create that joy and that peace for which you long. Going within is the key. Looking outside of self for fulfillment is not the answer. That love that you are seeking lies within your heart, as you are a part of the heart of the Creator.

Claim your gifts of co-creation by tapping into this wellspring of Love and go forward each day in the trust and the knowledge that as a son or daughter of God, you are capable of creating the love, the joy, and peace which you seek. Mother-Father God has given you these great gifts of free will and co-creation. The greatest gift that you can give to yourself and all of life and to the Creator is to claim all that you are as a co-creator.

What brings you joy? Know yourself and open to claiming all that you desire through going within your heart of hearts and choosing your actions and creating your life based on that Love that resides within as a part of the heart of the Creator, the flame of Love.

Every choice that is made through Love radiates as light into all of Creation, bringing more light, love, joy, and peace into each heart and into all of existence. For we are all connected. Each choice based on Love that blesses self blesses all others.

So step forward into this New Year with Trust and Hope. The Great Awakening is occurring. The New World is being created by every choice based on Love. The power and light of Love cannot be extinguished. Be a part of the flame, be a part of the creation of the New World. Love, love, love… that is the answer.

We are with you. Legions and legions of angels are gathered to assist you, all of you upon Mother Earth who are opening your eyes and your hearts to the Truth that you are Love. You are loved. You are already everything you want to be. You have only to claim that Sacred Truth as your own truth. You are who you want to be. Don’t look outside of self, but go within to the Love that you already are.

Claim it. Live it. Be it. Don’t be afraid. We are here, supporting you, loving you, encouraging you to step into the full power of who you are as a son or a daughter of God.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love. And so be it.




Blessings, dear Sister of the Light. We are honored to be called upon during these challenging times when, as you’ve said, it seems the world has gone mad. So much killing, so much fighting, so much violence.

As you know, this is that time when all are choosing, choosing between following the light or following the darkness. These polarities are reaching the fulcrum. The duality is at its greatest. Those who are following the darkness are committing atrocities, heinous acts of violence, fueled by the forces of hatred, vengeance, and greed. These are exploring their free will choices, as is their right as co-creators with God. It is an exploration of the darkness by these perpetrators, and it is their right.

While it is difficult for most, it is important to remember, as Lama Sing has said, that there are no enemies, only those who are learning to know themselves. It is important to remember that while the violence is real to all upon the Earth, by the choice of those committed to following the Light, there is the opportunity to help bring peace into the Earth plane through committing to live a life of Love, Joy, and Peace, to focus on only the goodness of God/Goddess within.

All those who are committing these acts of violence and hatred are learning the power of their own choices. And they will gain wisdom through their choices. They will suffer the consequences of their actions, if not while on the Earth, then as they pass into other realms where they judge themselves and are not judged by the Creator. They will gain wisdom as they explore their own choices.

It is important to remember during these times that there is no death. The physical form simply shifts and is transformed into another form of energy. The soul lives on and cannot die. All of life is an exploration, where each spirit is given the gift of free will. While those souls have chosen to act from the darkness and harm others, those souls who have experienced harm and suffering have agreed to take part in this drama upon the Earth. They have agreed at the level of their souls to experience these acts. It is all a part of the learning of each and every soul affected by this drama. While it is very real on the level of the Earth plane, it is all a part of the drama of exploration that everyone has agreed to take part in for their learning.

Violence begets violence. And as events develop, it is important for those who choose the Light to refuse to be part of the darkness. Through your prayers and acts of kindness and love, and choosing peace and forgiveness over retribution will the violence abate. The more that violence is answered with violence, will that violence be perpetuated.

Protect yourself by connecting to your own heart, the flame of Love which is the Creator. Even the perpetrators of these heinous acts hold within their hearts the flame of Love. It has been diminished through their choices, but there is always hope for their realization that we are all One, all a part of the living God, and that to harm anyone or anything is to harm oneself.

Through their experiences and their karmic opportunities they will gain wisdom, and there is the opportunity for each and every soul, no matter what their choices, to know themselves as a part of the Creator, as a part of the Love of which we all are. These souls are upon the wheel of karma and what is commonly known as reincarnation, although it is beginning to be understood by many, that what is known as reincarnation is simply a way to understand parallel lifetimes. Truly, every choice that is made in each moment affects one in all of their experiences in all dimensions. Each choice made in each moment impacts one’s soul experiences on all levels. As well, each choice made by each individual impacts all of life on some level.

Precious Mother Earth and all of life are impacted as well as each individual when one chooses hatred over Love, fear over freedom, anger and vengeance over compassion and forgiveness. These recent acts shall require and create the need for more balancing on the physical level by Mother Earth. All of life is a reflection of what is within each person’s heart. So to create peace upon the planet, it is imperative that one connect with the Peace, Love, and Joy within the heart, which is a part of the heart of the Creator.

Retaliation, war, and violence are not the answer to peace. Claiming and becoming the peace of the Creator is the answer. Focusing on actions guided by Love is the answer. Doing everything in your power to see in Love, act in Love, and be in Love is the answer, the only answer to creating Peace.

As difficult as it may be, it is important to understand that everything has purpose. Every person who has chosen to take part in life upon the Earth at this time has the opportunity to be a part of the healing of Mother Earth and all of life upon her. And it is important to remember that all of those innocents who are suffering as a result of atrocities have chosen at the level of their souls to take part in these events, for the eventual good of all.

It is difficult to see with this perspective from the level of the Earth. But go into your heart and connect with that Truth that all things are of God, that the duality is all a part of the experience of co-creation. Many upon the Earth are choosing at this time to explore the darkness. Many are choosing the Light. Go within and fill yourself with the Light and the Love and Peace and the Joy of Mother/Father God if that is your choice.

Truly, nothing can harm you. For the spirit lives eternally, beyond the physical. Know that all of these events are leading to the opportunity for wisdom and the opportunity for all to choose Love. Pray for peace, pray for the healing of Mother Earth and all of life upon her. Pray especially for the perpetrators of this violence, that they learn to see through eyes of Love and that they choose to pierce the veils of illusion and choose to be Love and act only in Love, through the knowledge that we are all One, all a part of the heart of God.

We each have free will and freedom of choice. Those who choose darkness will hold themselves responsible and accountable for their choices. God loves and forgives all. They will have the opportunity to love and forgive themselves as they have journeyed to the depths of darkness as they use their right of free will and explore their co-creativity.

You have the choice to choose Love and to act in Love and to be Love. Live your life with compassion for self and all of those who choose other than Love. Love yourself and all others as a part of the Oneness, the Love that we all are as a part of God/Goddess. Compassion, kindness, forgiveness, joy. Go into your heart and choose these things as it is your right as a son or a daughter of God. Connect with the Light. And that light will be reflected without. Do your part to be part of the healing by choosing to focus on Love, focus on Light, focus on Joy, focus on Peace.

You want peace? Be kind, gentle, compassionate and loving to self and with all of life. See with eyes of Love, speak with words of Love. Envision a world filled with Love. Fill yourself with that Love. Choose every thought, action, and deed based on the Love, and your understanding that we all One, and One with all of life, creating our own reality based upon our choices as co-creators with Mother/Father God. What is within our hearts is reflected without. Be a part of the solution by living each moment guided by Love.

Hey Ho See, we are One. Hey Ho Sha, we are Love.


Each and Every Person Has the Power to Change the World. That Power Begins Within the Heart by Claiming the Love Within, the Love of God.

-Principle Number Twenty, “Keys for Creating Your Life”, Volume Three
by Teran with Sulara

I LOVE TO DANCE! – 11/6/15

I’ve loved to dance ever since I was just a little girl… I come from a dancing family. My dad had a small business in Cuba before Castro, and he and my mother used to fly there from our home in St. Petersburg to check on business and celebrate life by dancing the rhumba, mambo, cha-cha, etc. in in the night clubs there. They would bring drums and music home and we would all dance around the living room together. My dad said he would take Mom to Cuba every 6 months, because after a trip there she was especially romantic for about 6 months. 🙂

Genesis’s and my son Teran, who is in spirit form, loves to dance too.

“I, Teran, love to dance, to move, to sway, to flow with your own rhythms and with the different rhythms of life. Dancing is a beautiful way to express this internal rhythm and to connect with the rhythm of life. It is an excellent way to ground. It is a way to dance your prayers into the Earth, to feel your connection with Mother Earth. It is a wonderful way to flow the energy in relationship with Mother Earth. I encourage you to express your joy, your oneness, your beauty through dance, to allow the rhythms and the energy of life to move you, to move through your body and connect you to the Earth, to others, to your own heart, to the hearts of others, and to the one heart – the Creator. It is a beautiful expression of joy and connection to all of life, to dance. Dance your joy. Dance your peace. Dance your love. Dance your oneness with all of life. Feel the flow of life moving through your body in the rhythm of life. Open yourself to attune to the rhythms and to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the heartbeat of life upon Mother Earth as a child of God, as a child of the Universe. Have you forgotten how to dance? I, Teran, am asking you to remember, and to help those who have forgotten how to dance to remember, and to dance your prayers into the Earth and dance in grace, with,grace, and with the grace of God.

“The dance may become quiet, more introspective at this time, during this season of winter which is fast approaching. Stillness in itself is a part of the dance of life. Stillness has a rhythm of its own. Honor the stillness as well. Sending you much love, my partners in this dance of life.”

-from “Keys for Creating Your Life”, Volume Three, by Teran with Sulara

Teran and I invite you to dance! Aloha, Sulara