Sulara’s Energetic Weather Report & Forecast Update 8/30/14

Update:  By late last night and early this morning, the storms had moved out of most regions, with conditions of calm, a greater state of balance and ease on all levels, and improved sleep reported by most…

Advisory:  To prepare for the next wave of electromagnetic disturbances, the Intergalactic Weather Headquarters advises staying in your heart and maintaining an attitude of gratitude.

Stay tuned to this station for the latest developments.  

Aloha, Sulara

Sulara’s Energetic Weather Report & Forecast 8/29/14

Sensitive to energies? Then you might enjoy and even be able to relate to this  Energetic Weather Report:

 Intense energies have been coming into the region for the last several days…

Resulting in sleepless nights for some, with many sporadic awakenings for others…

In spite of lost sleep, many are feeling over energized, along with feelings of anxiety, edginess, emotionality, or increased sensitivity at times…

Difficulty focusing is common, with some in the region feeling jittery, and some even reporting difficulty in achieving hydration, in spite of copious amounts of water ingested… Leading to the possibility of those of the “vata” dosha in the Ayurvedic system of health experiencing temporary conditions and symptoms of drought in the physical body, including extreme dryness and thirst… Some sensitive to these incoming energies are even reporting being ravenous and having difficulty in feeling full and satisfied after eating!


If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, either subtly or strongly, remember that the only constant is change, so it is forecast that conditions will change… So enjoy the ride!

Stay tuned (that’s spiritually attuned) for the latest updates and further developments in the energetic weather patterns, compliments of your energetic weather station via Sulara!  

And to help yourself and everyone in weathering all energetic storms, remember to smile at a stranger today as well as at your own beauty-full face in the mirror!

Aloha, Sulara

The Life of an Empath

Being one myself, I can certainly empathize with all you empaths out there… hahahh ☺

Last night, as my husband Genesis and I watched a production of “Miss Saigon” here in Maui, as usual, I experienced a roller coaster of energies. Even though I have learned to view these as just energies, neither “good” nor “bad”, I would have to say that feeling the energies of hundreds of people at a public event is often extremely intense and/or uncomfortable. Occasionally it is incredibly beautiful and energizing. As those of you who are empaths out there know, this is the double-edged sword of being extremely sensitive.

Throughout the night I felt painful, fleeting headaches, rushes of heat, nausea, and aching and pain in my cranial bones and TMJ, among many other weird physical sensations. Over the years in spite of hoping for the opposite, my sensitivities have become increasingly more acute.

When contemplating whether or not to leave the relative energetic safety of my home, it is tempting to want to just stay at home rather than subject myself to such discomfort which can be quite a challenge to both experience and to release. For years, I tried to protect myself in many different ways, for example, by encasing myself in a bubble of different colors of light or by saying prayers of protection. Occasionally some of these attempts were successful. But most of the time I would have to request the help of Genesis, who is incredibly gifted as a shamanic practitioner, to release the energies and come back into my native state of balance and ease. Over the years, he often told me to simply allow the energies to pass through me when I felt them. I would try but was usually unsuccessful.

A while ago Laarkmaa, a group of Pleiadians channeled by our friends Pia and Cullen, suggested as well that rather than trying to protect myself from the energies, which is futile as I become more and more sensitive, I should simply breathe deeply and intend to allow the energies to pass through me as a wave rather than hold onto them, which I was subconsciously doing.

Hallelujah… I’m finally having success with Genesis and Laarkmaa’s suggestions much of the time now, and I’m not as likely to feel that I can’t handle being in the world, so impacted by energies that most can’t feel that I’m not able to function or live my life in a joyful way.

Now when I go out in public, I may still experience the discomfort of the energies all around me, but I am getting more and more successful at being able to release them myself. And instead of feeling bummed out about my sensitivities, I do my best to acknowledge that they are a gift and be grateful that I have yet another opportunity to practice dealing with the energies myself. And I am especially grateful for those times when my gift makes it possible for me to feel the healing, empowering energy of Mother Earth or a sunset or feel the magnificent Love which passes through me as I offer myself as a channel for healing through bodywork or a reading.

If you have been struggling with feeling and taking on others’ energies for much of your life as I have, I hope you find this suggestion from Genesis and Laarkmaa as helpful as I have. Try it!

With much Aloha, Sulara